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    Hello commanders !

    I've been playing Elite Dangerous for a couple of years now on PC. My main activities are exploration and the occasional PvE with friends. I've also been having fun with the EDSM API for a little project I'm developping.
    I've kinda been a loner in-game and recently decided to join Canonn to spice things up a bit I guess and be a better explorer

    IGN: Lechevalier
    Discord: Cmdr. Lechevalier#5627

    Cmdr. Lechevalier

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr.Lechevalier View Post (Source)
    I've also been having fun with the EDSM API for a little project I'm developing.
    You can't just stop there, you know? might want to expand about this idea somewhere!

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    New Recruit

    Heya I'm Cmdr Dewi L Duma and I one of the new members of Canonn, I think you will be hearing more from me.

    IGN: Cmdr Dewi Duma
    Discord: David Harmon#0675

    == Fly by the Zipper of your Pants - Fly Dangerous ==

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    A join Request

    Hi! I've joined on Inara, but i wish to join fully! thank you for accepting me as a recruit.

    Discord: Alxuz#2379

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    o7 commanders

    not a newbie anymore and not a veteran yet: achieved my Elite ranks, built my reputation with most engineers and fitted some very fine ships! Now it's time to move on, bring my game to a "social" level and find out more about the galaxy & it's mysteries. See you in the void o7


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    My Introduction

    Hello there commanders,

    I picked up elite a few months ago and instantly loved it. I played for a good while on PS4, but I never got too far. Then I moved to PC recently and started again. Eventually, I started looking for elite related things outside of the game, and discovered player groups. I decided to join canonn becuase I was interested in game lore and whatnot. I am posting this just to introduce myself, and I am exceited to be part of this community.

    Excited to work with all of you. o7

    Discord: Scaleios#8200

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    Smile Hello!


    I'm just a boy who likes this game and is interested in its mysteries. I'm looking forward to working with you all!

    IGN: CMDR Goose.P
    Discord: GoosePimpels#7010

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    Hej allihopa!

    Cmdr kontrolldon reporting in! Nothing on Sol has got me so hooked as exploring the beautiful Galaxy and try to solve some mysteries. Got my Pilots Federation wings in April 3304 and done nothing other then. Will try go on the upcoming DW2. Hope to bring some discoveries back to the bubble!
    I pilot my AspX or Krait mk II mostly in VR, so don't expect me to answer directly if we stumble over each other in the Void...

    IGN: kontrolldon
    Discord: kontrolldon#4572

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    I've been waiting at Syreadiae JX-F c0 in the Formidine Rift on the way back from completing the second half of my Galatic Circumnavigation of the Galaxy, I wanted to make sure the logs for the Zurara would be in my Codex as I wasn't sure what would be retrospectively added.

    However I'm not seeing the Zurara in this system anymore. Check several different sources for the System name but all seem to be the same. Has the ship moved or just been lost in the update.

    When was it last seen?

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