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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Hello darkness, my old friend

    Sirens, alarms, explosions. These were the only sounds when he closed his eyes. The song of war.

    Romanticists mistakenly said that silence was the song that rang out across the battlefields. Imbeciles the lot of them. Only the deaf heard silence, yet they too felt destruction ripple across the fabric of killing fields and death valleys this planet used to call the Beautiful Heartland.

    He sighed, a warmth spreading across his chest made him smile. Finally starlight was breaking through the smoke filled sky.

    "Commander!" Crewman Yates was barely audible over the flower beam roaring overheard. "I want my share!?"

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    The unsung song - a tale of a commanders first action on the battlefield

    The young commander was poised, ready for his first battle against the goids.
    "Keep coms open" boomed the Admirals voice.
    "So we can keep coordinated?" he asked
    "That, and the Song of War"
    Shyte- he'd no idea what this Song of War was.
    "I'm afarid I'm not much of a singer" he squirmed.
    "Oh don't you worry - all our new Commanders contribute just fine - I have a feeling you will be particulary great"
    The 10 second countdown to jump started. He felt sick.
    His guts rumbled and the comms hummed with the Song of War. A hundred coordinated nervous farts.

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    "Which Station?"

    “They didn't matter near the end; Alliance, Empire, Federation, they lost meaning,we were human and the enemy weren't. The only question you asked another Commander when you met: 'Which Station?'”

    “But if you asked what station didn't you know what Superpower they were fwom too Grandpa?”

    “Not space stations little one, radio stations. They were mobile and kept playing songs when the bases went down, it really held us together at the end.”

    “What station were you Grandpa?”

    “I liked Lave Radio, your Grandma was a Hutton Trucker”

    “What about Weird Uncle Tony?”

    “Erm… yeah, he liked Radio Sidewinder”

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    That was the last entry.

    I am now preparing the poll

    ..and now it is done