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Thread: Elite: Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC)

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    Originally Posted by mearmortal View Post (Source)
    I don't thnk so, having this not working before the expo is going to cause them some issues if the fan base turns up asking in person why it hasn't been fixed.
    We all expect bugs to be fixed as an when, that's part of game development. but the interface that thousands use to enhance their experience, not working for weeks.
    If the devs are working on it, then I guess they are working on it some more since what they published as fixed, isn't fixed. I believe they are well aware of it.

    I want it working as much as the next CMDR, we just have to be patient.
    I am already a patient, because of this.
    "Are you people working under the assumption that playing Elite is meant to be fun?"

    "The elite dictionary does not have the word sympathy in it but has about 500 definitions of stupidity​"

    The contempt with which the game treats it's players is not accidental. It's by design. The game hates you, that's just the way it is."

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    If anyone here has pull on the matter, this need updating to 2.43.

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    cAPI should now be working for everybody. If it's not working for you:
    • Update to EDMC v2.44.
    • Quit EDMC.
    • Windows: Delete the files %LOCALAPPDATA%\EDMarketConnector\cookie*.txt (usually C:\Users\you\AppData\Local\EDMarketConnector\cookie*.txt).
    • Mac: Delete the files ~/Library/Application Support/EDMarketConnector/cookie*.txt (in Finder hold ⌥ and choose Go → Library to open your ~/Library folder).
    • Restart EDMC and press "Update".

    If you're prompted for a verification code then your email and password settings are OK.
    If you're not prompted then double-check your email and password in settings.
    If you see "Frontier server SKU problem” after getting and entering the validation code then the cAPI is still not working for you.

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    Originally Posted by Otis B. View Post (Source)
    cAPI should now be working for everybody.
    confirmed (for me, currently )

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    Confirmed, working too, didn't haveto delete a thing

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    Updated to 2.44, works like a charm! Thanks!

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    The Fleet import asks for the json file. Could someone please tell me where the raw json file is located?

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    Getting a 502 bad gateway error at time of this posting.

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    Release 2.45 adds Portuguese (Brazil), courtesy of Cmdrs Pivatto, Moraes, Wladimir JRC, and Warlord from Cobra Wing.

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