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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Poll goes up Soon .... someone wake up Frank

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    <splutters awake!>

    What!.. I wuz awake all the time. I just said 10pm to get all the stragglers posting before I put up the poll

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    <splutters awake!>

    What!.. I wuz awake all the time. I just said 10pm to get all the stragglers posting before I put up the poll
    Done ... you can go back to sleep

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    Congratulations to the drabble writing champion again... Simmof!!!! Bravo, and Siimife has brought us another theme.


    Please do get your entries in here, in this thread, and also do pay close attention to the rules.. they are below.

    Do also join us Friday 7:00pm BST at for the live readings, it might help you pick your winning 3 drabbles..

    1. Drabbles must be 100 words exactly (Excluding the title)
    2. Over-use of-hyphens-to keep your word-count at 100 is very amusing but probably not a great idea.
    3. Keep it as clean as you can to suit the family forum rules here, so no frogs attached to anatomical parts.
    4. Only the first 20 entries are guaranteed a place in the (usually weekly) poll.
    5. 1 entry each, you may write as many drabbles as you want, but it is assumed that your first drabble is your chosen entry unless otherwise advised. But please mark Drabbles that you don't want entered as such.
    6. If your drabble is under or over 100 words you will have a chance to correct it before the poll is erected, at this point, your drabble may be DQ'd if other drabbles are available to take its place.
    7. Drabbles must be set in the Elite Dangerous universe (as loosely as you care to make it).
    8. It should try to meet the theme in some arguable way.
    9. If there is more than one theme you must match at least one, but can gain extra votes if you meet more.
    10. It's all for a bit of fun, so enjoy yourself... Enjoyment is mandatory!
    11. If you win, you get to submit next week's Drabble topic, so make sure you post it by 3pm GMT Monday. Or else chaos will ensue and who knows what will happen...
    12. You must big it up and get the Drabble Show over 100 viewers, that would be amazing.
    13. Every winner can be the owner of up to 1 abrakadrabble mug.
    14. No animals were harmed in the making of this series (Simoof is not an animal)
    15. If we get over 25 entries, the potato will host it nude.*
    16. The Title must also now be under 100 words (not including the title to the title)*
    17. Extra points for Kow-tipping.*
    18. Futuristic Kung Fu is not allowed to question the rules, change the rules or even know what the rules are.

    Sometimes it's difficult to know what constitutes exactly 100 words. Our arbiter is
    It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. Its count is the law.

    So submit your drabbles in reply to this thread, and the first 20 will be guaranteed entry into this weeks poll, and read out on our live Show Friday night.
    Entries close at Random O'clock on Thursday evening (or sometimes if we have 20 entries earlier). All Drabbles submitted up to Friday Afternoon will have a good chance of being read out on the live Drabble readiing show.

    New winners each week now wins a prize ...

    The Weekly Drabble show is available in different ways
    Live shows Friday's 19:00 GMT - 20:00 GMT (approximately)
    Http:// (VIDEO) (Audio Only) (Audio Only)

    Past Broadcasts are available to watch from
    OR Audio Versions available on

    *some rules might be fictional

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    Chanson D'armour..Brap-pa-pa-pa-ping

    Baldrick awoke to find himself strapped into a chair from which various wires,cables and tubes seemed to be attatched to him.
    Lights flashed and the small box on the table in front of him emitted a short burst of feedback before a sibilant voice emerged.
    <we wish to know>,it said.
    'Know what ?' said a confused Baldrick.
    <your ssongss>,hissed the voice.
    'But i'm a poet,not a singer.',he protested.
    <Neverthelesss,you will ssing for usss.>,the voice insisted.
    'Sing what?'
    <Ssing your ssongsss of valour,of battless,of your heroess>
    So Baldrick sang Mr.Winnards favourite song.

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    Who do you think you are kidding, Miss Blue Haired Freak?

    Who do you think you are kidding, Miss Blue Haired Freak
    If you think we're on the run?
    We are the Feds who will gank your little ships
    We are the boys who will nip your cyan nipps
    ‘Cos who do you think you are kidding failed Disney princess
    If you think the Federation's done?
    Mr. Grey blasts off from Frey in his deadly Eagle Mark One
    And then he comes back from Trophy Camp with long range rail guns!
    So who do you think you are kidding, you Final Fantasy reject
    If you think the Empire has won?

    p.s. Who's Spacebababy???

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    ...if you want it....

