Yesterday, Adle’s Armada intel agents received word that a member of a former pirate organisation – believed to have been disbanded – was intending to carry out mass-murder of new pilots in our home system of Eravate, whilst apparently utilising a ‘chrono-charidy’ device to send funds to the 21st century.

Records revealed that the Cmdr concerned was already wanted across the Federation for a variety of cruelty to animals offences, including:-

• Bear baiting
• Keeping something resembling a wolf without a licence
• Non-fatal wounding of small snakes
• Noise nuisance (whining dogs)

Cmdr S!lk immediately called a meeting of the Vigilante Execution Executive, in the Vigilante Execution Council Chamber, Vigilante Execution Avenue, aboard Cleve Hub Starport, Vigilante Execution Wing. After a wide-ranging consideration of all available responses, it was decided that the most appropriate one would be vigilante execution.

Adle’s Armada fighters launched at once and after diplomacy by Cmdr NoobDelux were joined by an unprecedented number of allied forces, including Contrail, 51TH, BBfA, Paladin Consortium, 13th Legion, ToC, EIC and independent Cmdrs keen to defend their Pilots Federation brethren.

The criminal and his furry friend were rapidly apprehended and red slaughter ensued: Adle’s Armada & Allies recording a monumental 17 criminal ship destructions to no losses. Some dogs were impounded awaiting adoption but soon released due to their incessant whining.

Furthermore, a hastily arranged reciprocal, righteous chrono-charidy device beamed AA & Allies funds to the 21st century.

Those who wish to learn more of last night’s events as they unfolded may wish to consult the Galactic record at …



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OOC 1:

Adle’s Armada will destroy any Cmdr who invades our home system of Eravate to harm our citizens, our background sim faction or our stations, regardless of whether any offending vessels are fitted with chrono-charidy devices. Our inevitable stance on this matter is similarly inevitably provided for by the following paragraph of FDev’s recent reiteration of player harassment rules:

‘In addition, running a livestream in Open does invite the potential for players to approach and impact your gameplay and running a livestream in which you are declaring war on another group and they come and take action against you is reasonable and should be expected.

Ultimately it’s about context.’ [Original emphasis.]

The full terms of that reiteration may be found here:

OOC 2: If your group was also one of our allies in last night's honourable defence of new pilots, please do post in the thread and we’ll edit into the op with thanks, o7

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