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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    OK This week is closed, and the voting poll is raised... right here

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    Thanks for all the votes

    I guess I should pick the logical choice of topic for today...


    1. Drabbles must be 100 words exactly (Excluding the title)
    2. Over-use of-hyphens-to keep your word-count at 100 is very amusing but probably not a great idea.
    3. Keep it as clean as you can to suit the family forum rules here, so no frogs attached to anatomical parts.
    4. Only the first 20 entries are guaranteed a place in the (usually weekly) poll.
    5. 1 entry each, you may write as many drabbles as you want, but it is assumed that your first drabble is your chosen entry unless otherwise advised. But please mark Drabbles that you don't want entered as such.
    6. If your drabble is under or over 100 words you will have a chance to correct it before the poll is erected, at this point, your drabble may be DQ'd if other drabbles are available to take its place.
    7. Drabbles must be set in the Elite Dangerous universe (as loosely as you care to make it).
    8. It should try to meet the theme in some arguable way.
    9. If there is more than one theme you must match at least one, but can gain extra votes if you meet more.
    10. It's all for a bit of fun, so enjoy yourself... Enjoyment is mandatory!
    11. If you win, you get to submit next week's Drabble topic, so make sure you post it by 3pm GMT Monday. Or else chaos will ensue and who knows what will happen...
    12. You must big it up and get the Drabble Show over 100 viewers, that would be amazing.
    13. Every winner can be the owner of up to 1 abrakadrabble mug.
    14. No animals were harmed in the making of this series (Simoof is not an animal)
    15. If we get over 25 entries, the potato will host it nude.*
    16. The Title must also now be under 100 words (not including the title to the title)*
    17. Extra points for Kow-tipping.*
    18. Futuristic Kung Fu is not allowed to question the rules, change the rules or even know what the rules are.
    19. Nick Kershaw is the real singer of 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

    Sometimes it's difficult to know what constitutes exactly 100 words. Our arbiter is
    It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. Its count is the law.

    So submit your drabbles in reply to this thread, and the first 20 will be guaranteed entry into this weeks poll, and read out on our live Show Friday night.
    Entries close at Random O'clock on Thursday evening (or sometimes if we have 20 entries earlier). All Drabbles submitted up to Friday Afternoon will have a good chance of being read out on the live Drabble readiing show.

    New winners each week now wins a prize* ...

    The Weekly Drabble show is available in different ways
    Live shows Friday's 19:00 GMT - 20:00 GMT (approximately)
    Http:// (VIDEO) (Audio Only) (Audio Only)

    Past Broadcasts are available to watch from
    OR Audio Versions available on

    *some rules are most definitely fictional

    *The Drabble Committee accept no responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst Kow Tipping

    *Any prizes must be collected personally by the winners between the hours 02:00 and 05:00 from psykokow's locked house. The police may be called if psykokow deems you ineligible for the prize

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    "Who's gonna drive you home... tonight?"

    "Handle with care it says" Simoog read to Lode, his skilled monkey pilot, (also hired hand in more ways than one).

    Reading additional text that said, 'For maximum pleasure' Lode gesticulated wildly with his smooth leathery hands in the simplistic language Simoog still couldn't comprehend.

    "Yes, it's those fireworks we're delivering. See, there's Thunder Throbbers, Vibra Thumbs, She-Alls, Maxi Bangs and He-Goes. Three hundred boxes! Get hauling Lode.

    Shaking his head, Lode circled his fingers and waved his hand up and down. Simoog, knowing this sign all too well, lost it and shot his Lode all over the bulkhead wall.

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    Title: Kaboom!

    By Fletch (aged 7 )

    Winnard woke in the prison cell. It wasn’t meant to end like this!

    Go to Hutton, buy mugs and gin. Turn around and make a good quick profit.

    Winning “Cards Against Tribbles”, spending the winnings in the strip-joint, buying 20 kilo’s of onionhead and hiding it behind that loose panel in cubicle 3 to collect later, HAD seemed like a good idea at the time.

    How was he to know that GalMidden was in desperate need of a cigarette, or that onionhead powder was combustible?

    They never did find his remains, but in that mess, they didn’t look too hard!

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    Damp Squib

    The ship was out of fuel. There was nothing Bert could do to stop the crash. He took his hands off the controls and watched the looming planet fill his view.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Gertie now thought it was a mistake to take all her sisters' kids to the bonfire. The seven of them were usually well behaved but they were excited by the prospect of fireworks.

    One of them looked up. "Has it started early? That wasn't very spectacular. Was that a shooting star?"

    Gertie had seen it as well. She'd been in the navy. She kept quiet and lit their sparklers.

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    A Dangerous Job (AKA It's All Fun And Games Until You End Up With Multiple Concussions)

    BAM! An explosion; her head impacted the console. Momentary fireworks, then everything faded to darkness.

    Her eyes opened to dim light filtering in from a high window: a holding cell. Experience told her not to bother screaming for help; this place was obviously off the books. She closed her eyes.

