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Thread: Rares Trading Metro Map

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    Rares Trading Metro Map


    I have finally published version 1 of the Rares Metro Route Planner.

    This is a PDF version and is probably the best resolution.
    Attachment 103857

    ************** NOTES ON THE ROUTE PLANNER **********************

    X-Z Grid: 2D Co-ords (Measured from Alpha Centauri)
    I have tried to keep a basic alignment of the systems to the X-Z grid, but inevitably for the sake of composition I have had to use geographical license and move things around slightly. But in general, things are relatively positionally placed.

    * I intend to add distances for each joining line between systems, which will be directly on the map (like distances on road maps). The lines are arbitrary joinings, but they represent the shortest points between rares systems. This is designed as an aid to route planning multiple rares stops rather than as a definitive map, and is best used in conjunction with other Rares and Galaxy map tools.

    Y Grid: 'Depth'
    The Y grid is represented by colour and each colour spans 100ly of Y coordinate depth, with Alpha Centauri as 0,0,0.
    Red = Greater than +150ly
    Orange = between +50 and +150
    Green = between +50 and -50
    Light Blue = between -50 and -150
    Dark Blue = lower than -150

    So in general you can guesstimate that if you move across two full colour zones that will be close to 200ly

    ** The key also contains three types of stations/'stops' on the route.
    Platforms with medium/small pads represented by a closed 'dot'.
    Hubs with large pads represented by a hollow 'dot'.
    Stations in need of a permit = large black circle.

    *** The key tables contains the distance to the station which is colour coded to highlight large run in distances. Permit systems are underlined; name of station and rare, type of station, black market present, and max alloc of rare (t)

    **** There are one or two spelling errors to be ironed out (Withhaul... ) and some bits and pieces to be tidied up, but by and large essentially done.

    ****** I would also like to add some 'editors picks' - some routes configures for various things; routes for large ships only, quick/express routes etc

    I have done a first level check across the data, so am not 100% confident that it is accurate as it stands.

    But anyway, I am utterly grateful for any feedback!


    Rares Trading Metro Map - First Draft: v0.1

    This is a first draft of a Rare Trading Metro Map Route Planner I've been working on.

    HiRes version:

    (I would have gotten it done sooner, had it not been for the recent CGs, and then desperately trying to rank up to Duke for that Cutter!)

    There is a lot missing from the map at the moment, and it contains a lot of errors. But it was a proof of concept to see if I could get the 3D maps into a 2D metro map.

    There are a lot of problem areas, and it is constantly evolving as I tinker with certain bits. I will probably redraw the whole thing...

    I may need to separate the centre, and zoom into the central green bit space them out a bit more.

    I will add a key, which explains the colours, and also signifies different types of 'stops' - Hub/Platform/Permit required/etc

    The Colours: I started the map using one system, and then changed to another halfway through! So at the moment it doesn't really make sense. But in general, the Green is the middle. Blue is the bottom of the bubble, the Empire end, Orange is the area about 100ly away from Alpha Centauri. Red is the very top of the bubble.

    When I redo the colours, they should also give you a guide as to where to sell the rares you have bought. At a glance, if you sell the rares in the colours next-but-one to the one you are in; don't sell the rares in a colour touching the one you are in. So Green > sell in Red, etc. It will make more sense - I hope! - when I redo the colours properly!

    It will also take a while to test out the theory too! I currently have ships parked at every rares station I could do that in, so going round to liquidate them will be a good impetus to check all the sites out again, and do some routes testing.

    Also there will be tables (in the currently blank corners) with lists of all the stops on the map, with basic info on each stop; distance to station, rares info, etc

    I would also like to add the distances between each stop onto the map, so long as it doesn't clutter the whole thing up too much.

    It is designed as a Route-Planner, and not a definitive map.

    I would also like to add some 'Express Routes' that show routes for large ships, routes for stations near the drop in, etc. But again, it may take a little bit of time to test these all out!

    I am totally up for any feedback - and depending how things go, may keep it up to date, it depends what level this settles at - just a mild nightmare, or screaming zombiefest night-terrors. (As I also have 5 Imperial ranks to try to climb, and a couple of hundred million credits to try to earn as well...)

    I am indebted to the commanders who have mapped before; particularly Edgepixel
    - I was basing my metro map on the placings from his designs in my first pre-drafts, but then decided to use my own, gathered from the relative placings seen on the galaxy map (by using the Sidewinder bookmark), and then of late the excellent Elite Rares Mapping Tool by FJW;
    Go buy the man a coffee!

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    For a 0.1v this looks great! It does need some means of determining that nirvana distance of around 160ly from any starting point on the map. The colour, but one, doesn't quite work (as I'm sure you know). The Leesti colour touches every other colour directly and I know that the run from there to Witchhaul (misspelled on your map btw) is very profitable.

    Shows a lot of promise though. Thanks.

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    Originally Posted by Tidal View Post (Source)
    For a 0.1v this looks great! It does need some means of determining that nirvana distance of around 160ly from any starting point on the map. The colour, but one, doesn't quite work (as I'm sure you know). The Leesti colour touches every other colour directly and I know that the run from there to Witchhaul (misspelled on your map btw) is very profitable.

    Shows a lot of promise though. Thanks.
    Yes totally right, the colours are wrong. Imagine the Green split in two. So the line out from George Pantazis/Zeessze would be a different colour to the line coming in from Tiolce.

    The same with the orange. Here there is one colour that touches both blue and red... that's wrong. But again, what we have here is a mix of two different schemes!

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    The image link in the first post isn't working (at least not for me).

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    Do you mean for the HiRes link?

    Try again;

    Might be because the pic/album wasn't shared...?

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    Can't see the image in the op now. Your link works though.

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    Working now, thanks! Great work on the map too!

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    Would it be possible to add a good sell site for each segment?

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    Great looking 2D color map, I can't wait to see how your rare map evolves.
    Color coded works great for me...I am a simple guy who....ohh look at that shiny thing....
    Awesome work!

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    Thanks for the feedback so far... I am redoing the colours, putting in the key, and adding tables of info...

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    Originally Posted by Commander Dave View Post (Source)
    It needs distances.
    Yes it does!

    Unfortunately that will have to wait for version 2, as it will need different graphical software to do, and will require very small numbers placed onto the map lines. I made every effort to maintain basic relative distances 'by eye' - but the distances between systems will be needed on here.

    At the moment I am sorting the colours out, and adding a key and a table.

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    love it ! very nice

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    it looks really good- but I, as a newer player, am having trouble deciphering it. I recognize many of the ports, but the colors change en route to how I have run them before. How should one read this?

    EDIT: just reread and saw the key is to be added- disregard...

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