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Thread: [Information] FleetComm

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    [Information] FleetComm

    FleetComm (Discord) :

    Created during the Distant Worlds 3302 Expedition, FleetComm is a Discord Server dedicated to exploration. Over 700 explorers now use this service to meet other like-minded players, discuss up coming expeditions, and pitch new ideas for future exploration-related events. The primary mode of communication is text based, but voice channels are readily available as well for those who prefer them.

    Joining FleetComm is easy, just click this link and request access : FleetComm Access

    Discord is web-based, so there are no third party apps to download.

    As part of FleetComm, members can also apply to join Kamzel group if they wish. This private in-game group is the primary group used during the Distant Worlds expedition and currently has 800 members. It is to be used as a purely exploration-oriented group only, and follows the Mobius ruleset, so PvP is strictly forbidden. Treat everyone you meet in Kamzel group as an ally and fellow fleet member. It is politically neutral so opposing faction members need to keep their political ideologies out of this particular group when using it. Once removed form Kamzel for whatever reason, the CMDR will be blocked from all future events that use it and there will be no invites back, ever, so please respect its simple non-aggression rule.

    If you would like to join Kamzel group you will need to PM "Erimus Kamzel" when in FleetComm (Discord), stating your Frontier forum name and CMDR name.

    FleetComm will be the official fleet communications network used for all future Distant Worlds related events, as well as many other expeditions set up and ran by other exploration groups who would like to use it too. Along with the original DW channels, there are now channels dedicated to the following expeditions on there (with more to come).

    1. The Formidine Rift Mystery
    2. The Crab Nebula Expedition
    3. The Sagittarius-Carina Mission

    For more information on these and future events, check out the Expedition Hub.

    Quohen Leth has designed a FleetComm logo with several variations, and a poll is now open for the community to vote on the one they prefer.

    The avatar-size of the logo will be a simpler version of the rich version ; so the logo will continue to look good once reduced in size.

    Here are the 5 variations to choose from :

    1 :
    2 :
    3 :
    4 :
    5 :

    The poll will remain open until 18th April.

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    "Est. April 3302" can't be accurate.
    I assume Fleetcom dates back a number of months earlier.

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    Originally Posted by Jastebro View Post (Source)
    "Est. April 3302" can't be accurate.
    I assume Fleetcom dates back a number of months earlier.
    The server went up in December purely for Distant Worlds, but now that DW is winding down, the server is incorporating many other expeditions and inviting exploration groups to use it too. The community that DW created on there is thriving so instead of closing it down it was decided to expand it to become something the exploration forum community has often lacked, a quick and convenient communication hub linking everyone who uses it together.

    So FleetComm was technically born on April 10th 3302, the day after it stopped being a solely Distant Worlds Expedition comms network.

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    Haha. Poll closes on 18th of April, that's my birthday

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    Would be nice to have an option where the curve looks more like the silhouette of a radar dish. I have no graphical skills so can't even mock anything up, just thinking out loud.

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    Whilst I normally a big fan of Qohen's work, I have to be honest, Im just not quite feeling it on this one.


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    Like the 4th most, nice Balance between blue and orange, the 5th does have a very nice Touch to it with the incorporated Rocket, do you think you could combine those 2 somehow or add more orange to the 5th?

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    1 and 4, but I would like to see more logo contests with other CMDRs ideas. Like the contest for the distant worlds logo.

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    I like #5 because the twin tails remind me of the spiral arms we travel though.

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    They're all very nice, but also very similar. Even though we may decide on one of these, it would be nice to see some suggestions a bit less similar.

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    I agree, they are very similar, so its hard to pick one over another. I would have liked images of the Asp/Anaconda in there somewhere, since they are our tool of choice for the most part.

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    as i said on Discord I think there's to much emphasis on the lettering and not enough symbolism. Love your stuff Qohen, but this time it's a bit too.... Literal?

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    Quick hop as I'm at work right now.

    I get your concerns!

    Adding a bit of clarity. It's a 'commercial logo', not a mission patch. Hence, it cannot look the same. It has to be easily moddable for various uses (including being simplified for small versions). And as FC has yet to make a name for itself, I think information matters more than symbols. I assume some of you might have expected a graphic at the center, and the text below, and/or at least a background (this here background being only there for readability purposes, since there are various possible backgrounds on the forum).

    That being said, I can always mod it later, once we've settled on one Keep giving me feedback.

    Edit : no FD assets because copyright. The orange is ED's though.

    I know, mission patches are funnier

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    4! 4! 4!

    Love it.

    My only complaint ... where can I order a patch???

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