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Thread: [Artwork] Elite: Dangerous & Expeditions Posters

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    [Artwork] Elite: Dangerous & Expeditions Posters

    Elite: Dangerous Artwork
    Expeditions Posters
    Distant Worlds Posters

    None of these patches, logos or posters is intended for any commercial purpose.
    This is a hobby, I'm willing to share them for a strictly private use.
    Do not post them elsewhere unless you credit me by linking back here.
    Frontier's rules regarding copyright and use of their assets apply here.
    You do NOT have the right to use my work without my express consent, including and in particular to sell patches and other merch items.

    Edited Screenshots


    Beagle Landing Poster

    Hommage to Astronaut Scott giving salute on the Moon, during Apollo 11.

    Download full-size file :

    Can I print it?

    The Endeavour Poster

    Featuring comments by CMDRs landed at Beagle Point, regarding their experience of DWE. 8000x4500px @300dpi.

    Download full-size file :

    Download 4K wallpaper :

    Vintage Distant Worlds Poster

    Inspired by an old 24h of Daytona poster form the 70s.

    Download full-size file :

    Kepler Invitational SRV Race Poster

    SRV Racing Event advert.

    Download full-size file :

    Crab Nebula Expedition Poster

    High resolution .jpg :
    Download full-size file (6,079 x 8000 @300dpi, 0,76 ratio) : (be aware that such vivid colours will lose quite a lot of punch while being converted to CYMK colour management for printing. Better ask a pro or order a tiny print, before ordering an expensive large-size print.)

    Movie Mock Up Posters

    I did several Elite/Distant Worlds mock-ups of mostly science-fiction movie posters. I worked on the largest possible files, so most of them are printable in a decent size. I will list them all soon, but for now you can browse them below.

    Imgur Album

    Another Earth-Like World :
    ASP The Extra-Terrestrial :
    Beagle :
    Dark Star :
    The Fast And The Curious :
    Full Metal Planet :
    Heavy Metal :
    Interstellar :
    Kamzella :
    Le Voyage Dans La Lune :
    Scan 9 From Outer Space :
    The Towering Inferno :
    Thargoid :
    The Ammonian :
    Apocalypse Now - Carbon Stars :

    Logos, Mission Patches & Medals

    Upon request (or not!), I designed a few logo, mission patch and medals. It's a work in progress! Commissionable.

    Cutie Shots

    Cute shots of ships that look like toys using the tilt-shift effect. Commissionable.

    Imgur Album

    Elite: Dangerous Badges

    Career and achievement badges I designed for forum signatures and avatars. See the dedicated thread here for more info :

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    It's great having them all in one place
    Nice job

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    Amazing work! Wanted to rep but it didn't let me

    PS. Might want to add some spoiler tags

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    Can't rep you any more, but this is amazing, thankyou so much for sharing your amazing work!

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    Holy Guacamole!
    Your skills exceed mine by 81,5 kylies!
    Absolutely amazing! o7

    CMDR Greytest

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    Fantastic stuff, keep them coming!
    CMDR Mr Crown Vic P71

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    Thanks guys, I'll keep it up-to-date obviously. Oh, and by the way... The Beagle Poster looks even more beautiful printed

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    Genuine fan of your work CMDR. Love your style.

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    Really nice work, you talented bunny, you
    o8, because o7 is not enough

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    Amazing artwork!

    That will definitely look great hanging on the wall.
    Thread bookmarked. (should be sticky!)

    Thanks for sharing all that talent

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    Thanks for all your sweet comments!

    Just in case.

    Reminding that all of my work, though shared for common use, is my intellectual property and contains FD assets! It's not yours!

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    The badge (DW logo) looks super cool and attracts comments

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    I'm so sorry....

    You spelt vehicle incorrectly.

    I feel bad.

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    Originally Posted by Traveller_GG View Post (Source)
    I'm so sorry....

    You spelt vehicle incorrectly.

    I feel bad.
    Spelled it in french for no reason. That's some feedback!

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