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Thread: Keyboard and HOTAS Reference Sheet Generator

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    I guess ticket #26 above still is under investigation?
    (still doesn't show in 1.2.1)

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    Yes ticket #26 is still under investigation. It's one of those reports where the departure from the expected case is one that merits careful study.

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    Thx to all for the keybinds and hotas x56... to BEYOND.... Otherwise I would still be "lost in space"... Thumbs up!

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    Working on my binds file after removing Thrustmaster and CHpro's programs. Now going direct to ED. When I made my printout of my binds I got "dyatos" and mentioned this on the printout info box.
    full url :

    One thing I noticed is that the big list of commands is running out of frame on the right side.

    Thanks for the help and making this available for us.

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    I'll see if I can tweak the keyboard layout code a little bit but I have to say yours is a bit of an edge case. Some of those three-key combos looks very hard to hit in a hurry!

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    What about the mentioned "Unknown Controller Detected" ?

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    Hey, VerticalBlank, a question about the binds file that I sent you and you corrected; is there anything that might cause that to be not editable from within the game? I've found that I've been having to edit the binds file directly through Notepad to change anything. It works fine, but for some reason, even though there's no write-protect on the file, the game won't save any changes to the binds.

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    Hi Strange, I know from personal experience that if you keep your "own" backups in the same directory that will happen. I had to make a new directory outside these dirs.

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    Disregard the below. Looks like the new patch takes care of the binds and gave me my new config. I just have to redo the new scanning stuff and night vision.

    Another Question Verticalblank, in the Beta, where are the binds files? I found a bunch of binds in the, what I think is the Beta game. But I don't see the one I've edited to ad the RSS stuff. I've got to re-do those binds For BETA as well because of my changes (talked about in the above postings) in the live game. Thanks again.

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    Hey, Buzzsaaw, I actually don't keep my own personal backups in the official Bindings directory; I have a folder on a separate drive, my "Elite Dangerous Stuff" folder, where I keep backups of my voice packs, VA profiles, text documents related to Elite, binds files, companion app installers, that kind of stuff. I don't understand why it's not working. If I can't figure out why it's doing this, I may just start a new binds file.

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    Wow.. This is interesting. Any Mal ware scans done? Guys are passing links in TS all the time and I get lots of funny stuff that way. Yesterday I couldn't get my Disk explorer to work right. I ran S&D and found Lots of Malware. After the cleanup all worked ok. Hope you find the problem.

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    Yeah, no malware; I use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (the paid version, so active protection and automated scans twice daily, a quick scan in the afternoon and a full system scan at the end of the day.). I don't use TS, Discord, actually, and most of the time, I'm flying solo, but I don't really click links unless they're from people I know really well. Yeah, I don't know what the deal is. I hope I find it, too; it's rather annoying, though I've all but gotten the controls how I want now.

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    Beta and live copies of the game both use "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings" for your custom bindings. The default bindings are in "{installDir}\Elite\EDLaunch\Products\elite-dangerous-64\ControlSchemes" for the live game and "{installDir}\Elite\EDLaunch\Products\PUBLIC_TEST_SERVER_64\ControlSchemes" for the beta.

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    Originally Posted by VerticalBlank View Post (Source)
    New release 1.2.1

    • Added the new bindings introduced in Chapter 4 beta 3.
    • Updated the code that prevents redundant specialisations from being shown on the same card (e.g. when GalMap pitch axis is the same as your regular pitch axis). This should make cards more concise w/o loss of clarity.
    This change increased the confusion for me at least. I have started my control bindings from scratch with the new 3.3 defaults, and I frequently had to ask myself questions such as "I see no bindings for the external camera, is this because I did not set them up yet, or is it because they are the same as the ship bindings". The same problem will apply if I pass on my bindings to another player with the same stick. I will probably know by then that "the camera bindings are the same as the ship", but the new owner of the same stick will look at the sheet and wonder where the camera movements are.

    So this is a great idea in theory, but has some drawbacks in practice. Can you please add a toggle to enable this feature?

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    Hmm, let me reflect.

    I'm open to persuasion here but please be aware that culling redundant specialisations was something that jgm always did -- I've only updated the data for it -- and it is very necessary for fitting all the mappings into one page.

    The goal is to de-clutter the ref card when, say, your camera pitch axis is the same as your main pitch axis.

    How are things if, say, you select only "Camera" in the filtering and resubmit your file?