Adle's Armada yesterday completed their fifth and final match in the first season of the Elite: Dangerous PvP League, organised by Cmdr Oogie Boogie, which we are proud to announce our team has won 5-0.

For the League we deployed a small part of the same ships and pilots who daily risk their lives defending new pilots in Eravate, or traders at Community Goals, from pirates and terrorists. Each of our pilots was a seasoned combat veteran, flying the same all-rail or predominately-rail loadouts that we have made our own.

Anyone who has watched our videos will know that criminal Cmdrs who come to the starter systems expecting to terrorize Sidewinder novices in their Corvette face, instead, death by 40-rail gun synchonized execution.

During the League, however, our pilots were applying their same skills against honourable opponents who brought the talents of warriors, not the high wake or 'extra-dimensional unaccountable disapperance' of the petty criminal. Firstly, we must salute the gladiators of Ronin of Amarak, Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla, Triadius, Contrail and Blood Brothers from Alrai. Every battle our pilots fought against these experts had a different quality even to the fierce fighting we normally encounter around the Galaxy.

Next we must thank Oogie Boogie for making this entirely player-driven event happen. Also every member of Adle's Armada who trained with, encouraged and supported our League pilots.

But first and foremost we must salute our brave pilots themselves, who were:-

Every match

PoaArctica (Captain & owner of Uncle Poa's Murder Emporium - search youtube!)
Breakfastmelon (Vice-Captain & legendary duellist)
Truesilver (ED's "Most Violent 1984-er"?)

Every match (except v BIG)

Philip J Fry (alternate account of Cmdr Erich Zann, once newcomer to PvP, now rail gun super-sniper)

BIG & Final

Memoocan (film maker extraordinaire)

... And joining for the 8v8 final against BBfA

Finegan (Adle's Armada second-in-command, after Cmdr S!lk)
ThatDamnRanga (of Mobius: The Bear That Bit)
Cosmic Booty (Battle Cattle specialist, had to be ordered not to bring Lakon Type 9...)

Our League pilots will now be returning to their normal duties in and around starter space. If you are learning to fly your sidewinder there, they will guard you. If you are trading and need an escort, they will provide one. If you are bounty hunting, mining, merely visiting, or carrying out any other kind of lawful business, they will salute you and protect you. If you come to assault, rob or murder your fellow members of the Pilots' Federation, they will show you the friendly face of vigilante execution.

Adle's Armada