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Thread: Player Groups and Minor Factions - Submission Form and Information

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    Player Groups and Minor Factions - Submission Form and Information

    As of July 25 2018 - this thread has been deprecated and superseded by a new system. Please see the new stickies in : - thank you!

    Greetings Commanders,

    Thanks everyone for sending over your applications to our player groups and minor factions! Over the past few months we’ve added hundreds of you to our database! It’s been really exciting stuff. We’ve had a busy few months, and that has slowed our process, so unfortunately we have seen some delays in processing requests. With that being said, I’m going to add a few posts below on getting everything up to par and everyone up to speed with where we are at and how the process functions for player groups and minor factions going from this point onward.

    If you wish to discuss, please use this thread:

    This thread will be used as a place for updates.

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    How can I establish a player group?

    1) We need to know the name of your Player Group.
    • Player group names must be Elite Related, Lore related, or large long-standing related groups.
    • Group names cannot consist of names that would violate the game EULA/ToU.
    • Group names can only consist of a-z, A-Z, 0-9 characters.
    • We cannot accept player group names -=[that]=- ((look)) ^like^ thi$.
    • Names such as: Elite Explorations Crew, Deep Space Security, and so forth can be accepted.

    2) Next, we need to know the type of player group that you are.
    • PvE – Player Versus Environment
    • PvP – Player Versus Player
    • Both – Your group consists of both PVE and PVP elements.

    3) We now need to know how many members are in your player group.
    • Please give a rough or exact estimate of how many you have.
    • We will not accept “actively recruiting” or an inflated number that will not reflect the amount of players to the group within the game.
    • Needs to be of at least TEN.

    4) A contact name.
    • You may use your real name or commander name.
    • If your player group is of a very large clan/guild, you may provide a common catch-all contact name.

    5) Your email address to contact you by.
    • This email will not be made public.
    • It will only be used to contact you regarding your player group.
    • If you wish, you may use a catch-all email address if you have multiple leaders to your player group.
    • The initial response from us will not be sent to this email address, we will reply to the first email that you sent to us confirming the addition.

    • These are not in game names or faction names.
    • These are internal names have been registered with us.
    • The groups that have registered to us have requested to be kept informed with activities and opportunities specifically relating to player groups.
    • Registering a player group does not denote that it will register a Minor Faction.

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    How do I establish a minor faction?

    Good news commanders, you can create a minor faction in Elite Dangerous! Please read this entire post to figure out what is what and what goes where!

    So what does a minor faction get me in Elite Dangerous?

    • Your minor factions name will show up in a system of your choosing along with the description provided.
    • You will have to manage your minor factions economy within the system.
    • Minor factions will be added with preset values in the system, you will be required to build up your minor faction.

    Whatís the limitations and policies for a minor faction?

    1. Your minor factionís system has to be in a system with a population of at least ONE.
    2. Your minor factionís name must be related to Elite Dangerous or the lore of Elite.
      • We cannot accept general minor faction names unrelated to Elite.

    3. You can only have one minor faction at any given time.
    4. No Faction Swapping. Your desired minor faction has to be the same as the systems faction.
    5. Factions cannot be located in systems deemed to have significant lore importance (full list in the form below).
    6. A description of your minor faction is required.
      • Please no more than 640 characters including spaces.
      • Do not use symbols, just a-z and 0-9 text and general punctuation.
      • Description ONLY IN English only.
      • Absolutely NO URL's / links - it will be rejected.

    7. The requested system must also contain a star port.
    8. You must have completed the group registration process from above.

    Any other limits and info that I should know about? Yeah, a little...

    • We will not accept any edit requests after your submission to the form below.
    • Absolutely no recruitment messages or website links.
    • Your minor factions description HAS TO CONFORM to the lore of Elite.
    • You are permitted to have one minor faction.
      • All "addon" minor factions that have been confirmed as a squatting minor faction will be removed. In addition to the main minor faction.

    How long is the process between submitting this form below and it showing up in the game?
    Between one and three months.

    Can I request updates to my submission after submitting the form below?

    Can I request to have my PMF in a particular station?
    No. The BGS decides.

    Can I request my station to have something special in it?

    Can I request to have special content in my PMF's system?

    Can my PMF be in a permit system?

