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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    It burned like fire, This burning desire

    'It's not what it looks like' Simoof panicked as he splashed the last of the Häagen-Dazs over his scrotumberries
    'Why are you teabagging the Ice cream?' Psykokow questioned.
    'It's that damn co-pilots chair ever since we had that Midden in here I've been scratching like a 90's DJ with parkinson's'
    'Doesn't explain you vanilaring ya nuts, if you stick a flake in, i'm not talking to you ever again'
    'I accidently used Voot hair removal instead of the anti-crab lotion, 5 mins later my nuts are like a class A star
    'Hence the ice-cream'
    'Hence the course set for iceteroids..'

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    Ghonnacyphaherpalaids - Cmdr Pseudonym

    'ghonnacyphaherpalaids' said the nurse again. 'You've caught ghonnacyphaherpalaids. Have you been outside of Dongkum in the last 30 days'
    'Can't say I have'
    'hmm well everything has turned oozy and green, we can try the dongkum healing cream but it looks too far gone'
    'too far gone? what does this mean?'
    'it means that if it doesn't get patched, your willy will fall off, you must remain calm at all times, NO RAGE...'
    'oh i love patches!' said Skiprat 'I've heard a lot of good things about sunshine and rainbows coming my way' and he skipped off merrily

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    Customs at Barnard’s Star had slipped since the shock arrival of the Hutton Truckers to the political scene… though the increase of mug trade pleased David greatly.
    Finn stared at the photo id card, and looked at the passenger, then the photo again.
    “yeah I probably think I should get that photo updated.. I’ve change a bit since then”
    “A bit?”
    “Gender mostly, yes but the form doesn’t suit my situation”
    “and Species” Finn pointed at the passenger’s extra limbs
    “aah yes… the passport forms don’t allow you to tick thargoid”
    Finns eye’s widened, “I see….”
    The red phone rang.

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    01 - cleonymus - Another mystery
    02 - Frank - Snowglobe
    03 - phong - Frood grorious frood
    04 - Futuristic Kung Fu - In the Rings
    05 - RoyalHankey - Beware of shop keeper that bare rare gifts.
    06 - Edith_The_Hutt - Snowball's Treasure
    07 - IndigoWyrd - Loss
    08 - Fletchmo - Major General Nocti’s Revenge
    09 - Listeri69 - It burned like fire, This burning desire
    10 - Cmdr Pseudonym - Ghonnacyphaherpalaids
    11 - psykokow - Moofgoid

    You now have four (4) hours to post your Drabbles onto this thread before I call an end to submissions for this week

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    Same Two Guys That I Wrote A Conversation About Two Weeks Ago Are Still Talking ....

    I see rings
    You don't see rings, you hear them
    No not those rings, rings rings
    Who's there?
    Don't be silly, I see rings
    How many?
    No, don't be silly
    So you see rings?
    Yes they're moving into attack formation
    Wait ... how many???
    Five, I told you
    How many in each ring?
    So you see five WINGS of ships, and they're about to attack us
    No, they ARE attacking us
    Any damage?
    No engineering is fine ... BANG! ... wait we have a coolant leak
    A coolant leak?
    And some internal structural damage
    What do you see?
    Icy rings.

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    Heart of Ice

    No one goes to ice rings for the view. From a distance they just look like any other ring, inside they just look cold, The big money is in the diamonds. The way things work is that the miners collect the ice, pirates try to steal the ice and bounty hunters and security try to ice the pirates.
    Then there are people like me. Some call us opportunists, scavengers or vultures. That's just the polite terms, I've heard worse. No one likes us much, but we're a necessary evil. We clean up the messes where the other three trades interact.

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    When a man loves a woman

    "Lead don't follow, my paps always said". Frank smiled warmly at his new apprentice, "followers are like lemmings and nothing good happens to them".

    Janice really like this wizened old miner, even with his cracked teeth, dishevelled appearance and halitosis. He reminded her of her late aunt Betsy; she'd also been eccentric... and rich.

    "So, avoid extraction sites!".

    "Exactly!" Frank diverted the ship into a belt of glittering ice and winked, "I'll 'lead' you to riches".

    As the engines rested Janice marveled at the sight. "Diamonds!" she squealed. Now she just needed to remove Frank the way she did Betsy.

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    Stand By Me

    Janice winced as she was caught in a waft of bad breath. She withstood it for the pearls of wisdom from the auld miner. "No point in jabberin' away I'll show yas whats ta do"

    They were at Delkar, the most famous extraction site in the galaxy. The old codger's voice crackled through the intercom "Ya go to the most well-known sites cuz they've got the most good rocks. Plenty fer all"

    Janice was fuming. "That's it!? Go to Delkar? Everyone knows that!"

    Just then a pirate killed her.

    Frank said to her ship's wreckage "The trick is staying alive."

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    One of these days you'll have to try to get your Drabble in on time

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    A Drabble To Answer The Eternal Question "What's A Drabble?"

    A drabble, is a short story normally of a length that can be read in one or two minutes, so about one or two hundred words.
    For the benefit of this mayhem we call a show, the drabbles ideally need to be based in the Elite Dangerous universe in some way or other with any tenuous connection you care to make.
    Over the weekend everyone can vote for their three favourite drabbles, not four.
    When the poll closes, the winner, or winners if there are more than one, has the dubious honour of picking a theme for the next week.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)

    One of these days you'll have to try to get your Drabble in on time
    I will try to remember. Assuming I can remember to remind myself and remember what it is that I've actually to remember, then hopefully I'll have a decent chance of remembering.

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    Originally Posted by Galactic Midden View Post (Source)
    I will try to remember. Assuming I can remember to remind myself and remember what it is that I've actually to remember, then hopefully I'll have a decent chance of remembering.
    Thank you for the reminder

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    There weren't many people who voted. It's a bit of a pyrrhic victory, but I'll take any win coming my way. Thanks to all of you who voted for me.

    As a tribute to BladeRunner 2049 in the cinema at the moment, my choice of Topic for the Week is..

    ... Film Noir

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    McThargoids Noir, with a side of McTentacles

    I was working on a tip 'McThargoids in Barnard's star', Real thargoid was still illegal around these parts...
    'I'll take some fries' I enquired, playing it cool
    'Would you like fries with that?' She looked dead with a face like she'd been bobbing for fries
    'You know where a man can get some real Thargoid 'round here?'
    Silence...she was hiding something, and i saw it dripping...
    'I couldn't help notice, you have.....Green ooze on your apron'
    'Real Thargoid burger?' She rubbed her fingers together, '700 credits, meet me out back....ALONE...'
    But I wasn't alone, Some'thing' glowed red, looking for revenge.....