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Thread: The Dangerous Games: The Rise to Power!

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    The Dangerous Games: The Rise to Power!

    UPDATED 18/04/16

    Greetings Commanders,

    For almost a year now, the Pilots Federation have been processing requests and applications from brave groups of pilots who have wished to establish their own factions throughout populated space.

    We've seen fleets of Commanders supporting their faction. Some factions have suffered at the hands of others and some have expanded and grown considerably over time.

    Across the galaxy there are many powerful leaders fighting for control, power and glory. But these leaders are not infallible. For a while now some of the most sizable factions have been gaining power and influence and will soon be contesting to be recognized as a power within the galaxy themselves.

    I'm extremely delighted to be able to inform you about some upcoming activities relating directly to groups and factions which will allow groups to be able to make their mark in history as we approach an event we call "The Dangerous Games".

    The top five factions based on a mix of factors such as their expansion and influence will be competing against each other for the incredible honour of becoming the first ever player-created power in game! We’ve taken the top five player factions as they currently stand and these groups have already qualified for the event.

    What's more, we’ll be opening up invitations for one lucky wildcard entry to join the other five as they go head to head. So make sure you carefully read through the details below as they explain exactly how The Dangerous Games will work and how your group can apply to be the wildcard entry.

    The Rise to Power

    The Dangerous Games: Rise to Power will be held across four weeks. Each week will have a new type of CG (Community Goal) that the competing groups will all take part in. For example, one week could be a trade CG and the next could be mining. There will be a CG for each competing group and their task is to ensure that the CG is completed or at a high tier than their competitors. Groups will be ranked each week and given points based on where they were placed for each CG. At the end of the four weeks one group will emerge victorious.

    Everyone can get involved by either supporting or competing against any individual group or CG they wish. This means that every faction should be looking to gain support and favour with other Elite Dangerous Commanders and forge alliances to support their Rise to Power.

    The Rise to Power four-week-long event is due to start on the 30th June 2016. Factions will not be made aware of the type of CG, system or any other information before the event goes live.

    The five factions who have qualified for this event are as follows (In no perticular order)

    Border Coalition [BC] (qualified faction - Dukes of Mikunn)
    Social Eleu Progressive Party [SEPP]
    Interstellar Communist Union [ICU]
    Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps [AEDC]
    GalCop (qualified faction - Diamond Frogs)


    There is room for one final group to participate in the final event. As a wildcard or people’s choice, this faction will have earned their place in The Dangerous Games through their ability to rally Commanders to their cause.

    In order to ensure there is a smooth running of the main event, we will be holding a The Dangerous Games: Wildcard event after the Horizons 2.1 beta. Five factions will compete in the Wildcard event. (see below for further details). During the beta there will be an opportunity for groups to get ready through various story writing, lore, combat zones in beta and more as we prepare for the wildcard event.

    We are expecting the Wildcard games to start on the in early June and continue for a smaller number of weeks than the main event. They will run in the same format the main event will run above.

    But how do I register my faction as a wildcard?

    Groups who have a faction in game which has expanded at least once will be eligible to put their name forward. Groups must email with the subject line The Dangerous Games: Wildcard to be considered. Please include the name of your faction and please send it from the group representative that was given when the group first registered.

    All the registered groups will be added as a poll for the community to pledge to (Vote on). The top five groups will then go through to The Dangerous Games: Wildcard event and will compete for a chance to play in the Rise to Power and try to claim the glory of becoming the first ever player-created power in game!

    We're looking forward to seeing all the groups campaigning for votes and support. Remember to get as involved in the community as possible. We will be highlighting groups through spotlights, campaign posters, livestream interviews and more.

    If you haven't yet been able to register your faction or expand that faction don't worry. There are always ample opportunities for strong factions to force their way into power, and more events will be coming in the future. For now though, get involved by offering your services and your Commanders to the highest bidder, or the group who best aligns with your group’s values!

    Good luck Commanders!


    The Dangerous Games - Pledges
    The following groups have valiantly put their name forward for The Dangerous Games: Wildcard. They will go through a vote process to determin the top 5 groups. The groups who have put themselves forward so far (still pending checks that they have met the entry requirements) are..

    Achenar Immortals Coalition
    Black Birds Squadron
    The Imperial Inquisition
    Battle Vortex
    Planet Express
    Adle's Armada Coalition
    Black Omega
    EG Pilots
    Wolves of Jonai
    United German Commanders Coalition - Name TBC
    Pileus Libertas

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    Very interesting!

    Best of luck Commanders!

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    This time it's personal !
    Good luck to everybody involved. There very well may be some broken or badly worn out sticks after this battle.

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    Once we work out what our name is, we will definitely enter this

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    This looks like fun. Interesting to see how it all pans out.

    Incidentally, who are the top 5 factions at the moment?

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    Originally Posted by Zulu Romeo View Post (Source)
    Incidentally, who are the top 5 factions at the moment?
    That is indeed the pertinent question....

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    Originally Posted by Zulu Romeo View Post (Source)
    This looks like fun. Interesting to see how it all pans out.

    Incidentally, who are the top 5 factions at the moment?
    They are being contacted right now to make sure they are happy to take on the challenge of the games. If they don't with to the next highest will be named.

    The groups have already been selected based on their current standings.

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    Things just got very interesting indeed.

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    Black Birds are ready to dominate the galaxy

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    Dangerous Global Moderator Nicou's Avatar
    Aw yiss!
    I'm sure the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps will be glad! =D

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    Drunks of Sol will sit back, crack open beers, and let everyone else do all the hard work

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    The Imperial Inquisition aka the group that lost their own home system of Brestla ?

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    Question regarding power status:

    Specifically how will it work? say the group has a home base that is located within the power of someone they would consider an ally, or other way around? what happens with the territory of the power that drops?

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    Will the competing community goals be identical? I.e. same task, same system? Because even such seemingly minor details as a different location can have massive impacts on player participation. For example if travel time is too long, people will choose the CG where they spend less time jumping around or in supercruise. Or if one CG is bounty hunting in a system with HAZRES, the other is smuggling, bounty hunting is far more likely to come out ahead. Yet make it bounty hunting with no RES in the system, and good luck finding enough people for more than the starting tiers.

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    I would remove any reward from these Power CG's it should be based on the value of interest and support each can generate in addition blockading should be monitored as that should be taken into account. After all you guys have said Power Play In Open is of a higher risk so surely something to create a power should be looked at in the same mind.

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