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Thread: Any of Sol's bodies landable?

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    Originally Posted by Bomba Luigi View Post (Source)
    Titan has atmosphere so no, also no for Luna that will come later (I think they will do a lot of handcraftet stuff and whatnot there). you can land on Europa tough.
    The biggest problem with Luna and the reason we aren't allowed to land there is that according to lore, it's inhabited. Whole cities, infrastructure and whatnot. There are no models for that in game, yet.

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    Originally Posted by Carlton_Mann View Post (Source)

    My question is what happened to Phobos and Deimos. The two moons of Mars and why the asteroid belt is in between Mars and Jupiter?

    Both Phobos and Diemos are small, probably captured asteroids, and like many small moons are not not modelled in E D.

    The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter because it is. (Haven't NASA discovered that yet? )

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    It's ok to land on Eurpoa, as Jupiter is yet a planet.

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    Charon also looks pretty good if the light is good enough (I mean not covered by any other body, Pluto in which you can also land).

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