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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    I didn't realise psykokow was going to run the Drabble show with just the three Drabbles. He must have finished on time!

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    Nope.... I did start on time though!!

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    Jones & The Key To Eternal Life

    The key gripped tightly in his hand, sweat dripping from his forehead, spittal spraying with each breath.
    His heart pounding hard as his feet slammed the ground in quick repetition.
    ‘Big Mistake’ he breathlessly muttered.
    A spear flew past his right ear increasing his pace. Ahead his ship and crew mate lazily pottering about.
    He didn’t have enough breath to shout a warning.
    A searing pain filled his body, and again. The tip of a spear appearing from his chest suddenly.
    He fell.
    A tribal elder stood above him tutting “only the next relative in line can hold the key”

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    Information Security: Silent hardware in an age of Shouty Men

    34th century hacking is code-based. Algorithms are simple but systems are too complex; upgrade all you want, not only do the hackers know your software's weaknesses, they're one update ahead already.

    Or at least that's what they want you to think.

    Fibre-optics need total internal reflection to transmit data securely, a kink at the right angle without breaking the fibre will undermine the totality very slightly, allowing you to read the data unobserved.

    Aisha opened the panel and examined the Coriolis' high-response optical fibre. She gasped:

    “Wow, the aft sensor feed is kink-free. Are we sure this is Winnard's Hole?”

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    A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do

    Ken burst into Sid's berth and was astonished to see Sid dressing in women's clothing. He was even wearing those fancy Imperial G-spenders which hold up stockings and hold down skirts in microgravity, but the look wasn't too appetising over his hairy wrinkly thighs.

    Ken tried to compose himself. There was a more important issue to deal with. "The Ship is breached! We've hit an iceteroid. Erm, I take it you didn't know?"

    Sid's shocked expression on his make-up caked face only changed to guilt when the Tannoy announced "THIS IS NOT A DRILL! ABANDON SHIP! WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!"

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    Intergalactic Bright Young Thing Has Finally Come of Age

    Spacesuited and booted,
    Are Kid from Lanchester's Folly
    AKA Intergalactic Bright Young Thing himself
    Son of Dex Dynasty, Arcturian Ants (yes those hoopy froods)
    On the tarmac... ready for his first take off
    O Imperial Eagle, the Ford Cortina of 3303.

    How do you start this dinkin' thing?
    Finally, IBYT plucks up the courage to pull the shiny silver lever
    Ship stays still but the toilet flushes.

    So off he shoots, looking for teenage kicks on Eroticon Six
    But alas, the cruelty:
    Alien condom machines can equip no man.

    Back home you go
    Are Virgin Kid from Lanchester's Folly.

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    Oh yeah, hi everyone

    First drabble so if I've broken the rules or it's a load of carp...just kill me

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    Welcome to the game Spacebaboy. Your Drabble breaks none of our rules. And I do believe it is sufficiently kinky for this week's topic. Please everyone don't kill Spacebaboy even if you think he's asking for it. Or you'll have me to answer to.

    Do you not feel safe knowing you are being protected by a feeble old man who can't shoot straight 'cause his his wonky eyesight?

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    Where's the shovel, I'll start digging it...

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    'O Imperial Eagle, the Ford Cortina of 3303.'

    Well within the rules.And a happy first drabble.

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    Broken Back - Flappy Fart Flaps

    The slot had been totally destroyed.
    "Looks like someone tried to fly a cutter in sideways"
    "Fortunately no innocents where harmed."
    "Can it be repaired? A lot of people use it."
    "We can probably make it even better than before."
    "How long before it's back up and running again?"
    "Depends, but you just know HE will try to use it before it's ready."
    Overhearing, the station manager stormed in...
    "WHAT THE has happened? I've no report of any crash landings!"
    "Oh the station is fine. This is Middens ar$e we are talking about. He broke it with kinky sex stuff."

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    Mummy? Where do Simoofs come from???

    Midden surveyed the devastation.
    Sure his bottom did look like he'd had sex with an elephant, and, he'd let it finger him first.
    But surely his kinky perversions were his own business.
    Even if he had been described as, 'like flicking an atom into Sagittarius A*'
    and it was sort of true he was like the Formidine Rift, in that more people had entered than exited over the years
    But he was Galatic Midden and no doctor was telling him when he could and couldn't visit Uranus
    Well at least he couldn't get pregnant...

    9 months later Simoof was born

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    01 - RoyalHankey - Skiprat's Toy Shop
    02 - phong - The key to kinship is in the bearing
    03 - Spaceman83 - The Kinky Krusty Krinkle time
    04 - psykokow - Jones & The Key To Eternal Life
    05 - Edith_The_Hutt - Information Security: Silent hardware in an age of Shouty Men
    06 - Frank - A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do
    07 - Spacebaboy - Intergalactic Bright Young Thing Has Finally Come of Age
    08 - Simoof - Broken Back - Flappy Fart Flaps
    09 - Listeri69 - Mummy? Where do Simoofs come from???

    That's more like it. Plenty of Drabbles for the poll now, and still a full day's writing for all of you latecomers to get your stories in.

    You have until Thursday about 10pm

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    Sven's Strange Sojurn

    "It's a wicked vile place, you must not go to, lest all your sins never be forgiven!"
    Sven was intrigued as the stranger handed him a thin cylindrical item. It had some funny notches on it, but Sven didn't think anything of it. "You are my brother" he'd said,

    Sven made his way to the address supplied.

    Six weeks later, Sven emerged. He was exhausted, tired and malnourished. The debauchery had not stopped from the moment he had stepped foot inside. Every desire he could have longed for had been done to him.

    He looked at the item "Kin Key"

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    Don' t leave home without them.

    Kathy and Kevin sat in the cockpit of their brand new type 10,'Plugging the Gap',savouring the comfort of their freshly upholstered seats.After sixty years of dockwork Kevin had finally persuaded Kathy to take a year off from her job as station announcer, so they could go travelling,giving her free rein on interior design.Only the pink fluffy bobble dice hanging from the upper fascia betrayed their humble origins.The concourse observation deck was crowded with friends and well wishers,as they set off on their maiden voyage.
    Kevin mimed the traditional gesture of facepalm as he intoned the ritual 'Forgot my f*#!kin keys'

    Substitution please.