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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    The Pirates of Shinrarta Dehzra (AKA 2 Meta 4 U?)

    The curtain lifted; a portly actor in a black suit and helmet strolled out.

    "I am the very model of an Elite Dangerous commander
    I mine the salt of players and fill the forums with slander
    I've engineered a Fer-de-Lance and role play a murderhobo
    Blasting CG traders to bits until my ship's fuel is low

    I'll attack exploration ships with nary a word spoken
    And then I complain loudly that no one plays in open
    Above all else I should issue this very basic reminder
    I am the very model of an Elite Dangerous commander"

    There was no applause.

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    Well here we are Tuesday, a new day dawns and a new topic drops to the floor of the drabble forum. A bit like a wet splodge of poorly thrown paper towels falling from the ceiling of the school toilets.

    Last week's winner was TheOriginalB and they've given us the topic

    The Bonus

    For rules of entry see the first post of this thread. Or just jump in and paste a 100 word drabble on this week's topic below.

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    They Started It! (aka Is It Stuffy In Here Or Is It Just You?)

    "Your grace," the aide began, listing Arissa Lavigny-Duval titles. "Our spies inform us the Federation and the Alliance have announced a tax holiday." The Emporer thought for a moment. "Begin preparations for our own."

    "Mr. President," the aide approached Zachary Hudson. "Intelligence sources confirm the Alliance and the Empire have announced a tax holiday." "Well," the president said, looking out at the Martian dawn, "let's follow suit."

    "Hey." the voice came over the comlink. "My guys say the Empire and the Federation are planning a tax holiday." Prime Minister Edmund Mahon finished chewing his food. "Yeah, let's do that, too."

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    The Happy Trucker

    The friendliest face in port is usually a trucker and Danny was no exception, his big grin was known at control towers and markets from Canopus to Zaonce. He was generous with his profits, ready to lend a hand and always had new stories to tell from his adventures on the space lanes.

    Danny grinned at the outpost’s control tower as he docked. They grinned back, a knowing, wicked grin of someone who knows your secret. Being a friendly trader was well and good, thought Danny as the slave pens were unloaded, but he never could resist the occasional bonus.

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    A Touch of Class

    James had made a stretch limo out of a Dolphin. A special feature of the ship was the "Blow Hole" which allowed girls to poke their heads out of the top of the ship with their arms stretched out into space without suffocating, very popular with hen parties.

    The 6 tonight were particularly rowdy. "Hey James! If you can get us to the space disco half an hour early there'll be a 'bonus' for you."

    "Sandra! We can't do that. It'll make us late"

    Sheila looked James up and down. "Nonsense! Five minutes at most for the lot of us."

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    Curiosity Killed the Cat and Other Unsavoury Types

    "Sailor's Pride they called it. An honour beyond the reward of being a gentleman".

    Doug continued reading, "To gain the Bones one had to first gain the trust of the Captain, the Patron and of course Blessed Dog".

    Doug put down the pamphlet he'd found amid the dusty pews of the ruined church. "Bones? Blessed Dog?" he wondered aloud.

    "Embarrassing typos" an old man with a rough voice spoke from the shadows. "Was in all the expensive Holo-ads too unfortunately. Kept attracting the wrong crowd. Thankfully we executed all the cannibals and bestial freaks though... So what's your name son?"

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    01 - TheOriginalB - They Started It! (aka Is It Stuffy In Here Or Is It Just You?)
    02 - Edith_The_Hutt - The Happy Trucker
    03 - Frank - A Touch of Class
    04 - Galactic Midden - Curiosity Killed the Cat and Other Unsavoury Types

    Three quarters of the blood in this contest is very old. We need some new blood. Come on you new players! There's not many participants this week. Here's yer chance to swoop in and win the *prize**

    Just post on this thread a story set in the Elite Galaxy about this week's topic, "Bonus"

    The only restriction is that your story must be exactly 100 words. Not a word more. Not a word less. We recommend you title your story, and that title is not included in your 100 word count.

    You have until late evening to get yer Drabbles in

    *there is no prize, but if you win then you're tasked with providing us with the next topic

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    65 million years ago

    The initial survey had indicated that minimal terraforming would be needed and prompted a full scale expedition.
    The planet was a lush green, dotted clear blue lakes of water. They found incredible amounts of vegetation and a huge variety of indigenous life.
    The creatures were everywhere and of every size. Herbivores, omnivores and some enormous and dangerous carnivores.
    They quickly decided how to proceed. The ship moved to implement the plan. A large asteroid would be diverted. The impact would cleanse the planet of the unwanted lifeforms. And if a more reasonable species then thrived, that would be a bonus.

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    Title:-Sods law, never mess around with fathers daughters

    Stingard the great went to Luyton to get a mission or two
    he didn't care about money or who and why he was doing it.
    It was something to do.
    He collected a few.
    Started out going to Barnards Star.
    He completed that one. Next was Wolf 124,
    'Ahhh I remember that in my old bounty hunting days.
    Next was Sol.
    Had to be quick there, there was several angry fathers wanting his skin.
    Next was Sirius took his time then a message flashed up on his screen.
    Mission 17546739457583bff6 divert to Sol for a 10m credit bonus.
    "Oh S**t"

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    The Bosun's tale.(which might have won,had i written it earlier.)

    The air hangs heavy as the smoke from hundreds of incense sticks coil lazily upward,dim light diffused through gritty wreathes.The shadowy figure resting on the opulent bed,indistinct through veils of silk,stirs.Motioning the envoi closer through the murk,the vague shadow shifts its position and begins with a high squeak of some duration,before rapidly descending in tone,finally ending in a thunder clapping ,cheek slapping bass which slows to a crawl, expiring with one last pathetic pout.As the odour hits him,the violently gagging envoi backs swiftly away,kerchief to mouth,gasping 'Yes,your Bo-ness'.

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    I'll need some help from you guys for Lavecon's drabble show on Sunday. Though I can not guarantee entry to win the kindle prize (for attendees), I would greatly appreciate some drabbles for reading out on the day, sunday 11am (

    The Theme is "Pact"

    please stick your entry here (PS I will arrange a prize for the best non attendee too)

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    Do you mean tomorrow or next week?Edit.n.m.the point is moot.

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    Well done to all of last week's winners. cleonymus was the only winner to give us a topic, and so this week please base your Drabbles around the theme of "Regret"