    Who can I poke and prod to get an update on my player factions application status?
    Brett C. Do not expect a timely response on PMF statuses. It's going to be one of the following: Waiting, Processing, Validating, Added, Rejected.

    Great, I think Iím in the clear! What do I do now? Complete the form below and submit it.

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    Hi all, am aware that there's minor factions that have had issues on influence, control, etc due to the 2.3 update. We've been monitoring and fixing the issues as they arise.

    Additionally, numerous player minor factions did not make it in for the 2.3 update. Upfront, I would like to apologize for this. There is an ongoing check on who is and who is not in the game at this moment and if things are in proper sync from our sheet to the game. Additionally (x2!), please note that description changes are baked directly into the client, not queried from the server. I've a large list of PMF's awaiting an update on a description update as well.

    I am leaving the thread closed at this point in time so things can be posted in a somewhat more organized fashion from me and/or others here at Frontier. I've received more than 100 emails and PM's asking the status of X or Y player minor factions over the past week to now. Unfortunately, due to the mass of emails and PM's i've received and workload right now, I won't be able to answer said messages as timely as I'd like to.

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    Working on getting things validated and imported this week. Deepest apologies on the delays with this process.

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    Major series of batch-segments sent. Will have a list of additional rejections and so forth this week or next week. Unfortunately, this next list of rejections will end up being quite large I am afraid.

    As always... a reminder! I will on the spot reject a PMF application due to any of the following issues...

    • System locations that are consisting one or more of the following... lore important, permit restricted, starter zones/systems, important system(s) relating to an ongoing game event in the system or a nearby system, in use by another PMF.
    • Faction names that are... inappropriate, not elite/lore related, harassing, TOS violating, spam, IP violations, too similar of a name to another PMF.
    • Faction Descriptions that... make no sense, does not relate to your PMF, includes a website or email, incomplete, not-in-English.
    • Player Group Name that is incorrect or is not added on the original submission form. If i cannot contact you due to any issues, i will remove the submission row from our sheet - i will not chase around to find contact details.

    Additionally, Colonia region submissions for a minor faction are auto-rejected, see regarding Colonia stuff.

    Lastly, I am also in the process of working on the update sheet. (The sheet that contains peoples update requests)

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    Engineering is still processing the master sheet for addition to the game. I should have an update sometime next week. Thanks for your patience.

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    Engineering is still working on minor factions. I won't be able to make changes/additions until they've finished processing the sheet.

    As it stands right now, i'm trying my best to have hundreds of new PMF's added for the 2.3.x update series. So please, hold off on asking on if your minor faction is added or not. I don't have that updated data just yet!

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    Engineering team has checked in another update to the sheet this morning. Little past the halfway mark now.

    I should have an updated list quite soon on rejections / declined minor faction applications.

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    Hi all, this is the tentative list of new player minor factions to be added into Elite. The only thing left for us to do now is to actually add these into the game world. If you do not see your group name on this list, it's either rejected, or on hold as i need to get in contact with the person who submitted it.

    I will not list the system each group name is in for the time being.