    And so this is Simoof
    And what has he done
    a bowel movement over
    a new one just begun

    And so this is Simoof
    he plays with his bum
    and if your not carefull
    he'll finger your mum

    A very smelly Simoof
    with a dirty ole rear
    He's let go a bad one
    his undies are smeered

    And so this is Simoof
    he's got bits falling off
    he's got ancient diseases
    that glow with a cough

    So lets kill a Simoof
    he's old and he's gray
    he sits on a toilet
    and he fills it all day

    Simoof is over.......

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    Oh so we're doing Christmas songs?

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    Only 342 days till Christmas..

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    Simon and Garfunkel

    War brings many sounds, gun fire, plasma strikes, explosions and debris.
    Scraping of metal, warping under heat, tearing, sheering, breaking.
    Air whooshing through hull breaches, cargo containers spilling,
    The frameshift drop of fleets,
    Radio coms crackles,
    The rattling of scans and Thargoids calls,
    Political rhetoric, baying crowds, cheers of hatred, and hearts breaking..
    Tears and pleading of the captured and injured.
    The shouts of jubilations as conquests are made and success comes, marred by the oppositions wailing.
    Tears, more tears, no more tears…
    But none of these can come close to the song of war, the devastating chorus,
    Of silence.

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    Title:- Winnard's Birthday Present

    Simoof went to buy Wannard a present.
    Looked everywhere till he saw this great cd.
    He took it home and showed it Psykokow
    "That's a great present" Psykokow said
    Next day he went to Winnard's house.
    "Here is your present mate, hope you like it".
    Winnard said "Thank You".
    "See you later but don't open it to your birthday"
    "Ok" Winnard replied
    On his birthday he opened his present like he should do.
    It was a cd called 'Songs of Poor"
    He phoned Simoof and said
    "Thank you for my present but cd's went out of fashion 1000 tears ago"

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    As you approach slowly
    Stolen cargo you've taken
    And the violence was quickly submitted
    The enemy are mistaken

    And if you pee
    All on my seat
    And my Tuna melt, that you eat
    It's urge you are fighting
    Your HOTAS sticks with your thumbs
    And your guns they are there
    they go pew,
    on your ship they are firing

    There in spay-ace, there in spay-ace
    Thargie Thargie Thargie
    There There
    Out there in spay-ace, out in spay-ace
    Thargie Thargie Thargie
    There There They Go
    Pew, pew pew pew
    Pew, pew pew pew
    Pew, pew pew pew
    Pew, pew pew pew

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    By Fletch – Aged 7 and ¾

    Title: Music has always been a tool of war, with great research and expenditures made to use it with the utmost possible devastating effects.

    As Bill (Shaky Willy) Shakespeare says in Othello:

    “The spirit-stirring drum, the ear-piercing fife,
    The royal banner, and all quality,
    Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!”

    Listening to Hutton Orbital Radio whilst tanking away at those damnable FARGOIDS in my mahoosive Type 10 Defender, I turn the volume up to 11 when “Ride of the Valkyries” came on.

    TAKE THAT! You dirty ammonia based sperm stains… You ain’t taking THIS station down!

    The war crazed CMDR shouts “For Leeroy Jenkins! For Lael! For Alvin! FOR THE MUG!” as he goes in for another suicidal attack run at the enemy.

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    Originally Posted by Simoof View Post (Source)
    The slot had been totally destroyed.
    "Looks like someone tried to fly a cutter in sideways"
    "Fortunately no innocents where harmed."
    "Can it be repaired? A lot of people use it."
    "We can probably make it even better than before."
    "How long before it's back up and running again?"
    "Depends, but you just know HE will try to use it before it's ready."
    Overhearing, the station manager stormed in...
    "WHAT THE has happened? I've no report of any crash landings!"
    "Oh the station is fine. This is Middens ar$e we are talking about. He broke it with kinky sex stuff."
    Originally Posted by Listeri69 View Post (Source)
    Midden surveyed the devastation.
    Sure his bottom did look like he'd had sex with an elephant, and, he'd let it finger him first.
    But surely his kinky perversions were his own business.
    Even if he had been described as, 'like flicking an atom into Sagittarius A*'
    and it was sort of true he was like the Formidine Rift, in that more people had entered than exited over the years
    But he was Galatic Midden and no doctor was telling him when he could and couldn't visit Uranus
    Well at least he couldn't get pregnant...

    9 months later Simoof was born