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Thread: Elite: Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC)

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    Originally Posted by gazelle View Post (Source)
    Nice one. You may also react on the "Location" event for startup and resurrection. And as an advanced suggestion: EDSM does have an API, so you could query the coords of the inputed systems in the prefs over a "ask EDSM" button.
    Good idea about the location event.
    I know about the API of EDSM because I used it in the past. If there was a button like that and the system name would be correct it would fill in the coordinates. But what to do if the system name couldn't be found on EDSM? Do nothing, show a dialog or have a label with an error text maybe? Or change the color of the text in the edit field to red? I have to think about that.

    Another nice addition would be to fill in numbers with a dot or a comma as decimal mark

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    New release with all the additions: EDSM lookup, react to location event, usage of comma for decimal mark and in addition to that: input validation and clear button

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