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Thread: The Xbox One Screenshots Thread

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    Cannot screen shot or take videos anymore?

    Hey all, so I know we were unable to share or post videos of the game, outside of seeing them for ourselves in upload studio. But today I seem to not even be able to take screen shots or videos even for my own personal viewing pleasure. Is this across the board, or do I just need to reset my box and game?

    Thanks all!

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    Not sure why you're experiencing this. I've taken a few screenies since the update...

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    Screen shots and clips

    Is it just me, or is the capture functions not working?

    I take awesome clips and screen shots, but none of them appear for my friends. I can see it in my clip studio, but even after editing and manually uploading, it still doesn't appear and my edit isn't saved.

    Are the devs fixing this?

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    The sharing and saving of screenshots & game clips was disabled in the GPP. We can only hope that it will be enabled for commercial release.

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    The Xbox One Screenshots Thread

    Seeing some of the sweet shots people have put up inspired me to try myself. So here's my first one. I quite liked this.

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    a friend was AFK last night

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    Nice screenie

    I have loads lol, so as this topic fills I may add more, but here is a selfie my asp took inside the Spyrograph Nebula

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    Nice work!

    Here's my next one. This is just outside Ali Ring in Kokojina.

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    Its nice to FINALLY be able to save and share these in ED. During the GPP all this stuff was disabled.

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    Originally Posted by GG7 View Post (Source)
    Its nice to FINALLY be able to save and share these in ED. During the GPP all this stuff was disabled.
    Indeed, this is why I'm taking advantage of it now. I'm just setting off for an exploration trip in my Cobra so I'm sure I'll get some more nice piccies.

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    beautiful. Try getting some good sunset pics

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    For my second screenie, I thought I'd share my most recent, about 6,000ls from sol nice big wolf-rayet casting a glimpse of light over a huge gassie

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    Most of mine are selfies tbh

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    Very cool! I like the last one in the series the best. Did you do something to the image to give it that depth of field effect? The star is slightly blurred, which gives it a really cool contrast of focus against the Cobra.

    Nice work!

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