    This time, two voices accompanied a spray of cold water. "Where do we get more of your cargo?" He didn't sound too bright, and she considered her range of responses before settling on her favorite: "Get ****ed."

    BAM! She felt the impact of the sap, momentary fireworks, then darkness again.

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    Title:- A panic over nothing

    It was a dark night
    Everyone was dreaming
    It was only 10pm
    There was load bangs
    Everyone woke up
    They thought it was war
    They was no indication anything was wrong
    How did it happen
    Everyone flied to the evacuation shelters
    Where was the defence, where was the army
    What should we do, everyone was panicking
    Simoof said "Don't worry, wait a minute wait a minute"
    Winnard agreed "I am out of breath"
    Everyone said "We are too"
    "What's happened we upset some one"
    "No don't think so"
    "Why all the panic"
    "Wait a minute, it's Guy Fawkes Day"

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    Truckin in the dark

    I Jump around in the evening
    And I got some goods to trade
    I jump in the morning
    I go to stations wanting to get paid
    I ain't nothing but truckin'
    Man I just truck and fly with myself
    Hey there hutton, I could use just a little group

    You can't player with player
    You can't player with player in a solo place
    Join the truck conveyor
    and you could be trucking to our base

    Missons keep getting harder
    scanners on and I'm searchin' 'round the place
    I check my screen for a thargoid
    I want to shoot it's balls, it's Boo8s, it's face
    but I'm Firing nowhere
    my missiles always seem to miss
    There's another player somewhere
    Baby I just know that there is

    You can't player with player
    You can't player with player in a solo place
    Join the truck conveyor
    and you could be trucking to our base

    You sit around getting painite
    There's a load here somewhere and it's for me
    I'll shake this asp off my backside
    Come on shields take this one for me

    play in the space of the mug
    And they'll be helping you out alright
    They say they got mugs and gin
    Hey baby I'm hauling them both tonight
    I'm running for some action
    I'm truckin 'round hutton pledging all to the dog alvin
    So i joined the faction
    Come on now baby Im gonna earn a mug

    You can't player with player flying around without another face
    Join the truck conveyor
    and you could be trucking to our base

    You can't player with player and become a truckin' ace
    Join the truck conveyor
    and you could be trucking to our base


    Not really a drabble but bleh It was a good idea

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    CMDR Kadian arrived late to the party.

    Lucky me I suppose” he mused, watching the sparking and popping of the many explosions like fireworks, so tiny against the background of the colossal space station he had so recently called home.
    Nothing worth going back for, the Onionhead stashed in his habitation unit would be all burnt up by now and not a single one of those yokels was worth lifting a finger to save.
    All of his friends were out here, in the black.

    He turned the ship around, showed his back to the station and pushed up the throttle.

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    A noobs guide to mining.

    Step one; jump into a system
    Step two; scan the system and locate a ringed body. If the system has non repeat these steps again.
    Step three; fly over to your desired ring and probe the ever loving #*^% out of it.
    Step four; jump into one of those sweet hot spots and fire the dohicky that makes them rocks glow.
    Step 5; find the biggest brightest rock you can and begin to probe that too. We like our probing here.
    Step six; if you can plant a small nuke deep into the crevasses and fly back.
    Enjoy the fireworks CMDR.

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    Holy crap, I WON !?!?!? WooHoo !!!

    Wow. Thanks everyone, this comes as a COMPLETE surprise.

    If I am in fact this week's winner, with the holiday season fast approaching my choice for the next week's topic is:

    irituous Drink.

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    Now, friend, before I hand you this Kongga Ale, I want to ask you - are you sure you want this? I'm going to be honest, this stuff is - at best - pig swill. If you want it, I'll sell it, but for a distinguished commander like you, can I recommend the Eranin Pearl Whiskey? One taste of that and you'll be transformed. Or perhaps this smooth Centauri Mega Gin? Lavian Brandy is a fine, distinguished drink as well. So let me ask you: do you want to just get the job done, or do you want to do it in style?

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    Selfish Angels

    They found the WSS Politician crawling between stars. The cockpit looked clean, save for the corpse in the pilot's chair; desiccated flesh stretched over bones.

    "There was a fault with the first Stardreamers. If auto-navigation failed, the Stardreamer never got the 'destination reached' signal to wake pilots up."

    "At least he died in his sleep."

    "Wow! Look at his itinerary, He was taking whisky to Tau Ceti. It's pre-starflight. It's worth a fortune!"

    They eagerly split open a cannister in the hold, to find the bottles inside empty. The contents had evaporated into the vacuum of space many centuries ago.

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    Chapter 1

    Molly’s nose wrinkled as she stepped out of the airlock.

    Recognizing the disgusting odor permeating the tiny ship, she worked her way toward the control cabin and found him passed out in the pilot’s chair, groaning and drooling.
    You’ve been at it again haven’t you, makin' yer illegal hooch?” she exclaimed angrily, examining the illegal distillery, shards of broken jug strewn about the deck, vomit pooling wetly around the control chair.

    He was the best of CMDRs when sober, but something had changed. CMDR Kadian just wasn't the same man since the Thargoid attack on and loss of Sprightly Station.