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Thread: My new rares trading tool with 3D-Map:

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    My new rares trading tool with 3D-Map:


    I have been a rares trader for a while now but for me the available tools and charts on the net were not enough to get a nice overview...

    So I used my winter holiday time to code my own 3D trading tool for rares:

    Please let me know what you think about it. Perhaps I can improve more.
    Also, if anyone is interested, the sourcecode is on github.


    P.S.: Since it's Web-GL: Best performance is in Chrome but Firefox should also work.


    New version, features:
    - save routes
    - share routes
    - maxcap + supply_rate

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    Good stuff Commander.

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    Looks very good - impressive.

    Does this contain all known rares locations or just a subset?

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    It contains all rares in the list on the wiki. See "Infos/About" under "Data".

    Only 2 rares didn't match with eddb-Data. Jaques Station and Ngandari Fire Opals.. Could be that the station name changed. I wanted to find that out ingame an then alter the data.

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    Okay. I found it out by myself ingame. The station name in the wiki is wrong. But I also found out, that this forum has far more accurate data than this wiki. I will update the data in my tool soon...

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    Want to check it out but it is not showing anything, just black windows.. FireFox user here. Can see the help/instructions windows but nothing else.

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    Okay. I just updated the data. It should now contain every rare commodity known in this thread:
    This data also got additional Infos like prices and "often_illegal".
    I will see how to integrate it into my tool in the next days.

    @Arjin: You need a browser which supports Web-GL. Check this out:

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    Thanks, figured out the problem,, lol temp PC at work had a very old graphic driver...

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    Mate, great work. Have some rep'.

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    Nicely done man. Bookmarked and +1 of course!

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    Nice job. Feature request: ability to save and/or export route. Would be nice to be able to recall an old route and share routes with people.

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    Works in Safari on an iPhone 5 under OS9.
    Smart looking and useful.

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    Great site!
    Look forward to using it

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