    Mode Group Name Minor Faction Name
    Approved Alvastra Alliance Alvastra Alliance
    Approved The Sanctum Accord The Sanctum Accord
    Approved Excalibur Arms and Munitions Excalibur Arms and Munitions
    Approved Fatal Shadows Fatal Shadows
    Approved Black Hand of Orion Black Hand of Orion
    Approved Shadow Fleet Shadow Society
    Approved The Roughnecks The Roughnecks
    Approved Mostly Penniless Trading Penniless Trading Co
    Approved Archons Wolves Archons Wolves
    Approved Black Omega Black Omega
    Approved Far Bound Enterprises Far Bound Company
    Approved Astralis Industries Astralis Industries
    Approved Ouroboros Holdings Corps Ouroboros Holdings Corps
    Approved Fighter Ferrets Intergalactic Fighter Ferret Force
    Approved Transcendent Monkeys Order Of The Transcendent
    Approved Stellar One Spacecare
    Approved Gato Confederates Gato Confederacy
    Approved SIA Community SIA Community
    Approved FarStar Foundation FarStar Foundation
    Approved Visionary Merchants Corp Visionary Merchants Corp
    Approved Fortunes Corsairs Fortunes Corsairs
    Approved Occitania Pioneers Occitania Pioneers
    Approved Namab Purple Brothers Namab Purple Brothers
    Approved Enigma Cooperative Guild Enigma Imperial Holdings
    Approved The Bureau of the Bureau of Selkit Bureau The Bureau of the Bureau of Selkit Bureau
    Approved Dark Cold Horizon New Dark Cold
    Approved Galactic Fleet Marine Force Galactic Fleet Marine Force
    Approved Black Heart Crew Black Heart Crew
    Approved Biowaste Extraction And Supply Team Biowaste Extraction And Supply Team
    Approved United Dutch Space Travelers United Dutch Space Travelers
    Approved Olympus Trading Corporation Olympus Trading Corp
    Approved Wolfram Private Security Firm Wolfram Security
    Approved Oddyssey Explorers Oddyssey Explorers
    Approved Acquisitions Incorporated Council of Lords
    Approved Ocellus Interstellar Ocellus Interstellar Corporation
    Approved Raging Locke and Arburich Co We Got This Corp
    Approved The Camori Collective The Camori Collective
    Approved Rhatigan Industries Rhatigan Industries
    Approved Aetas Eternum Aetas Eternum
    Approved Best Worst Team People's Dictatorships Union
    Approved The Funky Purple Wizards The Funky Purple Wizards
    Approved Black Rebellion Empire Wing Black Rebellion Empire Wing
    Approved Elite Orange Cross Elite Orange Cross
    Approved Bhutas Hunters Bhutas Hunters
    Approved Planetary Exploration and Resource recovery Corp Exploration and Resource recovery Corp
    Approved Violet's Fortune The Lightwave Initiative
    Approved Shadow Syndicate Shadow Syndicate
    Approved Exploration and Science Initiative Exploration and Science Initiative
    Approved Cosmohounds Cosmohounds
    Approved Imperial Pathfinders Crimson Pathfinders of Achenar
    Approved Cvel Group Independent Tactical Force
    Approved White Owl Void Monastery
    Approved Mandioka Squad Mandioka Squad
    Approved Blizzard Elite Geni United Industries
    Approved Granite Security Agency Granite Security Agency
    Approved West Leeds Yacht Club West Leeds Yacht Club
    Approved Strata Space Program Strata Space Program
    Approved CYPHEROPTICS INC Cypheroptics Inc
    Approved Money or Blood Money or Blood
    Approved Spectrum of Justice Spectrum of Justice
    Approved Imperial Army 47th Imperial Expeditionary Force
    Approved Barbera Crew Barbera Crew
    Approved Clan Vikingos Jakobsland Galactic Group
    Approved Black Aurora Black Aurora Corporation
