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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Cmdr Pseudonyme - "He finds it kinda funny, he find's it kinda sad"

    "It's Achenar 3 sir! We can't land here, the gravity will liquidise us faster than Cmdr Moof's trips to cubicle 3!"

    "For your insubordination you'lll be hung and flogged about the gonads! Give me helm control now you imbecile".

    "Dejectedly the sailor floated away from the controls towards the nearest bridge guard".

    "I was just trying to prolong our lives" the sailor muttered under his breath.

    "More like prolong our suffering with this moron" the guard said a little too loudly.

    Frothing at the mouth, Major Painen Diaz whirled about ready to commit bloody murder, the quickening descent completely forgotten.

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    Hollywood Burns and the Posterior of Power

    Scrabbling through the waste-bin in search of inspiration,Holly felt perspiration beading on her forehead.She needed a story by friday.If not she would have to hang around mission assignments on monday till fresh subjects generated.Unless she could enter something late with suitable apologies and an outlandish-enough explanation... Distracted as she was bent over the bin,she failed to notice the commander examining her derriere from the hatchway.'Hold on' said Allen 'i'm Cummings.'She gave a small yelp as she jumped to her feet,turning to face him and smoothing down her skirt.Lunch and scoop.Jackpot!

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    TheOriginalB won last week with a most excellent Drabble, and has chosen this week's topic.

    The Topic this week is "Space Shanties"

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    A Drunken Pilot (aka It Was This Or Spanish Ladies and I'm Not Re-using Content)


    What do you do with a drunken pilot? (x3)
    Early in the morning.

    Launch his escape pod toward the Thargoids (x3)
    Early in the morning.

    Hey! Ho! Up she rises. (x3)
    Early in the morning.

    What do you do with a surface Scarab? (x3)
    Early in the morning.

    Hit it with rocks until it blows up (x3)
    Early in the morning.

    Hey! Ho! Up she rises. (x3)
    Early in the morning.

    What do you with a fully laden Type-9? (x3)
    Early in the morning.

    Ram it in the mail slot and draw station fire (x3)
    Early in the morning.

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    Must..learn..reading ..skillz.

    Being a rear-admiral in the imperial space navy certainly entitled one to certain perks and priveleges not available to lesser ranks,but the demands of duty required unremitting vigilance and the higher up the chain of command the heavier the burden.So a chance of home leave,however brief,was highly prized.The somewhat shy four-year old nephew she remembered had blossomed into a confident, intelligent ten-year old,defiant of jaw and firmly resolved to follow in the footsteps of his celebrated relative.She offered him the data cube,a record of her journey during the intervening years."Sheesh,auntie..."

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    The Plight of the Molly Rose

    The wind it did blow boys
    from out of the sun

    A coronal ejection
    Let's spool up and run

    The lady we left boys
    a sight to behold

    We'd crippled her drives
    and then poked her with holes

    we never looked back boys
    to see what we'd done

    We left her to die
    when we'd all had our fun

    Their comms were left open
    The screams we did hear

    To wash out our shame
    we did all have a beer

    Our black hearted captain
    he laughed at their plight

    But then we all knew
    that his manners were shockingly bad

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    Kernal, kornal, cernal buggy colonel Blow me.....

    Deep in the bowels of a small studio in new Glasgow two aspiring producers decide to write an inspiring space shanty

    'Winnard is a massive kock , Hankey owns a crusty sock,
    Midden, should remain hidden. and Skippy he looks like chuck rock'

    'It's inspired me' moof nodded along

    Kow said it's good but it's missing something how about

    'Winnard is a massive c**t , his belly sticks out in front
    his willy is rather chilly
    for in his trousers you will have to hunt...

    'I'm liking this more' Moof said

    Not as good as our granny though 'Pigfart' is a classic

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    The End is Nigh... Tonight around 11:00 pm

    01 - TheOriginalB - A Drunken Pilot (aka It Was This Or Spanish Ladies and I'm Not Re-using Content)
    02 - phong - Must..learn..reading ..skillz.
    03 - Frank - The Plight of the Molly Rose
    04 - Listeri69 - Kernal, kornal, cernal buggy colonel Blow me.....

    Let's have a few more entries

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    Mr.Hanky Sings Phong

    'It was Friday night at the Fer de lance,and the peacocks were strutting their stuff;When into the bar strode a pilot from far,And he said that his name was Simuff.He hitched up a chair and sat down with a glare.Sven the bartender poured him a drink.....''Will you shut up with that daft song',said Kow."I'm trying to land.Where did you hear it,anyway?"'On tinternet.There's quite a bit about you,too.'"I've always fancied being part of popular culture.How does it go,then?" 'Stop',said Simoof,'we've reached 100 words.'

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    If we don't get any more entries I may be forced to wheel out the Frankbot 2000 OrgazmoDrabbler

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    Title:- Star Wars

    All I want, all I want, all I want is a girl
    Someone that cares enough about me
    That she refuses to react
    When I act like I don't care about her

    Ice-packs for my shiners
    Though you're on my nerves
    Someone smart enough to click me back together
    ?? simple and suede and still evadable

    Is that too much to ask?
    Is that too much to ask?
    Is that too much to ask?
    Well, I don't know

    Well, I don't know
    Someone that loves me the way of
    Star Wars, Wizards and Ninja Wars
    Star Wars, Wizards and Ninja Wars

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    Well,i wasn't expecting that ! Can i substitute,please Frank?

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    There aren't many entries. I was thinking about just putting in both of your Drabbles.. Could you please specify, substitute what with what?

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    Wait, if you need more entries, can we double up on this one?

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    If you've got another <shrug> sure why not