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    Hey guys,
    CMDR verytoughhombre here. Come to finally join the team! Explorer and freelancer

    Discord: verytoughhombre#1165

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is CMDR HexCube, and I'm here because I love exploring - though I do some bounty hunting whenever I return to the bubble.

    Discord: HexCube#2034

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    Hello! I just signed on to Canonn, refitted my Type 7, and am plotting course to The Conflux. I know, a Type 7 doesn't sound like much of an exploration ship. She is self sustaining, thick skinned, and until I hit that 200 million mark for a condi, the best I could do. Oh, and it's black In game CMDR Hawk Drakkarsson, same on discord and pretty much everywhere.

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    Hello all,

    Just signed up. excited to get going. Been playing for a few years. Have been growing my fleet just adding the Cutter and Corvette.

    I hail from an old MMO called Mega-Wars.(the 1980's) It was the first space exploration / Combat MMO on CompuServe. Back in the days before the Internet.

    A member of the Dorsai a warrior race from the science fiction series by Gordon Dickson. (1979)

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    New Member

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. CMDR TXDeadBear here (! New to E about a month ago. I'm on Xbox and I have mostly played in solo mode up to this point but I'm ready to join the masses and help out in anyway possible. I very much enjoy exploring and researching and I have been extremely intrigued with the Thargoid research going on. This is what initially led me to Canonn. I would love to assist in research and exploration. Anyway, hope to see some Canonn CMDRs in game soon and call on me whenever you need assistance.

    MY SHIP:

    CMDR TXDeadBear

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    New Member

    Hello all! Newcomer CMDR TXDeadBear here. Looking forward to working with Canonn on exploration and research related tasks. I am on Xbox as TXDeadBear. Hit me up!

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    hello, im new here(sorta)
    inara profile -
    discord name - dariorthan

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    Hi. I am trying to contact some active members of Canonn Research. My name is Commander Maya Fey. I have been rescuing scape pods in the California Nebula Sector. And I have the feeling that something odd is going on there.

    There are very few scape pods, like someone already picked them.
    There is a group of Terrorists attacking the megaships, and there are aid ships coming to help in the evacuations. But they both belong to the same faction: Turner Research.
    There are very few scape pods that have been officialy rescued.

    In case this didn't rise an alarm on me, I was able to scan a comunication center in on of the destroyed megaship. There was a message where the "pirates" refused to take the cargo because they were coming for the crew, so they said.

    This reminded me the habit of the targoids to take scape pods with them... and I wondered if it could be related.

    In the satation where we are handing the scape pods, there is a really short number of them. Where are the rest of scape pods?

    I have been trying to follow the few clues I had: scaning the rescue ships in case they are kidnaping people, trying to find the shuttle used to evacuate one of the megaships, and I had no success. So I decided to contact professionals.

    I don't know if I am getting paranoid, or there's something there, but I thing the best is to handle you all the data I have.

    If anyone is interested, I can give you all the details I collected.

    Fly safe.

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    Retired from Elite: Dangerous
    No longer in game, on reddit, or the Frontier Forums.
    Currently raising a family!

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    CMDR Deathcow
    Discord: deathcow #9866
    reporting in

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