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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    It's always good to see new players coming in, and prodigal players who haven't joined us for a while.

    Hi Ho Silver

    "We dropped the cannisters! They're still firing at us!"
    The stricken Hauler could do nothing as the Vultures wore away at her hull.
    "They were never interested in piracy. They just want to kill us!"

    A Diamondback with a masked heat signature appeared from nowhere behind the first Vulture. A searing laserbeam made short work of its shields. Before the Vulture could turn around the Diamondback popped a heatsink, polished off the pirates, then sailed away.

    The William Tell Overture played in the background, "Who was that masked Diamondback?"

    His copilot shrugged, "No idea. The ship didn't have any markings."

    Rule (1) of Fighter Club is "We do not talk about Fight Club"

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    Dearly my Damn, I don't give a Frank.

    Every war needs armys to battle.
    Every army needs soldiers to fight.
    And every soldier needs a leader for inspiration.
    "Whats the problem?" asked to Commanding Chief pointing to a large question mark on the battle plans.
    "It's the Hutton Regiment. They are unruly, they do their own thing. And they are still unled."
    "Unled? Did we not deploy Psykokow into the midst of their ranks?"
    "That's the problem. Now they have no name."
    ""What are you jabbering on about you fool? How can that happen?"
    "Well, when you put Psykokow into the middle of the unled they become untitled."

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