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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Let's have a round of applause for JetsonRING. I enjoyed reading his winning Drabble.

    So this month's topic is...

    wait for it...


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    Sidewinders At Dawn

    Why did he agree? He sat in his stock Sidewinder back-to-back with a villain. His resolve strengthened. He knew why he'd agreed to this duel. What sort of bounder sells Onionhead to underage kids?

    There were no seconds to count them in, so they'd agreed to start in the shadow of a planet. The fighting would begin when the first rays of starlight hit their eyes.

    His joystick was sweaty. He rechecked weapons settings once again. A brilliant crescent announced the time was near. It was the last thing he ever saw.

    ...The sort of bounder who cheats in duels.

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    In Anticipation of Things to Come

    It's 2055. Jeremiah eyes a minuscule medallion of steak labeled “750 calories” inside the locked display case and does the math:Three of these are half his personal weekly ration.
    Between Betsy, himself and young Hamlet they receive a weekly ration of only 13,000 calories.
    He takes small solace in the fact he had given Betsy a child before the Negative Population Growth law went into effect.
    Some days he hates himself for feeling guilty about bringing even one more hungry mouth into this quickly starving world.
    Wiping his eyes, Jeremiah moves on to the display of "synthetic" meat.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, you have until 28th March you post your exactly-100-word stories to this thread. This month's topic is So this month's topic is Anticipation

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    Do You Remember The Time I Blew A Churl From Mars?

    "Are you raising shields?" Gerald said to the his remote crewman. Gerald hated this holo-avatar based system, the delays were annoying, almost as irritating as this chap he'd been lumped with who would only answer to 'Admiral'.

    Gerald waited for the 2 way comms to cycle round.

    "They're definitely firing on us" came the superior nasal whine Gerald had come to hate. This was the response to Gerald's earlier question. Gerald sighed and stirred his cup of thick Antediluvian tea they'd stolen from Mars High.

    Another whine, "you're on weapon control dumbwit!"

    Gerald casually activated self-destruct and restarted multicrew matchmaking.

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    The ship hung in the shadow of an asteroid, cold, silent and merciless.The rock, rotating slowly, lay on the fringes of the huge belt that curved away into the dark. Brief flares from attitude thrusters announced the slight modifications in orbit neccessary to avoid collision,soon swallowed by the relentless obsidian of endless night.
    A glint of reflected starlight rapidly traversed the star strewn firmament ,the torch beam of decelerating thrusters extinguished as the wedding barge exited into normal space and glided towards the inviting shelter of the station.
    The crackle of intercomms.
    'The eagle is in the nest.'