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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Discount of Monte Cristo

    “But mum…”

    Mum stamped forward. “I said no. We’re travelling economy.”

    “Ryanspace isn’t even economy, at least with economy there’s a bed.” Jeff kicked an abandoned shoe before swerving around a homeless man’s bedding.

    “Every credit counts here Jeff. Costs have to be cut to the minimum.”

    “But why? You’re the main shareholder of a massive trading conglomerate. You have a staff of fifty, and a personal hairdresser with her own personal assistant. Why do we need to save anything?”

    “Because we’re seeing your father, the miserable wretch. I want him to know how worthless I believe him to be.”


    Many thanks, Phosphora.

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    Aces Low

    "Thanks for doing such a top-notch job of fixing the old kite up, chaps!"

    The mechanics elbowed each other and whispered "That's Major Basil Fortherington-Smythe his grandfather was an ace in the '14 Redquatian War."

    "What a gent!"

    "The breeding shows."

    "He's polite to everybody."

    The Cobra lifted off the pad, did a wonky half-flip and boosted into the back wall of the station. "Bit of a muck-up with the flying I'm afraid. Would you fellows mind awfully giving me a hand here?"

    "It just goes to show these accidents could happen to anyone."

    "Even the great Nigel Fortherington-Smythe's grandson."

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    01 - TheOriginalB - Class and regret (aka It's An Acronym, Right?)
    02 - Phosphora - Discount of Monte Cristo
    03 - Frank - Aces Low

    So far we are heralding the return of the Great Potato with just the three Drabbles. We can do better than this.

    You have until tonight to get yer Drabbles in.

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    The Problem With Astro-Physics Lessons

    The Great Potato stood behind his desk and surveyed the childlike faces beaming up at him. Wannabe pilots, bounty hunters, Imperial traders, even one strange student who dreamed of smashing rocks and getting drunk.

    "OK students, I hope you're ready for the test. Let us begin... Question 1: if police viper 1 is traveling at 376mps and police viper 3 is traveling at 422mps and they are 1,397km apart on the astral plane at 0:23:-56 differential..."

    "Brrrrrrrriiinnnggg" the school bell interrupted.

    The Great Potato sighed. "We'll pick this up next week for the second part of the question".

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    Title:- Exploration lesson

    "Class in session".
    "All those who all here say I"
    Everyone said "I"
    "Well this week lesson is how to get to beagle point"
    "Where is that"
    "It's the furthest place you can get without engineering you ship"
    "So you cant get there in a type 9"
    " I am light years away now"
    "Oh dear"
    "Come back and engineer your ship"
    "How come you going there anyway"
    "Cause its for charity and I mean to do it"
    "Fair enough"
    "King Hankey challenged me"
    "King Hankey the "
    "Holey hell you can't say the king is an "

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    Folks, you have one and a half hours... Get Drabbling!

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    My Own Class

    In the pilots federation there are many different class of pilots;

    There are pilots that fly fighters. flipping and rolling taking down opponents with ease in CQC.

    There are truckers who move large quantities of goods. Flying large ships thinking nothing of doing the same loop for days on end.

    And then there's me. Iím in a class all of its own ! no matter how perfectly lined up with the slot or landing pad I will still manage to hit it. and my rebuys in combat are second to none.

    Maybe I Should have paid more attention in class !

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    The class of 1974: The Wonder why years.

    'The thing about class is you've either got it or you haven't.' midden spat out through a croissant.
    'Yeah tell me about it' Kow answered scratching a particularly annoying itch on his cheek
    'I mean we all have our bad habits but someone really has to tell him that is disgusting' Midden slurped noisely on his tea
    'Well I don't have that many do I.' Said kow 'I mean nothing that would say I lack class right?'
    Midden nodded exactly 'Buuurrrrrrrp' you and me we ooze class but...
    'Yeah said Kow, what was Mr Hankey thinking with that haircut?'

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    We could really use another one.

    I'll hold off posting the poll for another hour

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    Cmdr Pseudonym - One night in dongkum....

    The music thumped loudly in the peppermint hippo and the last of the pleasure slaves were grinding their targets into submission
    The fluid meter on the wall read sticky and the entertainment had gone on long into the night.
    pealing himself off the floor Skiprat spat out the last of his log jam and swigged on a can of beer spitting out the used condom someone had dropped in.
    Stepping over bodies he reached for his head grabbing it as it throbbed wearly.
    a pool of vomit shifted suddenly in the low gravity. Skiprat smiled and uttered one word 'Class'

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    A love poem about one man and his bottom.

    Cmdr Kow had loads of class,
    But It made him broken hearted,
    He really liked the hypnotic way,
    It wobbled when he farted.

    It would not fit in to a chair,
    He often had to stand,
    Which made a bowel movement awfully hard,
    Unless he used his hand.

    It helped him know where he was.
    With just a single tap,
    He could bring up his exact location,
    On the zoomed out galactic map.

    It smelt just as bad as it looked,
    It was probally diseased ridden,
    But at least it was not as gross,
    As the face of Galactic Midden (my hero)

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    Made with a random drabble generator

    Jessica gazed with the affection of 6888 popular tired tortoises. She said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want a pencil."

    Hector looked back, even more sleepy and still fingering the solid rock. "Jessica, you must think I was born yesterday," he replied.

    They looked at each other with stressed feelings, like two disgusted, deafening dogs singing at a very considerate Valentine's meal, which had R & B music playing in the background and two selfish uncles gyrating to the disco beat.

    Hector studied Jessica's stinky fingers and curvaceous fingernails. Eventually, he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry,"

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    A Classy Bird and a Tit.

    I strolled into the dark musty bar confident.
    The smell of sweat and seed flooded my nostrils.
    The floor was covered in a taffy like substance which made it difficult to walk, was it spilled alcohol or something more?

    I made my way to the bar where i perched myself most of the night, drinking a sweet golden nectar.

    Hours i waited for this chick, the time grew late and most of the other birds have roosted for the night, but not her she was a classy night owl with feathers around her neck and a mouse in her beak.

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    Thanks for providing us with that one last Drabble, Draxxor

    But now the writing part of the contest has closed and it's now time to vote

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    Cmdr Pseudoniem - "Woah Oh, Stinks Like A Smelly Mare"

    "You're Elite? I don't believe it. What did you say your name was?" queried the Lavian Border control agent.

    "My name Is Noxious Smoof! I'll have you know I'm feart across 20 sectors!" a strangely dressed commander emitted in-between statements.

    "Eh, right you are then" the agent wrinkled her nose as a particularly stoshish wiff of something long dead and hairy wafted past her nose. "Ewww, how long have you been aboard that ASBO Sidewinder?" she asked.".

    "Well, me was bad, They called it punishment", he sighed. "I was caught speeding and lost it. They blame me for the crash".