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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Frank stole my punchline.

    Archivist Pelquesk finished work, looking forward to jumping in the cockpit of his new chieftan.Only a hobbyist,of course,
    his duties as a beaureaucrat involved servicing the requests of those above him but he did sometimes toy with the
    idea of volunteering for a post in the ethereal navy.The latest news on the alien advance was disturbing
    and although panic had not yet set in,there had definitely been an upsurge in travel since news first broke.
    The empire,naturally, kept a tight control on propergander,but the signs were there.
    His telepresence might help tip the balance.

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    Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

    The cathartic sun bled slowly onto millions of ruined carcasses, metal corroding in a toxic sky. A crawler picks over the titanium bones, pursuing beads of black liquid that slowly limped towards the barren earth. Another fuel source giving up to the extremes.

    Pebbles stirred in a wind carrying no heat as shadows of the crawler elongate beneath the burn of the giant sun. This close in its orbital period, its atmosphere nearly gone, the planet would soon release the last of its "guests", just another prisoner sentenced to eternity.

    Unaware, the crawler continues; this host would be its last.

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    Bad News / Good News.

    I Cant do a show Friday night, I may be out at Puddles Pity Party.. I completely Forgot..

    If someone wants to stream a version of the show out, let me know and I'll get you access to the channel, if not I will try to put a show on Saturday.. prior to the Fletch Show.


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    Back in the ‘80s I would lie in bed and wonder about Armageddon.
    But it wasn’t thermonuclear war I was worried about.
    We lived down the road from Windscale, so if we weren’t already glowing like Ready Brek Kids we certainly were after Chernobyl. The radioactive plume came right over us, and the local sheep were embargoed. knows what Caesium 137 does to actual people. No one bothered saying.
    Meanwhile Windscale was renamed Sellafield, which meant we could stop worrying about that.
    We started eating the sheep again in 2010.
    Caesium 137 has a half live of 30 years.

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    The fat useless flying bovine

    "Extinction Level Event."
    The commander looked at his slate. He'd seriously screwed the pooch on this one.
    "It was all planned you absolute womble!" shouted the Ambassador.
    "I didn't realise"
    "We even tried to stick him in a stupid fat ship for his stupid fat . We even painted it specially for him!"
    "But I was just being..."
    "We nearly got everyone to the other side of the universe, away from him. Then you had to invite him!"
    "He is doing it for charity!"
    "He's already destroyed half the stars on the way here"
    "How ar-my-getton on?" Kow asked Hankey.

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    Well done Entarius Fusion

    Wot's the topic for this week?

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    So is it free for all this week?

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    If it is, I'm going to write about "Laundry Day".

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    Nobody's told me nothing. I didn't see the Saturday edition of the Drabble Show so I don't know if there were any announcements on that.

    Nobody's posted any Drabbles. Shall I make it a rollover week? The end of Thursday is only hours away.

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    I mean you could do a rollover but there's no guarantee that they'll show up next week

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    That's a good point. I'll put the poll up whether or not anybody actually posts a Drabble

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    So if someone posts a drabble, they would automatically win?

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    Title: Untitled
    By Fletch – Aged 7 and ¾

    Just ships passing in the night. Two truckers doing what they do. Happy in the knowledge that they were doing it for the mug. They happened to be travelling along the same path at that moment in time.

    She admired his wonderfully polished purple Anaconda.

    He took a long hard stare at the wonderful pink curves of her Beluga.

    She heard him honk, it was a hard one… He watched her scoop as it opened up and gathered in the cargo he had just dumped.

    They jumped together....

    The neutron star bounced them across the galaxy in a great spurt.