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Thread: The popular guide to planetary landings

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    The popular guide to planetary landings

    "The eagle has landed!"

    With horizon hitting, a lot of folks are greatly enjoying the buggies and the surface. But it turns out planetary landings is fairly complex. My friends remembered my 'Popular guide to exploration' and requested I make a similar guide for Horizon's planetary landings.

    here it is: The popular guide to planetary landings!
    An easy to read beginner's guide on how to not crash too often on planet surfaces.
    It's the fourth 'popular guide', third one of my making. Powerplay, Exploration, Mining and now Planetary landings. All links are on the last page.

    I hope this little tidbit helps a commander or two out there. Enjoy the read!

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    This is an excellent resource for new users and covers the basics well. Someone should sticky this.

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    I love how you "state the obvious" that coming in at a 90 degree angle is too steep . Your guide is not only useful, but totally hilarious to boot .

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    Thank you Marc, I try.

    You should see my exploration guide, out of the three I made, it's still my favorite.

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    Brilliant. It's the first time I've seen an explanation of the different levels on the scanner

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    Really nice guide. I did not know that there where vehicle bays larger than class 2... Guess the stations I'm moving through only have the smaller ones. Good to know!

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    I think changing the font would help a lot, it's difficult to read. Else, thanks for posting a guide!

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    Cracking guide! Rep given

    When I came in too steep at Nelson Works in my Clipper I figured my only option was to nosedown and try to keep within glide angle. Screen started to fade red, held the angle until glide dropped out naturally. Heat critical and an audible sonic boom as I dropped out. So that was fun

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    Small update: CMDR J'Zargo figured out what wave scanner bands match what material sources one will find. So give him a big hand everyone. (Another space-cat explorer, go us!)
    I've added this intel to page 26, along with a funny sci-fi reference for good measure.

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    Originally Posted by Lance 'Spacecat' D. View Post (Source)
    Thanks for this great guide. It helps A LOT!
    Much of the landing procedure could be figured out but scanning and POIs are quite a different story.
    Now a little less fog around it


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    Originally Posted by Lance 'Spacecat' D. View Post (Source)
    very nice,

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    thanks!! Really appreciate the keyboard mouse info. I was struggling with that too.

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    Nice guide, thanks...

    This site has a nice image of the wave scanner types you can find.

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    Originally Posted by harag View Post (Source)
    Nice guide, thanks...

    This site has a nice image of the wave scanner types you can find.
    Thanks Harag, that's an excellent SRV guide, ver comprehensive. I'm adding it as the first link on my last page.

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    Tiny update: Someone mentioned to me that 'touchdown' on a fairly high-G world is risky to try with the 'thrust down' key. It's much smoother to quickly turn off and on flight assist.

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