Adle's Armada is the controlling faction of the Eravate system and of the starports therein at Cleve Hub and Ackerman Market.

Some weeks ago an organisation known as the Diamond Frogs announced that it had delivered multiple Unknown Artefacts to Ackerman Market. That starport has been without services ever since.

48 hours after this announcement, Adle's Armada launched a punitive strike on the said organisation's home system of 63 G. Capricorni, destroying ten ships piloted by Diamond Frog Cmdrs.

The Diamond Frogs are well aware that the delivery of dangerous alien contraband to Eravate is viewed as an act of terrorism. In light of the same, it was confirmed by a DF member during the recent Galactic broadcast that when the decision was taken to announce the delivery of further Artefacts to Eravate, 'We knew what we were getting into.' Unfortunately for the terrorists, they decided to recruit an intern for this task, who pre-announced his imminent work placement via public Galactic media.

In accordance with Adle's Armada's prime duty of defending the starter systems from hostility, considerable forces were therefore tasked with preventing this further act of terrorism, whilst other Armada members continued to protect Eravate and the LHS 3447 Community Goal from criminal elements.

Last night, the terrorists attempted their mission. Adle's Armada forces were joined by a number of other Cmdrs (to whom the Federation owes its thanks) in deploying multiple wings of combat ships to supercruise in Eravate and surrounding systems and to normal space at Eravate stations, including in particular Cleve Hub (the closest station to the star) and Maine Hub (the terrorists' intended target).

As soon as hostiles were identified, Adle's Armada and their allied wings engaged and executed multiple targets, destroying much dangerous contraband in the process.

During the course of the engagement it became clear that the Diamond Frogs may have duped a pilot who professes to have most experience of exploration into attempting to transport their principal Unknown Artefact for them. This pilot was apprehended attempting to dock at Cleve Hub and subsequently imprisoned there, his ship unable to leave the station due to massed Adle's Armada and allied vessels. Thus the terrorists’ mission failed (and Cleve Hub contains no Black Market, so an alternative delivery could not be made).

Upon the 'terrorist intern' being apprehended by Federation ground forces, he said that he 'did not understand what was going on' and 'did not want to start a war'.

Tribute must be paid to this young man's courage, given that he had continued to attempt to fulfil his misconceived mission notwithstanding intercepted Diamond Frog communications in which he was repeatedly urged to, 'Use Stealth Mode! Use Stealth Mode! Use Stealth Mode!' (This is understood to refer not to engaging silent running but to an attempted warp-shift into a parallel reality. The intern refused.)

Given his conspicuous bewildered gallantry, the captive has been granted a stay of execution and is currently undergoing detailed analysis by Adle's Armada neuro-psychologists. Early indications are reported to be positive: it may be that his personality is not irredeemable and he may yet find more benign internships in future.

An Outfitting Technician working at Maine Hub, commented:

'I really would like to thank the Armada for saving our station's services by rail gunning those UA bombers to death.'

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