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Thread: Canonn

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    Just joined the site :
    CMDR Spacemutant14
    Discord: spacemutant14#9979

    Please could I get the Private Discord access (I'll take light green thanks)

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    Finally decided to join:
    CMDR Bathuzad
    Discord: Bathuzad#6076

    And last but not least:


    For I can not wait to find valuable science information while surviving through the need of sleep, just to find that new system, that ONE new clue!

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    Elite freelance explorer and Dangerous combateer, commanding Anaconda /Pourquoi Pas?/ Member of 65,000 L-y from Sol Club. One of the first pilots to run Meta-Alloys to Jaques Station following its failed attempt to reach Beagle Point. One of the first pilots to reach Formidine Rift Dynasty Expedition Beacon, during Cassiopeia Expedition. Veteran of many encounters with Unknowns. Flew on Small Worlds Expedition 2, commanding Sidewinder /Enterprise/.

    Registration Date
    Joined August 10, 2017

    CMDR Name
    William Diffin

    Discord Name
    CMDR William Diffin#0196

    Frontier Forum User Name
    Commander Diffin

    United Kingdom

    Areas of Expertise
    Unknown Artefacts, Unknown Probes, Unknown Ships, Barnacles, Ancient Ruins, Historical Lore, Development

    Playstyle Description
    Freelance explorer and part time mercenary.

    Main Base
    Jameson Memorial

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    Independent researcher for hire.

    Hello, I'm interested in joining up and conducting super spicy research on all things unknown! My only question is do you guys have a ps4 division? I only play on ps4 so if not I'll regrettably have to pass on those vegan biscuits and delicious discovery.

    Also, do you typically do things as a group? I'm looking for a research group that I can actually join up with and assist in various roles such as research, convoy escort/security detail, scout/explorer, and/or transportation of goods and artifacts.

    Edit: One more question, is having a discord account mandatory? it seems to be but if I were playing with people on ps4 i would just be using either game chat or party chat. If it's mandatory for the sign up process but not necessary to use on ps4 then I can just make one for that.

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    During an assignment for a client I came into contact with alien technology, shortly after I was contacted by Cannon for recruiting, so here I am.

    Registration Date
    Joined August 13, 2017


    CMDR Name:
    Gareth Ryder

    Inara profile:

    Discord Name:

    Country of origin:

    Artificial intelligence, Automated systems, Hyperspace travel, Economics

    Passenger transport, Exploration, Defensive PVP

    Base of operations:
    Clayakarma, Roentgen Gateway (Relocating to Cannon space)

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    Originally Posted by Patau82 View Post (Source)

    Hello, I posted a few questions earlier but I realized I didn't quote you so you'd have no way of knowing. My original post is probably two or three posts before this, Thanks!

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    CMDR DragoniteRage
    Discord: Adiados#5450

    Hope to join you guys

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    New applicant (not a replicant!)
    CMDR ModishNouns
    Discord: ModishNouns#0751

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    Commander Gerada
    reporting for duty
    CMDR Name: Gerada
    Discord Name: gerada#6742
    Inara Profile:
    Country of origin: Malta
    At yer service

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    First let me say I have mad respect for the work Canonn does. o7 Commanders
    I have a question, does the faction have the ability to request a redeployment of the megaship you've earned? The better to conduct your research.

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    Originally Posted by Frank K View Post (Source)
    First let me say I have mad respect for the work Canonn does. o7 Commanders
    I have a question, does the faction have the ability to request a redeployment of the megaship you've earned? The better to conduct your research.
    After the release of 2.4, the megaship will be movable.

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    New Applicant

    CMDR Tufty,
    Player of original Elite, and player of this version since Beta.
    Real life BSC Hons degree in Astronomy/Planetary Science/Astrophysics/Quantum mechanics subjects.
    now become more and more fascinated in the real science inside Elite, and all associated lore.
    Greatest respect for the Canonn work, approach and methodology.

    Canonn Registration Date
    Joined September 13 2017

    CMDR Name

    Discord Name

    Frontier Forum User Name

    United Kingdom

    Playstyle Description
    explorer and multi role, usually PVE play.

    age: 56

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    Trying to get my full membership

    Hi, I'm CMDR Virgile Foret,
    I've been member of the Canonn for a while but I never linked all my diferent accounts. Now I'm looking forward to have acces to all the data banks and I wished to be recognized as a real space scientist. Thanks for your time o7
    Discord name: Virgile Foret

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    CMDR JonesTheFilm reporting. o7

    Amateur scientist, explorer, very occasional bounty hunter.
    Based in Alioth when not out in the black.
    Ship: Asp Explorer JTF-03 "Knight Errant".
    Favourite Whisky: Laphroaig
    Favourite tea: Masala Chai
    Favorite biscuit : Garibaldi

    Canonn member since September 3rd 3303.

    Discord: JonesTheFilm#9128

    Freelance film & TV animator/director.
    Original 1984 Elite player on BBC Micro.
    Elite and Frontier: Elite 2 player on Amiga.
    Elite: Dangerous player since PS4 release.
    Based in London, UK