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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Title: “They’re coming to take me away. Ha Ha – Hee Hee”
    By Fletch – Aged 7 and ĺ
    The Dirty Filthy Mother Truckers from Hutton descended in their hoards to Wokingham Station, or was it Bracknell Orbital, or maybe it was the Reading CZ?

    Nobody was really certain…

    All they knew was there was a severe shortage of anti-perspirant and deodorant in the local systems that weekend. Even the poor old Hammers of Slough were turning their noses up!

    Everyone was having such a great time, that no-one even commented.

    Footnote: Please don’t mention what happened to that poor old Unicorn when VINGE mounted it and rode the poor creature around the galaxy, farting rainbows the whole way!

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    Reach Out and Touch Soap

    Reach out and touch soap

    Your own

    Something to cleanse your skin
    From private sin

    Your own

    Something to scrub your pits
    From overpowered squits

    Eat a toblerone
    And you're all alone
    Out in space
    Where Thargoids give chase
    Take away your fear when you
    Scrub behind your ears

    Obsess the blue princess
    You get a sweaty vest
    Space leeches on the attack
    Like a stoner to a snack
    It will cleanse it
    And fool forensics

    Smelly Asp Explorer
    No water for a shower

    Your own

    Something to set you right
    In ganker's paradise

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    Belly full,bottom angry.

    Dork Slickerterd examined the panel of earnest and serious faced senators that sat across the room,lips moving almost
    imperceptibly as he counted. He noted the small pins most of them wore at the lapel,sneering inwardly at the dweeb
    mentality that allowed him to gauge their strength in numbers so easily.
    Enumeration finished,he motioned for his technocrati to replace their socks,before dismissing them as superfluous.
    He had more friends.
    Elfin ears glowing eerily against the pastry white skin he expounded his vision
    of total war waged through other means and how he,as sole arbiter and architect
    had taken it upon himself to usher in this new era for humanity by engineering war with the thargoids.
    His motive?To hawk his new range of mind altering weaponry.

    *substitution please.
    **Poll putter please noteost updated,modified and heavily edited.
    There are only so many ways to polish.

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    Sorry Spacebaboy, I might have spoken too soon about the lack of competition. Galactic Midden has just told me that it could be a rollover week this week

    01 - Galactic Midden - Personnel Cleansing
    02 - TheOriginalB - Recycled Food and Recycled Jokes
    03 - Star-Lord_Prime - Hygiene, Personal AI assistant.
    04 - CdrTwisted - Leesti paid for his drinks this time
    05 - Fletchmo - They’re coming to take me away. Ha Ha – Hee Hee
    06 - Spacebaboy - Reach Out and Touch Soap
    07 - phong - Belly full,bottom angry.

    The players so far

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    Yes, that's it confirmed. We have a rollover week due to certain individuals (who hold the keys to the broadcast room) heading off to Elite Community Meet this week to enjoy themselves, how dare they!

    Abnormal service will resume next week. As a result we have 7 more days to fill the drabble poll up to the maximum we can squeeze in. So go on, get writing and drabble on!

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    On the Pull

    The Sanctimonious had only been docked at Mackenzie Relay Station in Cemiess for only a couple of hours when the smell hit Macís nostrils. The most expensive Imperial soap, combined with antiperspirant and was that a hint of perfume?

    Could it be Mooka he wondered. She was fourteen now and isnít that what girls that age do, get obsessed over hygiene? Probably something not even her Imperial Salve conditioning could suppress.

    ĎNight! Donít wait up!í

    Davie walked passed him, in his sharpest suit, smelling like a flower garden. Mac supressed a smile, Davie had tucked his jacket into his underpants!

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    Hank climbed out of the shower tube and put on some fresh clothes. He looked at his dirty clothes with embarrassed disgust, loaded them into the washing machine, and selected "HEAVY SOIL".

    With that little incident over, he got back to important business. He pulled himself along to his pilot's chair and strapped himself in.

    The ship dropped out of Supercruise into a misty green area with a massive Thargoid ship taking an instant dislike to him. The swarm took his shields down terrifyingly quickly. He felt a sticky warmth fill the back of his underpants, "Here we go again!"

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    Hankey's Hygiene Hypothesis

    She couldn't remember much about last night. The dead rabbit in her bed that she was hugging when she woke up surely was a bad sign. No matter how many baths she had taken today, she still smelled furry. Cooking with Onionhead wasn't worth all the shiny things in the universe.

    She was interrupted in her regret by the intercom going off. It was King Hankey himself!

    "I've got a question for you", asked Hankey.

    "Go on", she replied.

    "Do you have a cru- crusty va.."

    The transmission broke off suddenly. Damn internet connection!

    Probably for the best anyway.

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    01 - Galactic Midden - Personnel Cleansing
    02 - TheOriginalB - Recycled Food and Recycled Jokes
    03 - Star-Lord_Prime - Hygiene, Personal AI assistant.
    04 - CdrTwisted - Leesti paid for his drinks this time
    05 - Fletchmo - They’re coming to take me away. Ha Ha – Hee Hee
    06 - Spacebaboy - Reach Out and Touch Soap
    07 - phong - Belly full,bottom angry.
    08 - Phoenix_Dfire - On the Pull
    09 - Frank - Laxative
    10 - Ninj - Hankey's Hygiene Hypothesis

    Ladies and gentlemen, you now have until the end of today to hand in your Drabbles.

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    A portion of nuggets....

    Psykokow stood proudly on stage, resplendent in a sparkling red suit complete with sparkling tricorne hat.
    'Please welcome to the Thargoid, Miggurt The magician.'
    Miggurt wasn't a lucky magician.
    If it wasn't bad enough being the galaxies smallest magician, he'd lost both arms and legs in a terrible magic accident.
    Mixing the fake blades, with real ones during a daring sword act.
    He now lay naked on the stage shuffling cards with his butt-cheeks.
    Suddenly the smell of cheese hit the audience accompanied by a large thud..
    Is this your card 'he shouted after the people running for the exit'

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    Title:- The big bang theory

    Simoof went to the Doctors
    He saw Doctor Ninj
    "Can I help you Sir"
    "You gotta obey the laws of physics".Simoof said
    "The laws of physics says, what comes in must come out".
    "Still don't get you Sir" Ninj says.
    Just then there was a big fart.
    "I see what you mean Sir"
    "Nope, have you got a toilet"
    "Yes, just turn left at the corridor and its on the left".
    Simoof said on his way out "You may want to evacuate the building"
    When he got back Ninj said "What you mean by that".
    "Wait a minute"......................................BANG!!!

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    One hour!

    you've got roughly an hour left to get your Drabbles in

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    Cmdr Pseudonym - A critical delivery...

    Wanted pilot to take largest smell in the galaxy to beagle point read the advert
    It had taken weeks to capture midden many pilots following the gaseous emissions for many light-years
    It was a challenge to ship midden anywhere
    every system he flew into instantly broke into outbreak
    Simoof long used to dealing with long streaks of bio-waste decided to take the high paying contract
    Mr Hankey popped along for the ride as he knew the way.
    The first 10,000 lightyears were uneventful but then Simoofs bowels began to quiver..
    and that's how hankey 1st learnt how to waypoint scoop

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    This week's contest is now closed. I'm sticking up the poll

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    can you check entry 7,please frank.