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    Welcome all to our new thread!
    Our last thread was closed so our admin could have control of the first post
    Here's a link to old thread:

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    Todays Influence report
    The Canonn 78.2% up 3.3%, Expansion, Boom recovering
    Varati Independent Union 6.4% down 1.0%, Boom, Civil war pending
    Varati Blue Public Limited 6.5% down 1.0%, Civil war pending
    Varati Ring 5.1% down 0.8%,
    Labour of Varati 3.8% down 0.5%,
    COL 285 Sector ix-t d3-43
    The Canonn 45.4% up 0.6%, Expansion, Boom recovering
    Varati Independent Union 2.6% no change, Boom
    Varati Blue Public Limited 34.4% down 0.5%,
    Varati Ring 9.1% up 0.1%, Civil war pending
    Labour of Varati 9.1% down 0.1%, Civil war pending


    Keep backing Varati Independent Union in Varati
    In IX-T Varati Ring has won their war unfortunately they seem to have immediately gone to civil war pending
    Current orders are:
    Back Varati Independent Union by completing VIU missions, handing in VIU bounties and exploration data as well as trading at Remec Point,
    Avoid trading, handing in bounties and exploration data at Canonn stations as well as completing Canonn missions
    Also avoid killing VIU NPCs
    Col 285 sector IX-T d3-43
    Back the Canonn by completing Canonn missions and handing in Canonn bounties at Kagan Vision as well as killing ships in the system from all other factions, system is currently anarchy so no bounties gained
    Good Luck Cmdrs 7

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    posted this important news on our last thread just before it was closed
    got a reply from bug report I posted for failed expansion, Looks like there are no more systems within expansion range of Varati

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    Woho, new thread with front page.

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    hello, I would like to join the Canonn. My Discord name is Spacedbee, as well as my CMDR name.

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    Canonn pin code request

    Do I receive a Canonn pin at some point automatically via Discord or do I need to request one?


    CMDR: MaxAcceleration, Senan Torr
    Discord: MaxAcceleration#6278
    Canonn: MaxAcceleration
    Twitter: @GAMESrGREAT

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    CMDR: I 7heMartian I (xbox)

    Canonn: The Martian

    Discord: CMDR Martian I

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    Hey guys!

    Crazy Kakoos
    Game name(Xbox): Crazy Kakoos
    Discord: Crazy Kakoos

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    CMDR glorund

    Hi folks.

    Commander Name: glorund
    Discord Name: glorund

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    Hey folks

    Here is my Discord access request:

    Discord user name: glorund
    In Game user name: glorund

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    Amra Rocannon reporting in...

    Discord: Amra Rocannon
    In-game: Amra Rocannon

    CMDR Amra Rocannon

    "One of the advantages of being a captain is being able to ask for advice without necessarily having to take it."

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    Originally Posted by Patau82 View Post (Source)

    Hello, I posted a few questions earlier but I realized I didn't quote you so you'd have no way of knowing. My original post is probably two or three posts before this, Thanks!

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    CMDR DragoniteRage
    Discord: Adiados#5450

    Hope to join you guys

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