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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

    CMDR Lennox was sweating in his slumber, dreaming
    of the sweet punishments he would receive if he did not perform to his master's satisfaction.
    Yesterday he was cleaning the floor of the flight deck using only his tongue and a toothbrush.
    He shivered with anticipation, imagining what degrading chores she would assign him today,
    before allowing him to attend to her more . . . personal requirements.
    His behind warmed as he dreamed of her paddle, her whips and chains, the diaper she made him wear
    and the big pacifier he clenched in his teeth to muffle his screams of pain and pleasure.

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    01 - Edith_The_Hutt - Simulation
    02 - Frank - The Deep End
    03 - Alien - It's The Simple Things In A Job ....
    04 - Listeri69 - Customer Training 101 - Making sure your instructions are clear....
    05 - Cmdr Pseudonym - Let's get physical....
    06 - JetsonRING - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

    Everyone is welcome to submit a story of exactly 100 words (not including the title) onto this thread. It has to be set in the Elite Galaxy and based around this week's topic, "Training"

    If you post your story before Thursday night it will be entered into a voting thread and read out on the irrepressible* Psykokow's Drabble Show

    *impossible to press

    Rule (1) of Fighter Club is "We do not talk about Fight Club"

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    At the bottom of the barrel, you will find the word "Doomed"
    Todays training was just the basics.
    The trainee danced with excitement.
    You could see the confusion, as the trainee ran round examining the furniture.
    The trainee continued to jig from side to side.
    "Sit" "Sit" "Sit" "Sit"
    Head on one side, the trainee examined its own body with studied deliberation.
    The trainee looked up as if it's ears had just started working.
    "Sit you daft begger, Sit NOW"
    The trainee looked round and finally jumped onto the vacant seat.
    The trainer sighed and consulted his check list.
    "Now grasp the ships throttle in your right hand"

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    From sir,with love.

    Skiprat paused.He'd never been invited to address a girls seminary before.
    He stood at the podium,gazing down at the sea of fresh, eager, smiling, young faces of St Bawds Academy for Youmg Nymphettes,felt his eyes begin to bulge and sweat bead on his forehead.
    His hand trembled as he reached for a glass of water,throat hoarse,mouth dry,tongue an arid desert.
    Gathering his thoughts,he breathed deeply,and began his peroration.
    Wei Twei Yime,squatting beneath,adjusted the position of the bucket in the cramped confines,keeping a wary eye on the knuckles blurring past her face.
    'Not ready yet.'she muttered.

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    Title:- The USS New Jersey trip

    Alien visited Winnard in the USA
    Alien said "Shall we go to see the USS New Jersey".
    Winnard replied "It's training".
    "What you mean it's training, it's been out of service for years now".
    Winnard replied "It's training".
    "You want to go by train you mean?".
    "No it's training".
    "What you mean it's training"..
    "It's training".
    "It's training".
    "Ok lets start again".
    Alien said "Shall we go to see the USS New Jersey".
    Winnard replied "It's training".
    "What you mean it's training".
    Donald Trump said "You have to put tea in front of everything".

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    The Happy Little Rancid Dog turd - happy as he wasn't Midden.

    He was pretty sure that what he had just heard was not French.
    "Just look at these results!!! They're all imbeciles - every last one"
    The Elite Dangerous battle simulator had been logging the capabilities and tactics of the oblivious colonists for several years now.
    "The trackers results are impressive..."
    "Oh, there are some excellent pilots... it's their other activities that show their true mental facilities. Take this pilot for example..."
    "4 times triple-elite?!! Amazing." The screen updated. " Wait, what's a drabble? Oh dear, he really is a moron. Waypoint Scoop??"
    "Don't even try reading Psuedonyms"
    "I think I caught cancer"

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    That's it for this week then. If you've come to this closed door with a Drabble in your hand you can always still post it so we can all read it.

    Rule (1) of Fighter Club is "We do not talk about Fight Club"

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    You Spin Me Right Round

    Smelly one. There! Bag of squishy, hair and noxious fumes. Grab it and shove it in the probulaytor.

    Isn't that Klaxcksvll's personal play toy? He might get angry, click click.

    Miiddeyen says train it. I say we start by teaching it to be less of a walker.

    Obviously, that's where we start. Let's see, where to plug it in. Do we know how far the probe must reach?

    Only that it needs to be turned up to eleven to have any effect on this one. Switch it on.

    Flaming sapien burgers! Look at it spin. Wait, is that a smile?

    Great Tunes to Supercruise to - p.s. have you tried ABRAKA DRABBLE?

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