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Thread: War in Fuelum. Pirate battlecruiser

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    Question Battle in Fuelum. Pirate battlecruiser

    I picked the wrong time to leave home for my trip the core apparently. There seems to be a battle in Fuelum of which two Farragut battlecruisers are the center of. One of the ships is labelled as a pirate ship. The Fuel Rats twitter account has been posting updates. I don't think the Fuel Rats faction are directly involved in the conflict but I'm debating turning back around and getting into the fray,

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    I guess it's pretty clear now why there is a community goal in the Federation to build another Farragut. One of them has obviously been hijacked.

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    Didn't one go missing the other month?

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    Originally Posted by V8UC ALICORN View Post (Source)
    Didn't one go missing the other month?
    Not that I recall. An Imperial Interdictor was destroyed about that time in Facece though.

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    A hijacked cruiser?! God damn I'm getting into this.

    On the other hand seeing how many players are in that conflict zone I might just wait outside and kill anyone I know is fighting against whoever dem pirates are.

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    Getting more info. This apparently happened in a Distress Call from the Vangard. So if you're heading that way look for a distress call. Looks like its near the star. Not sure if this is an isolated incident or not.

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    not sure this thread is related, but take a look just in case

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    Originally Posted by ilo View Post (Source)
    not sure this thread is related, but take a look just in case
    While not directly related as it's in two different systems, I'm guessing that this is a new, maybe rare type of distress call.

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    so, as far as we know now, feds need three new farraguts

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    Originally Posted by ilo View Post (Source)
    so, as far as we know now, feds need three new farraguts
    and counting. I'm guessing

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    Originally Posted by Stasis Wolf View Post (Source)
    and counting. I'm guessing
    and counting, I'm hoping hehe

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    Stealing battleships from the feds? Let us know when we can steal stations from them too. I wanna take one to beagle point

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    I came across this type of scene in a Distress Call a few days after I'd just gotten my Corvette, I was passing my Sol maybe one or two systems out when I decided to test the ship in the DC. I dropped out to find a stranded Farrgut and some fighters defending it from pirate attacks. I worked with them to hold off the pirates but one of the waves that dropped out included a battle-cruiser that I'd mistaken for the rescue team. The ship opened fire on my and I couldn't get my Corvette out of there fast enough to take no damage, I think I ended up limping with around 30% hull remaining.

    I've been dropping into most of the DC's I find since trying to see if something like that will happen again, and so far I haven't found one.

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    I wonder if there is an Imperial version of this distress call if you're in Imperial space?

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    capital ships in distress calls, the new raxxla! i check some when im back there free from this hostile tag.