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Thread: [Distant Worlds] Join the FGE Exploration Wings

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    [Distant Worlds] Join the FGE Exploration Wings

    The FGE Exploration Wings for Distant Worlds

    Sign up here

    Greetings everyone, and welcome to the exploration wings for the Distant Worlds expedition.

    Here are a few thoughts on how we might organize - please share your own thoughts and ideas in this thread - and forgive me if Im stating the obvious

    - What goes on in the exploration wings is up to the people currently active there. There is no set agenda apart from going exploring together and having fun doing so.

    - It is only called the FGE exploration wings because the FGE was asked to organize them. What we are doing here is open to all participants in the DW expedition and hopefully many explorers will join in the fun.

    - Wishblend and I (Corbin) have agreed to serve as coordinators and stay in touch with Erimus and other DW organizers. We will make an effort to keep this thread updated with information relevant for the exploration wings.

    - If anybody needs access to the original Distant Worlds Team Speak server they can get the details from Wishblend or me.

    - We will conduct meetups in the Mobius private group, or in Open once we are a bit away from the bubble.

    - We maintain a google doc for signup and to serve as a tool to help with coordination and getting in touch for meetups. Currently this contains three sections:

    - a list of participants: to allow us an easy overview of who is interested in this; to friend each other in game to help with instancing; to coordinate any scouting activities and stuff like that. This is also where anybody interested in joining can simply sign up.
    - a place to register POIīs: Distant Worlds allready have a place to register most POIs that are close to the official camps. But if we find something interesting while exploring between the camps, we can log it here in this doc and process it later.
    - a calendar for meetups: If anyone is interested in hosting a meetup they should announce it here in this forum thread. But it would also be a good idea to have one central location to collect all the information.

    - There is also a DW thread about using Trello as a coordination tool for exploration. I dont know Trello (and havent the time to test it right now), so I canīt say if it would make sense for us to use that as well. If anybody wants to check it out and report back, please do so.

    - From what Iīve heard, some of the people in the explorations wings wants to scout ahead of the main fleet, others would like to follow the itiniary of the primary DW fleet, and others would like to take it slower and follow a weekly pace app. half of that of the primary DW fleet. I donīt think that is a problem and hope everyone would like to keep in touch in this thread and in the google docs, even if they are scouting out solo. So even in these exploration wings we will have people all over the DW expedition .

    - I predict we will be involved in two primary activities - but again this is totally up to the people here. If you have an idea bring it forth!

    - 1) Exploration meetups: All that is needed is a host to invite others, to post a time and place to meet, and to give a short description of the expected duration, direction or destination (I will post an idea for a meetup shortly). Wishblend and I could probably host a few of these, but it would be great if everybody just starts chipping in with their own ideas on where to go and when.

    - 2 Scouting basecamps: Erimus has asked us to help scout out the locations for the basecamps, to confirm that the planetary locations and coordinates are still valid (they were last scouted in beta and stuff may have changed since). If the coordinates hold true, the scouts are asked to provide visual guides to help other players find these camps from space. CMDR Satsuma has allready made the first of these guides. This means that Erimus will be giving us access to the planetary coordinates for the official DW camps a little earlier than they are made public (because it will be our task to confirm them). Every time Erimus gives us a new assignment Ill make an announcement in this thread, and any scouts interested can send me a PM to have the coordinates. This is much easier than me spamming all of you with PMs everytime

    Allright - these are my thoughts on how we could do this. What do you think?


    In light of these suggestions, let me propose the following itiniary for the meet up on may 31st:

    We will use The Array (team speak) for communications and play in OPEN (unless instancing forces us into a private group).

    At 19:00 IGT we will meet in the CEECKIA WM-H D11-1 system - the exact location in the system will be disclosed on team speak.

    If anyone has already arrived at Beagle Point you are welcome to come out and greet us!

    Once we have met up we will line up and do the final jump to Beagle Point together in formation.

    At Beagle Point system we will do a joint flyby of all planets and moons in the system.
    - if Jaques Station has arrived, there will be an option to dock there and perform any necessary emergency repairs

    Once we are ready to set down at camp 23, Erimus Kamzel (the hermit) will be there and light the landing beacon for us

    And when we have safely landed… let the celebrations commence!


    Final Meet ups.

    Waypoint 23
    Beagle Point
    Awaiting info
    Awaiting Info
    Tue 31 May - 19:00 IGT


    Beagle Point

    Beagle Point

    Tue 31 may, 19:00 IGT


    Waypoint 23 A
    Beagle Point - Group meet up
    Awaiting info
    Awaiting Info
    Sun 5 June - Time TBA

    The main fleet page with all the links.

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    Thanks Wishblend

    I've linked this thread on the DW thread.

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    added to sticky list

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    This is interesting. Great stuff. A few questions:-

    How long in real time will this make the voyage out...roughly?
    Other than the shorter journey times each week, will the differences between the fleets manifest in other ways?

    Really interested, thanks.

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    where is the next meet up im down

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    At this time, we will be following the distant worlds way points out to beagle point, with the addition of more stops along the way.

    Time wise, it will take approximately twice as long as the 10,000 ly per week trip.

    The two fleets will separate after waypoint 5.

    Waypoint 5 : NGC 6357


    Rendezvous Date & Time : TBA

    NGC 6357 is one of the most prominent sites when heading coreward. Embedded within the vast dust cloud is the Pismis Star Cluster. From NGC 6357 we leave the Local Orion Spur behind and head across the Norma Arm.

    Base Camp Designation : "Drake's Ridge"

    @Fandomlife the main difference is that because we are travelling slower across the galaxy, we will get to explore more systems and land and explore planets easier and still have time to reach each meet up. Who knows we might find something that the faster moving fleet misses.

    It is also worth noting that FGE members might not be at the selected base camps at the dates and times due to real world issues, but we will be where we can.

    Dates and times will be given when they become available.

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    I'm considering joining in. But at one to two hours of play time per day, would I be able to keep up?

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    I don't see why not. At a moderate pace (honking every system, checking the system map, scanning interesting world), you should be able to make about 900 LY/hour in a Cobra, or 1400 in an Asp. 3-4 days a week of 1-2 hours a day travel, even in that Cobra, will get you 5000 LY/week.

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    OK, I'm on my way back to the bubble to equip a ship and give it a go in a group!

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    Just done some testflights, I think this load-out will do. Ready to join!

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    I did Palleani-Shapley 1-Palleani in one and a half hours tonight with a 30 ly jump range, so I think I can keep up if I can manage the willpower to do that most nights.

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    - this post had no use anymore - it has now been retired -

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    Posted the waypoint 1 approach map in the wrong thread. I blame it on the alcohol. The approach map has been moved to the cartographic thread.

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    I'm still not clear on groups.
    Because I have a participant number over 600, I am supposed to play in Patrecleus.
    Will all FGE members also be in that group?

    What group will numbers under 601 be playing in? Why are they separate?
    Isn't Mobius a perfectly fine group for all of us?
    Or Open once we are outside the bubble?

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