    Approved Imperial International Elite Pilots Union Imperial International Elite Pilots Union
    Approved Federal Armada Federal Armada
    Approved Quisquilious Quisquilious Starlight Co
    Approved Luockhund Conglomerate Luockhund Conglomerate
    Approved The Perin Initiative Perin Initiative
    Approved Privateersman Corps Freelancers' Union
    Approved Black Hole Inc Black Hole inc
    Approved Radiant Incorporated Radiant Incorporated
    Approved Inara Inara Nexus
    Approved Squid Squad The Great Teuthida Movement
    Approved Raijin Corporation Raijin Corporation
    Approved 3a Flota de Intervencion Federal Tharsis Corporation
    Approved Contagion Confederation Contagion Confederation
    Approved Lunokhod Conglomerate Lunokhod Conglomerate
    Approved Ross Councillum Ross Councillum
    Approved Polevnic Justice Party Polevnic Justice Party
    Approved BROs Elite BROs Elite
    Approved Dominion Emeritus Dominion Emeritus
    Approved Elite Illusion Fleet Verucas Merchant Enterprise
    Approved Federal Dolphins group Federal Dolphins
    Approved Evangeline's Angels Evangeline's Elite Expeditionary Force
    Approved Ministry of Re-Education Ministry of Re-Education
    Approved Nemo Corporation Nemo Corporation
    Approved Bubble Opportunists The Bubble Collective
    Approved EliteESP Spanish Pilots Society
    Approved New Castile New Castile
    Approved Rogue Commanders Republic of Rogue Commanders
    Approved Mecklenburg Corp - Trading and Travel Mecklenburg Corp - Trading and Travel
    Approved Newton's Gambit Newton's Gambit
    Approved DeadCowsDontMoo Lux Eternalis Research and Defense
    Approved Screwdriver Studios LHS 20 Engineers
    Approved Cerasus Cerasus Secirity Forces
    Approved Bounty Hunters' Guild Bounty Hunters' Guild
    Approved North Wall Alliance Embassy North Wall Alliance Embassy
    Approved Classified Consolidated Classified Consolidated
    Approved Derrim Brown Party Derrim Brown Party
    Approved Novingo Enterprise Foyama Novingo Startourism
    Approved Mercenarios Corp Mercenarios Corp
    Approved Pilots Ascension Program Pilots Ascension Program
    Approved The Nexus Union Nexus Union
    Approved The Sigil The Sigil
    Approved Winebergs Honor Winebergs Legacy
    Approved Blood Ravens Raven and Wolf Company of CD-70 1960
    Approved Peregrina Research and Intelligence Agency Peregrina Research and Intelligence Agency
    Approved Sons of Black Star Terra Formations Industries
    Approved Federal Legion Federal Legion
    Approved EPIC - Excellence Proven In Combat Excellence Proven In Combat
    Approved Royal Praetorian Guard Royal Praetorian Guard
    Approved Hell Razor Demons Black Demon Cartel
    Approved Ryders of the Void Ryders of the Void
    Approved Independant Consultants Group Independant Consultants Group
    Approved G-CLAN G-CLAN
    Approved JGTeam Rising Brigade
    Approved Elitach multipurose forces Orange society
    Approved Posse Space Empire People's Republic of Posse
    Approved Egovi Union Egovi Union
    Approved The Forge The Forge
    Approved Parallax Stellar Dynamics Parallax Stellar Dynamics
    Approved Black Lotus Black Lotus
    Approved DRTY Company DRTY Company
    Approved Coalition of Mercenaries in Independence CMI
    Approved Dark Phoenix Corporation Dark Phoenix Corporation
    Approved Lux Viator Lux Viator
    Approved Serktome Imperium Flotilla The Basking Imperium Conglomerate
    Approved Mando'ade Mando'ade of Subra
    Approved Black Rock Black Rock Military
