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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    "Nowhere near as bad as the rest"? I'll take any compliments going. Thanks.

    And I'll repay that compliment by telling you how good yer Drabble is, but could you think of a title for it? Or might be tempted to call it "Thought I'd Get It In First This Week"

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    I might write a 2nd drabble with that title? LOL!
    Stupid font... I managed to put the title in black, which shows up really well against a black background - D'oh!

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    Show Off

    A sunbeam broke through the clouds and sparkled on the water beside the harbour, an idyllic spot for friends to meet.

    "What d'ya think Keith will turn up in this time?"

    "That Krait he restored was something special. Polished up a treat, better than when she first left the showroom."

    Bill looked up. All he could see were clouds. "I reckon it'll be something fast. Keith does like his dramatic entrances."

    They turned towards the deafening hiss of bubbling steam, and watched as the glittering waves parted to reveal the top of a spaceship, which slowly rose from the water.

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    'Nowhere near as bad as the rest' is a compliment devoutly to be missed.

    No wonder open is empty,everyones off chasing thargs or busy running away,tails in flames.whoosh.Oh no,another interdiction,another evasion.This guy is persistent,i'll give him that,thats the fourth time in the last hour.Well,five,if you count the time he jumped you at the salvage site.
    Sucker must be getting hot running round with all that armour.Hmm,twin suns with a hard brake might cook him,goose.
    Dang,boy,but you're still wet behind the ears.Swivel.
    <Interdiction evasion successful.>
    Damn mission givers! might have given better directions than just'somewhere over there'.

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    01 - Fletchmo - Dreams Of The Rich and Famous…
    02 - Frank - Show Off
    03 - phong - 'Nowhere near as bad as the rest' is a compliment devoutley to be missed.

    Come on people... focus

    You've got Drabbles to write

    I'm going to turn my back until around 11:00 tonight, and when I turn back around I expect to see a full compliment of 20 Drabbles posted on this thread.

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    Title:-A trip to Thargoid space.

    Henry and Charlie was going to a place never visited before.
    They powered up there frame shift drive and started out.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint Scan, Waypoint scan Scoop.
    Waypoint scan, then they got Add to dictionary.
    It was the Thargoid's

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    Send the bawbag back.....

    Psykokow struggled with his box.

    'Get back in there ya......' he mumbled
    'Whatcha got there?' Simoof came in sucking on a frozen snake.
    'It's that stupid food printer. I'm returning it to galazon. I asked it for a ham hock in gin and look what it gave me...
    'That must be 12 inches long covered in marmalade, not seen one like that since that encounter in Dongkum.'
    'Stupid thing can't understand basic commands, i told it to cook my steak rare.. I got a sirloin full of holes in a white sauce'
    'You don't think it's our accent do you?'

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    Time for a career change

    I want a refund.
    A what?
    A refund.
    I'm sorry the boss says we never give refunds.
    You have to. It's still under warranty.
    That is true. But looking at it you seem to have damaged it.
    Not me. I was just scooping a rescue pod when some bloody great green thing did that.
    Yes, but the damage looks extensive and you were in charge at the time.
    But I am finished with it.
    Still, we cannot give refunds. Perhaps a credit towards a new Cobra.
    Look, Just keep it. After what I saw, I am taking a job planetside.

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    Beware who you let in to your ship!

    Midden sucks.
    There's always one! thought Buck to himself. "So whats wrong with this ship?"
    "It's the fighters." Cmdr Eidlewuss moaned, "They just keep exploding instantly. One of them looked like it was ok but it didn't seem to have brakes. Just smashed right into a Thargoids arsehole!"
    Buck looked through the logs. "I can tell you the problem has nothing to do with you ship! Look - its a PI UFI"
    "A Pie Oofee?? What the behorangejesus is that?"
    "Psykokow Is a Useless Fkn Idiot"
    Eidlewuss pondered for a few minutes. "You know what? I think I knew that already."

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    What Does Reet Earn? (Get the shun command ready everyone)

    "Our Reeta got a job."
    "Oh yeah? doing what?"
    "She's a scrubber now."
    "A scrubber?"
    "Yeah a scrubber."
    "I were a scrubber too when I left the station's school for the masses."
    "You were in them schools as well?"
    "I were."
    "I were a bogger too."
    "Hehe, "Bog Standard" eh?"
    "So what was it like? Being a scrubber?"
    "It were alright. Mustn't grumble. What'd you do after being a bogger then?"
    "I were a mucka."
    "A "mucka"?"
    "Yeah as in "Awight me ol mucka"."
    "What's a mucka do?"
    "You know when you flush the bog?"
    "OH ... I'd always wondered."

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    'Fot the benefit of mr kite,there will be a drone tonight in Lankyshire.pom pom pom pompom.'The commander hummed along to his classical music mix tape,a gift from deidre,one of the chorus line up.
    He'd been shuttling in goods and services all week in preparation for the gala premiere.One last delivery of deperately needed alcoholic beverages for the Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance before the station went into total lockdown.
    He dropped gently onto the landing pad.
    'Oh yes, baby, I'm back.' he said in his best mock hero voice.'And this time,i'm loaded for bar.'

    Substitution - can use the old title tho.thanks.

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    Plus ça change...

    The room stank of vomit, stasis rations been kind to neither his body or soul in this low-gravity hellhole.

    They dragged him from the cell, manacles skittering across the metal floor behind.Rough hands strapped him to the chair and pushed cannulas into his veins.

    Stimulants flowed and the world came into focus, his brain's higher functions kicked in, old thoughts, old memories flooded his head.


    “We're called Aegis these days Commander Turner. There is need of your services,” the voice came from the walls, a flower-shaped hologram from the floor. His jaw clenched

    “I said they'd be back”

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    Don't You, Forget About Me; I'm T.E.D.

    "I'm TED", the tall man said through unfamiliar lips.

    "What brings you to our Imperial jewel?" asked the stony-faced immigration agent.

    TED scanned the glass holding in the station's precious atmosphere, its view revealing a beautiful terraformed planet. TED felt rage. "A refugee passenger shuttle" TED answered truthfully.

    The piercing stare got TED's attention. "How long you staying?" demanded the agent.

    "Two weeks" TED answered.

    "Are you carrying any produce?"

    "Two weeks"


    "Twooo weeeeekssss"

    Purposefully TED ripped the agent's throat. Someone screamed. Another got decapitated. Guns fired, siren's wailed. "Why!?", cried a dying woman, "You murderer!".

    "You're the murderers".