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Thread: Canonn

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    CMDR Jarminx has been a commander for just over 1200hrs and is mainly an explorer and ED Photographer. Jarminx has done a bit of everything and has gone over 35,000Ly away from SOL. There is no end in sight for this commander in Elite Dangerous and is always looking for new perspectives. This commander also loves to show off his flight time via and has an Imgur album of around 1,000 photos (screenshots)...

    Joined September 28, 2017




    Unknown Artefacts, Unknown Probes, Unknown Ships, Barnacles, Ancient Ruins

    Exploration is number one! Also an ED Photographer for those unique perspective shots!

    TZ Arietis, Snyder Enterprise



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    Hello. Looking to connect with like minded individuals and get exploring.

    Xbox Shiloh Mae
    CMDR Shiloh Mae
    Discord: Shiloh Mae
    cannon site:

    How about that scientist rank?

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    Whitmann, editor of Sagittarius Eye magazine, asking for access to the PG so I can report on tonight's sciency stuff. I'm already on yer Discord, have PMd Delmonte. Hopefully he say YES.

    Cheers in advance.
    Exploring and that. Some writing. Lots of talking.

    Sagittarius Eye magazine:

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    Hi new to this, by way of intro been playing in solo / own group for a while as got fed up being grieved, do lots of passenger carrying and exploration just building money and fed rank for corvette. Will enjoy being here and presently returning from long haul with loads of exp data to sell, any recommendations? cheers..

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    Briefing :

    Just your average Norwegian Federation Pilot who ventures out into the unknown to unveil the secrets of the universe. Name's CMDR Ryuu'ka and I recently cleared my save file to help 2 new pilots in their progression but the name remains the same. Sadly a string of sickness and injuries left me almost completely mute nowdays but its nothing to feel sorry for. I came to grips with it a long time ago so if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Discord: Tekuian#3374

    Registration Date: Joined September 30, 2017

    CMDR Name: Ryuu'ka

    Discord Name: Tekuian#3374

    Country: Norway

    Areas of Expertise: Historical Lore, Audio Analysis, Documentation

    Playstyle Description: My main focus remains Exploration and Discovery as it has been since the early days.

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    Hello all i'm new to the Canonn research inara wing, my in game name is CMDR PULSAR425 and my discord name is Pulsar425#1802, please welcome me i'm lonely.

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    hi all new to the group cmdr not-appearing-in-this at your service

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    CMDR Shaggyted reporting for duty:

    Psn: Shaggyted

    (I have joined discord but have yet to find the #newcomers channel to post this in...I also have not been able to find the discord for canonn. I have a great interest in joining others in play since exploration is grand but to discover it and travel with a group would be a far more satisfying experience that I've always wished for since the first X series. I've done a lot of research before I made this decision and I feel that Canonn last the forefront of exploration and discovery and is where I'd like to be. Thank you)

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    Greetings, fellow Commanders!
    I am Cmdr JaeSynthetik (Xbox One)...
    I am dedicated in the field of exploration, stellar cartography and photography, xeno-geology, and research.
    I look forward to being a part of this prestigious collective, and to share data, and tales!

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    Greetings, commanders!

    Elite player since September, 2014. Explorer. Triple Elite.

    Registration Date
    Joined October 15, 2017

    CMDR Name
    Gin RideIntoTheSun

    Discord Name
    Gin RideIntoTheSun#9726

    Frontier Forum User Name
    Gin RideIntoTheSun

    Inara Profile


    Areas of Expertise
    Unknown Artefacts, Unknown Probes, Barnacles, Ancient Ruins, Megaships

    Playstyle Description

    Main Base
    Elite - Elite - Elite
    Explorador, Caza-recompensas, Contrabandista y Mercenario (con principios)

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