    Approved 3rd Independent Fleet Third Independent Fleet
    Approved Dark Angels Dark Angels of Aurus
    Approved Stargazer Pioneer Corps Stargazer Pioneer Corps
    Approved Virtuous Phalanx Virtuous Phalanx
    Approved The Diggers Invictus Diggers Invictus
    Approved Mould Federal Mining and Private Security Mould Federal Mining Incorporated
    Approved Space vans ltd space vans limited
    Approved Imperial Pilots Union Imperial Pilots Union
    Approved The Federal Frontier PMC Initiative The Federal Frontier PMC Initiative
    Approved The Borderlands Republic The Borderlands Republic
    Approved Tomcat Avionics Tomcat Avionics
    Approved The Fireflies The Fireflies
    Approved Confusive Elite Fighters ConfusiveElite Co
    Approved Aurora Corp Aurora Security
    Approved Cvel Crew Federal Tactical Force
    Approved Empire Consulate Ltd Empire Consulate Ltd
    Approved The Wolfpack of Balance The Wolfpack of Balance
    Approved Dagger Legion Dagger Legion
    Approved Jeykel's engineers Jeykel Performance Division
    Approved The Errantry Alliance Errantry Alliance of Narvert
    Approved Black Lotus Black Lotus
    Approved Seekers of Mammon Seekers of Mammon
    Approved DarkFire DarkFire Corporation
    Approved Cosmic Caretakers Cosmic Caretakers
    Approved Imperial Vanguard Imperial Vanguard
    Approved First Contact Defence Initiative First Contact Defence Initiative
    Approved Enforcers of Pain Crimson Guard
    Approved Teeberias Squad Union of Feuma Resistance
    Approved Cygnus Research Group Cygnus Research Group
    Approved TerraLight Industries TerraLight Industries
    Approved Imperial Iron Wings Imperial Iron Wings Operations
    Approved Aegean Pirates Incorporated Aegean Pirates Inc
    Approved Imperial Navy Australia Imperial Navy Australia
    Approved Moritasgus Imperial Corporation Moritasgus Imperial Corporation
    Approved The Black Flag Mafia of Dread
    Approved CvelCrew Federal Tactical Force
    Approved Toledo Tuesday's Gaming Club Jesse Exploration and Travel Co
    Approved Izumo Heavy Industries Ltd Izumo Heavy Industries Ltd
    Approved Septum Industries Septum Industries
    Approved United Citizen Federation United Citizen Federation
    Approved Raxxla Research Raxxla Research
    Approved The Order of the Frozen Light The Order of the Frozen Light
    Approved Five Points Syndicate Five Points Syndicate
    Approved Hawks of Rahu Hawks of Rahu
    Approved Hong Kong Cavaliers Hong Kong Cavaliers
    Approved Federal Republican Command Federal Republican Guard
    Approved 48 Turtles 48 Turtles
    Approved Void Cultists Cult of the Void
    Approved Knights of Balance Knights of Balance
    Approved Praetorian PMC Praetorian PMC
    Approved Team Rocket Team Rocket
    Approved War Pigs War Pigs
    Approved Virudnir InterSolar Ltd Virudnir InterSolar Ltd
    Approved Widdershins Runners Rajukru Widdershinners
    Approved Almad Adventure Gang Almad Adventure Gang
    Approved Phalanx Empire League Phalanx Empire League
    approved Aeipoetue Meritocracy Aeipoetue Meritocracy
    Approved Able Company Ltd Able Company Ltd
    Approved Creed of Valhalla Creed of Valhalla
    Approved German War Gaming German War Gaming
    Approved Panacea of the Princess Panacea of the Princess
    Approved Darkwater Authority Darkwater Authority
    Approved The Knights of Commerce The Knights of Commerce
    Approved Newton's Fusiliers Newton's Fusiliers
    Approved The United Terran Republic Command The Terran Enclave

