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Thread: Finding Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites - Haz RES

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    Originally Posted by AstroRetro View Post (Source)
    Nice High Tech Federation bounty hunting system that is ALD controlled with scoopable star

    Mazahuanses > Mazahuanses 3 > Messerschmid Orbital (Coriolis) orbits Mazahuanses 3 B just a few Ls away with full RRR and comprehensive outfitting.

    Added to the list.

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    List updated, added some haz RES near Maia.

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    How did I not know this thread existed? Fantastic work mr.Ge3y. Thanks

    [Remember Wheaton's Law.]

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    Thx! But I'm just adding stuff CMDRs find, plus my sightings.

    Big rep to CapitanAceR for processing this list in his great website:

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