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Thread: [GUIDE] Posting images to the forum

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    Post [GUIDE] Posting images to the forum

    Recently changes were made to the forum, disabling the ability to upload images directly to Frontier servers.

    This is a quick guide for those struggling to post images here.

    Firstly get yourself either or

    Both of these apps provide hotkeys for grabbing screens/windows/regions and then automatically upload them to an online repository.

    puush is very simple, ShareX is just plain amazing, offering many other options above and beyond puush.

    puush will require that you create a free account for your image storage.

    Once you have decided which app you are going to use, install it, and use the corresponding hotkey for grabbing your screenshot.

    Default hotkeys for full screen shot:

    Puush = Capture Current Window (CTRL+SHIFT+2)

    ShareX = Capture Active Window (ALT+PrtScn)

    A short while after you have grabbed your screenshot you should hear a notification alerting you that the image has been uploaded.
    Both apps will also put the link to the image directly into your clipboard for easy pasting.

    Now you are ready to make your post.

    Create your thread or reply (I usually click on Go Advanced once I have started a thread/reply, as this gives you a Preview Post option)

    When you are ready to insert your image, click on Insert Image as normal.

    When the input box comes up, click From URL

    Now paste the URL held in your windows clipboard into the URL box, using CTRL+V, then click OK.

    You should now have a line of code in your post that looks like this:

    HTML Code:

    Finish off your post, then click Preview Post to check that everything shows as it should.

    If you are happy with the preview you can click submit and you're done

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    Nice. I can not upload any images (beyond odd) so may try this approach.

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    +1 to the Op for this initiative

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    If you get shareX, be sure to link shareX to your account and assigned it to a album on imgur. You'll need to manually create an album on when logged in over there.

    Right click the shareX icon, and go to the following...

    When the window opens up, you'll have this...

    Make sure the account type is set to user from the drop down. Then on the steps, follow thru with the buttons (step 1 and step 2).

    Once that has been set up, on the right side of the window pane you'll have a checkbox at the top called "Upload images to selected album". Check it, click refresh album list, select the album that you want to associate your shareX uploads to. Close the window. That part is now complete!

    The final item is if you want to automatically copy the URL into your machines clipboard...

    Right click the ShareX icon... make sure the following section is checked...

    Once that is set, go to the following menu and ensure the following is checked...

    So now when you go to take a screenshot, it 1) uploads it to, 2) ShareX will assign the image to an album that you've set, 3) copy the image URL from imgur to your clipboard.

    Automation at its finest!

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    Posting images from Imgur:

    1. Upload the SS you want to Imgur. If you don't want to get downvoted on the site, don't publish so everyone can see it.
    2. Hover your cursor over your name and choose Images.
    3. Pic the picture you want to post here and click on it. It will pop up and a list of codes will appear on the right hand side of the picture.
    4. Copy the BBCode.
    5. Make your post here and click on the Spoiler! button. You can use the BBCode directly in the post if you want it to show up without the Spoiler hiding it.
    6. Copy the code in between the two .
    7. Click on the Preview button to make sure everything is correct of just hit the Save button.

    *POOF!* You have just posted and image!

    * You use the Spoiler button to make it easier to load the page. Lots of images will cause the page to load very slowly.