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Thread: Master Radio List

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    Post Master Radio List

    Master Radio List

    Since there isn't one, I would like to create a master list of all active Elite Dangerous-themed radios.
    I think we should know each other and exchange ideas and tricks and see what we can do together in our little ecosystem of ED.

    They will be broken up into two categories. Audio-only, Video-Augmented.(aka twitch radios).

    Wasp Radio English Music stream for explorers, IC, News, DWE Station Link Forum Link
    Radio Sidewinder English Music stream, IC adverts, news, interviews Station Link
    Lave Radio English Podcasts, IC and OOC, news, Interviews Station Link Forum Link
    Hutton Orbital Radio English Music stream, podcasts, IC adverts, interviews Station Link
    GalNet RADIO Polish Radio for the Polish pilots. Music, news, events! Station Link Forum Link
    Radio Skvortsov English Dad Rock Music stream, IC adverts, news Station Link Forum Link
    Eleu all request radio. English Themed music stream on request with conditions, IC jingles Station Link Forum Link
    If you'd like your radio or someone else's radio to be added to the list, send me a pm or comment below. It would be nice if you included a station link and a forum link, but the forum link is optional. Description is required.

    To all radio stations who are using Radionomy. radionomy is now back up. Apparently it's sorted but we'll see how long it lasts.

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    OF COURSE... radio sidewinder! (Music stream for everyone, GalNet news, interviews, adds)

    There's also Lave Radio and Hutton Orbital (can't talk about these ones since I only listen to sidewinder. But i would guess it would fit the same category).

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    makes it easier on me.

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    I do not listen to radio much but this is my favorite music for bounty hunting and combat in Elite, it makes it a little more epic for me!

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    Originally Posted by Jean Michel Marijt View Post (Source)
    I do not listen to radio much but this is my favorite music for bounty hunting and combat in Elite, it makes it a little more epic for me!

    I'm afraid I'm only looking for elite-dangerous community radios ^^ that said when I have time, i'll have a look, thanks!

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    I am pleased to present the Polish GalNet RADIO.

    We have climatic music (electronic, smooth jazz, nu jazz, soundtracks) and:
    - actual GalNet galactic news
    - powers infos
    - news for traders
    - live streams from events

    All in polish language


    Radio for the Polish Elite Dangerous pilots. Music, news, events!


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    Just noticed the forums link wasn't right and fixed it.

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    Featuring a collection of the best Dad Rock in the galaxy and the latest in news from civilized space, Radio Skvortsov is your companion for those long meandering voyages among the stars. Let Disc Commander Felix Dyson spin you a collection of truly ancient tunes to see you on your way, or tune in at the middle of each hour for a weekly update on current affairs in the galaxy and beyond.

    Radio Skvortsov is a free public hypercast made possible by a generous grant from the Diamond Frogs' TeleCommunications Access for the Public initiative, as well as through donations from listeners like you.
    Also ad money.

    Station Management would like to remind listeners that Radio Skvortsov is not a pirate station, and any overpowering of public hypercast frequencies is merely coincidental and most likely a sign that you should upgrade your equipment anyway.

    (forums link)

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    Originally Posted by Arkimedes View Post (Source)
    Stuff about Radio Skvortsov

    Added! See you around

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Ross View Post (Source)
    Eleu all request radio. Varied music no techno or rap. No news, no chat, (but we do shoutouts.) just requested music. Some jingles are ED based
    Daily underlying theme.
    radionomy :
    forum thread
    Modified to fit the table. haven't included the radionomy link unless you prefer that to be the radio link over

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    Nice list! Thanks.
    One question: what does DWE, IC and OOC mean?

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    Originally Posted by Vihear View Post (Source)
    Nice list! Thanks.
    One question: what does DWE, IC and OOC mean?
    Distant Worlds Expedition

    In Character

    Out of Character

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    Radio Down!
    To all radio stations who are using Radionomy. Radionomy is down... It looks like we may be down for the forseeable future. this includes but isn't limited to

    • Wasp Radio
    • Hutton Orbital
    • Radio Sidewinder
    • Eleu Radio
    • galNet Radio
    • Radio Skvortsov

    Read the following for more details but beware, it's long.

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    Radio Sidewinder is back up and broadcasting! We have moved to a new platform.

    We will not be able to play commercial music (except for that of our partners) but we also no longer have the annoying real life adverts.

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