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    As a friendly request, please refrain from PM'ing me for the time being inquiring about the status of your minor faction if you do or do not see it on the list above.

    I'll be in contact with the ones that were rejected / not on the list above as soon as i can be. This is by far the largest batch for Elite Dangerous that i've had to work with; so have had to take a different approach in all of this.

    Thanks for understanding.

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    The following factions have been...

    1) added [or]
    2) updated/refreshed [or]
    3) edited.

    You may not immediately see your minor faction show up in the game as of this post, or for up to 72 hours after this post.

    If you do not see your minor faction listed below, please - do not contact me, i will contact you via email.

    • Alvastra Alliance
    • The Sanctum Accord
    • Fatal Shadows
    • Black Hand of Orion
    • The Roughnecks
    • Penniless Trading Co
    • Archons Wolves
    • Astralis Industries
    • Ouroboros Holdings Corps
    • Intergalactic Fighter Ferret Force
    • Order Of The Transcendent
    • Spacecare
    • Gato Confederacy
    • SIA Community
    • Fortunes Corsairs
    • Occitania Pioneers
    • Enigma Imperial Holdings
    • The Bureau of the Bureau of Selkit Bureau
    • New Dark Cold
    • Black Heart Crew
    • Biowaste Extraction And Supply Team
    • United Dutch Space Travelers
    • Olympus Trading Corp
    • Wolfram Security
    • Oddyssey Explorers
    • Council of Lords
    • Ocellus Interstellar Corporation
    • The Camori Collective
    • Rhatigan Industries
    • People's Dictatorships Union
    • The Funky Purple Wizards
    • Black Rebellion Empire Wing
    • Elite Orange Cross
    • Bhutas Hunters
    • Exploration and Resource recovery Corp
    • The Lightwave Initiative
    • Cosmohounds
    • Crimson Pathfinders of Achenar
    • Independent Tactical Force
    • Void Monastery
    • Mandioka Squad
    • Geni United Industries
    • Granite Security Agency
    • West Leeds Yacht Club
    • Strata Space Program
    • Cypheroptics Inc
    • Money or Blood
    • Spectrum of Justice
    • 47th Imperial Expeditionary Force
    • Barbera Crew
    • Jakobsland Galactic Group
    • Black Aurora Corporation
    • Imperial International Elite Pilots Union
    • Federal Armada
    • Quisquilious Starlight Co
    • Luockhund Conglomerate
    • Perin Initiative
    • Freelancers' Union
    • Radiant Incorporated
    • Inara Nexus
    • The Great Teuthida Movement
    • Raijin Corporation
    • Tharsis Corporation
    • Contagion Confederation
    • Lunokhod Conglomerate
    • BROs Elite
    • Dominion Emeritus
    • Verucas Merchant Enterprise
    • Evangeline's Elite Expeditionary Force
    • Ministry of Re-Education
    • Nemo Corporation
    • The Bubble Collective
    • Spanish Pilots Society
    • New Castile
    • Republic of Rogue Commanders
    • Mecklenburg Corp - Trading and Travel
    • Newton's Gambit
    • Lux Eternalis Research and Defense
    • Cerasus Secirity Forces
    • Bounty Hunters' Guild
    • North Wall Alliance Embassy
    • Classified Consolidated
    • Derrim Brown Party
    • Mercenarios Corp
    • Pilots Ascension Program
    • Nexus Union
    • Winebergs Legacy
    • Raven and Wolf Company of CD-70 1960
    • Terra Formations Industries
    • Federal Legion
    • Excellence Proven In Combat
    • Royal Praetorian Guard
    • Black Demon Cartel
    • Ryders of the Void
    • Independant Consultants Group
    • G-CLAN
    • Rising Brigade
    • Orange society
    • People's Republic of Posse
    • The Forge
    • Parallax Stellar Dynamics
    • DRTY Company
    • Dark Phoenix Corporation
    • The Basking Imperium Conglomerate
    • Mando'ade of Subra
    • Black Rock Military
    • Third Independent Fleet
    • Dark Angels of Aurus
    • Stargazer Pioneer Corps
    • Virtuous Phalanx
    • Diggers Invictus
    • Mould Federal Mining Incorporated
    • space vans limited
    • Imperial Pilots Union
    • The Federal Frontier PMC Initiative
    • The Borderlands Republic
    • Tomcat Avionics
    • The Fireflies
    • ConfusiveElite Co
    • Aurora Security
    • Federal Tactical Force
    • Empire Consulate Ltd
    • The Wolfpack of Balance
    • Dagger Legion
    • Jeykel Performance Division
    • Errantry Alliance of Narvert
    • Seekers of Mammon
    • DarkFire Corporation
    • Cosmic Caretakers
    • First Contact Defence Initiative
    • Crimson Guard
    • TerraLight Industries
    • Imperial Iron Wings Operations
    • Aegean Pirates Inc
    • Imperial Navy Australia
    • Moritasgus Imperial Corporation
    • Federal Tactical Force
    • Jesse Exploration and Travel Co
    • Izumo Heavy Industries Ltd
    • Septum Industries
    • United Citizen Federation
    • Raxxla Research
    • The Order of the Frozen Light
    • Five Points Syndicate
    • Hawks of Rahu
    • Hong Kong Cavaliers
    • Federal Republican Guard
    • 48 Turtles
    • Cult of the Void
    • Knights of Balance
    • Praetorian PMC
    • Team Rocket
    • War Pigs
    • Virudnir InterSolar Ltd
    • Rajukru Widdershinners
    • Almad Adventure Gang
    • Phalanx Empire League
    • Aeipoetue Meritocracy
    • Able Company Ltd
    • Creed of Valhalla
    • German War Gaming
    • Panacea of the Princess
    • Darkwater Authority
    • The Knights of Commerce
    • The Terran Enclave

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    After quite a few complaints and questions raised this past week and a half... we're currently doing a recheck of a previous batch that may not have made it fully into the world of Elite.

    If your minor faction application was between Late December 2016 and March 2017 - this is the batch that is being reviewed and added to Elite. With that being said, i've put my email correspondences on hold for the rejected factions until this is completed.

    Once this is completed, will begin work on the up-to-August 2017 batch.

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    Next update on a re-pass of the July (and earlier) batches have been scheduled for around the 24th of July. Once this completes, the August batch will be tagged into the list.

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    Many more minor factions added today.

    Will have a list tomorrow. Working on the July batch this week.

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