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Thread: Elite: Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC)

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    Earlier someone said that EDMC is giving a "[Erro 2] No such file or directory"
    Did anyone ever answer him? I am having the same error now.

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    Right now it is not updating influence.

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    Coriolis Config Fails.

    It appears there are some issues with the market connector firing up Coriolis with a Ship configuration.
    I have two ships with interesting outcomes.
    An Alliance Chieftain which is fairly heavily Engineered and has some Guardian gear on it. That opens a blank page in edge but doesn’t feed it a URL
    I Have a type 9 which is all standard components with some shuffling around. It shows a lot of the original locations for components and fails to display others (All issues appear to be in Optional Internal slots.
    Both of these ships show up correctly in Inara, so it is about calling Coriolis not about harvesting the configuration from ED.

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