Sometimes all you need is an easy way to listen to some music while trucking goods across space, or have a handy way of finding out exactly where you are. Because this was my need, I created an app for it. Main features include: system and station overview, play radio and podcast with audio visualizations, simulated Space Traffic Control, GPS functionality (including planetary races), an orrery view, a screenshot converter, and a news ticker.

Latest version: 3.3.1 (21 January 2019 - Update notes)
You can download it here:

Runs on Windows, preferably in combination with a Logitech keyboard with LCD in it (G19s, G15, G13, G510), but it will work perfectly fine without it as well. Without the Logitech keyboard it will run in a separate window that you can put on a second monitor, or use a tool like OnTopReplica to overlay it on your Elite HUD. And if you have a mobile phone or tablet, you can download the free Logitech Arx app and use the phone or tablet as a second screen, with options not available in the regular app!

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It will show your current location (both in space and on the ground using a handy GPS feature) and allow you to listen to a streaming radio station (eg Radio Sidewinder or Radio Skvortsov), or if you have Spotify Premium, it can play tunes from there too. Of course a podcast player (for Lave Radio, Guard Frequency, or any other podcast you like) is also included. There's even a news ticker to show the latest Galnet news.

As a bonus, I have implemented a simulated space traffic control system that adds a bit of radio chatter while you're in SuperCruise across the bubble. It uses the Windows Text-To-Speech voices to generate the chatter (with the use of some audio filters, because otherwise I'd have the same three voices over and over ).

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Using the GPS functionality, you can save waypoints and create trips for those scenic Sundays. Or, if you prefer, activate the race function and do an Outrun style checkpoint race across a planet!

And if you want, it will rename your screenshots, convert them to JPG format and adds the current location in the screenshot's metadata.

Almost everything is customizable in the options file, or in the app itself.

This app started out as something I just wanted to use for myself while flying in the black, but I am happy to share it with everyone. I also welcome suggestions, issue reports and ideas to make the app better!

You can download it here:

Here's the EDCodex link:
And the manual:

There's also a plugin for VoiceAttack available, to help integrate this app with your VoiceAttack profile. Use VoiceAttack to activate EliteG19s' features or switch screens. Download it here:


  • The ClickOnce application will show a warning during installation that the publisher cannot be verified. Through "more options" and then "Install anyway", you can install it. I didn't pay for an official certificate, that's why you get the warning.
  • Windows firewall might ask you to allow the app. Please do, it's got a tiny embedded webserver to allow the Youtube and Twitch mini-apps to work.
  • Also, the very first time that you run the app, it will check that verbose netlogs are on and update some settings forcing you to restart the app. Not the best user experience, I admit, but I hope you'll forgive me on this.
  • It will periodically check for updates automatically. You will notice the next time you start the app.

Tiny manual - read the longer version here

  • If you have a Logitech G19s keyboard, you can use the buttons near the LCD screen to navigate the app.
  • If you do not have this keyboard, a window will pop up that shows the mini display. You can use TAB for menu, ENTER to select, and arrow keys to change the selection and finally ESC to escape from a sub-menu.
  • You can use the function keys to zoom the window and make it larger.
  • Options are stored in `C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\EliteG19s\options.json`. That's also the place where you can edit the various playlist options. Make sure that you have a backup, the file format is not very forgiving when you make a typo...
  • I am currently working on a VoiceAttack plugin to control the app, so you can expect that in a future version!

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did making it!
See you in the black, CMDR!

CMDR MagicMau

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Here are two screenshots from the included app for Logitech Arx:

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