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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Stock in Trade

    The landcruiser bounced along the narrow track leaving a faint plume of dust in it's wake.Drawing to a halt in front of the compound,the heavily armed rebels who had been clinging to the sides disembarked,whooping and shooting wildly into the air.El Guerrero strode onto the balcony,the sweat of his naked torso glinting in the relentless sunlight even through the matted hair of his barrel-chest. As the passenger alighted,he noticed her shoes,an elegant pair of Geordie Chungs,and wondered if she'd keep her end of the bargain and give him what he most desired.

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    Wad eye say????

    President Juanita Bishop sat at her desk,relishing the power that was now hers by right.Her eyes gleamed as she examined the execution warrants awaiting her signature.Once signed,these useful but inconvenient puppets of her ambition would disappear for ever and her victory would be secured.No one would ever know the truth.As she reached for her quill,her sleeve brushed against the inkpot displacing it, and the crimson liquid oozed slowly across the pages.'Oh,for God's sake' she muttered before dying in a hail of gunfire from the rabid fanatics who formed her security detail.--------*substitution*------

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    Shrill alarms rang out on Gordo’s scanner. “The police are closing.”

    “Spicer can whistle for his money - engage hyperdrive.”

    “One day you’ll pay your bills before running.”

    Buffson sniffed. “Avoiding bills shows you’re living.”

    New sounds rattled the cockpit - the sort of screeching you’d make by ramming an armoured knight through a cheese grater.

    “Our frame shift drive just shattered, and so have our thrusters. When did you last have this rustheap serviced?”

    “Repairs are expensive,” said Buffson.

    “Spicer’s coming to collect his money: how many services could you buy with what you owe him?”

    “I don’t know.”

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    The Wright Stuff (you can pad out your show with this if you don't get any more entries)

    Keith carried the massive fluffy green duck in his arms down to the hangar bay "Orville, which of these spaceships is yers?"

    "I don't know!"

    "You don't know!?"

    "No!.. I don't know!"

    Keith had an evil glint in his eye, "Ya's always said ya wanted to fly. I can get'sya flying dead easy right."

    Just then the RSPB burst into the hangar "Put the duck on the ground and step away from it!"

    "Good going sarge. Did you think Keith was going to dropkick Orville?"

    "No constable. It was the pained expression on the duck's face. Where was Keith's hand?"


    This might encourage a few more entries, because of people saying "I can do better than that!"

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    Title:- Test of a Captains talents

    Simoof asked "Hi Sir, your the engineer aren't you"
    "Yes I am laddie" replied Mia
    What is the captain like.
    He's tough but fair
    Does he play chess?
    I believe so
    Is he any good
    I not played him but if his game is as good as his ability to get out of trouble he will be a good chess player laddie
    Do you think I would beat me sir
    How good are you laddie
    I can beat my mother
    Mia pulled up the records on Simoof
    He then replied "Your mothers Dead"
    "Anyone can win Captain Psykokow" replied Simoof

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    CMDR J Mason adventures part 1

    Frameshift Anomaly Detected were the words uttered by the computer just as I dropped out of supercruise with gut-wrenching force. I looked around the cockpit to get my bearings and assess the damage, the frameshift cooldown timer expired and I pressed the button to get back underway, "Frameshift drive malfunction" the HUD displayed after each press of the button. It was just then that I realized that all of the stars looked different. in every direction, the light was disappearing randomly, "Where the hell am i?" I barked at the computer. after a long pause, computer replies "I don't know"

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    To Fast To Think

    Briskly he walked down the halls of Hutton. Face turning red and sweat beading on his forehead. He sharply turned the corner into sector 125 knocking an old woman over as he did, yet he did not stop, he was on a mission. On wards he marched the veins in his head beginning to bulge, his breaths quickening, his @ss clenching.
    Slamming through the door he managed to make it to the porcelain throne just in the nic of time
    "What was in that curry" he squirmed.
    "I don't know" another pained voice replied "but your in the wrong toilets".

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    To Slow to Care

    Slowly she walked down the halls of Hutton. Face unconcerned and no sweat on her forehead. She slowly turned the corner into sector 125 knocking an old Psymons over as she did, yet she did not stop, she was on a mission. Onwards she sauntered, the veins on her head beginning to pulse, her breaths steady, her @ss clenching.
    slowly crawling through the door she managed to make it to the porcelain throne just in the nic of time
    "What was in that curry" she heard.
    "I don't know" she replied to him "but you're in the wrong toilets".

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    Fell on my @ss

    Dazedly I walked down the halls of Hutton. Face perturbed and a sheen of sweat on my forehead. I slowly turned the corner into sector 125 rebounding off an old woman as she walked by, falling to the floor, she was on a mission. Onward I stumbled, the veins on my head beginning to protrude, my breathing is moderate, my @ss bruised.
    casually opening the door, i overheard a male saying "What was in that curry"
    "I don't know" a female voice replied "but you're in the wrong toilets". I realized 'i don't know' the difference between the toilets either.

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    To Desperate to Bother

    Desperately they walked down the halls of Hutton. Beads of sweat on their foreheads, and old women left knocked to the floor in their wake. Neither stopped to help her up. Their mission was too important for that. Onwards they marched with veins bulging in their foreheads, quickened breaths, and clenched resolves.

    Ahh! the sweet release of a porcelain throne. While they sputtered their targets they were able to converse.

    "What was in that curry!?"

    "I don't know, but we're in the wrong toilets!"

    The shop manager burst in. "What the hell are you doing on our display toilet suites!?"

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    Operation Gloryholes

    Kow was waiting checking the time written on the cubicle door.
    He'd got a seat early and had to sit motionless whilst a wave of semi-digested rogan josh flooded around his ankles
    and drained into cubicle three...
    His contemplative move was ruined by a large shart and an ever larger scream from kow.
    his head ricochetted off the coat peg, smacked squarely into the toilet roll holder
    He recoiled in shock as a stream of steaming liquid splashed onto him
    it was followed by a momentary blast of warm air and the sound of an angry female voice
    'Wrong toilets!'

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    Cmdr Pseudonym : Mission Unshartable

    The display toilets were utterly destroyed.
    Bits of bathroom lay strewn across the display room floor
    The scientist at Dongkum had created Dongkum Lava Paste
    Guarenteed to be the hottest thing that enters your body
    Trouble was it usually exited in the same fashion
    This test had been by far the worse results and the most hilarious.
    and he couldn't resist saying 'how now brown kow' as a drenched psykokow walked past
    His joy turned to horror as a voice echoed from the darkness
    'I'm tellin' ya i've got 45 seconds before I destroy this station i need a toilet!'

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    Will someone please post a link to the voting psge.Thank you.

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    Exciting Hollywood Burns and the lost curse aid

    Holly was having a bad day.First that,and now this.Tied to a post in a clearing surrounded by foul smelling and evil looking rebel hordes,she looked over her shoulder,the slow fuse of her anger beginning to boil.El Guerrero watched her struggling with her bonds,a sneer on his lips.He tested the lash,the whipcrack sound making her wince in anticipation.'Tell me,what have i done ?''You wish to make a fool of me.To humiliate me in front of my men.I ask for stockings and you bring me this...pantyhose!I should look ridiculous.''Nylons!You said Nylons!'.---------------------------------------------------Not for competition.Just got bored.Sorry about the hijacking,Frank.I hope Kathy got back o.k.