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Thread: The brand new and shiny Official ABRAKA DRABBLE Thread. (+shiny new forum)

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    Originally Posted by JetsonRING View Post (Source)
    If you got 10 then my extra entries are not necessary, just entertaining. Coffee-break diversion.
    You're in, you're staying, you're not going anywhere. Lock the doors Frank!

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    Nat's choice this week is "Tenacity"

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    Sometimes you should just give up.

    Commander Poo flipped the mute button as he approached the pad. He did not need the endless chatter of the local dockers disturbing his concentration as he negotiated the gleaming new Anaconda towards the pad.
    The holographic display flashed blue then red again as the craft bounced to the left. Commander Poo fired the thrusters to correct the position as the lights flickered again.
    The Anaconda twisted, the shield rings dropping as it absorbed the impact.
    Poo moved up, down, left and forwards as the timer ticked down.
    He spotted the landing gear was up as the station started firing.

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    Congratulations to the drabble writing champion again... NATS!!!! Bravo, and nats has brought us another theme.


    Please do get your entries in here, in this thread, and also do pay close attention to the rules.. they are below.

    Do also join us Friday 7:00pm BST at for the live readings, it might help you pick your winning 3 drabbles..

    1. Drabbles must be 100 words exactly (Excluding the title)
    2. Over-use of-hyphens-to keep your word-count at 100 is very amusing but probably not a great idea.
    3. Keep it as clean as you can to suit the family forum rules here, so no frogs attached to anatomical parts.
    4. Only the first 20 entries are guaranteed a place in the (usually weekly) poll.
    5. 1 entry each, you may write as many drabbles as you want, but it is assumed that your first drabble is your chosen entry unless otherwise advised. But please mark Drabbles that you don't want entered as such.
    6. If your drabble is under or over 100 words you will have a chance to correct it before the poll is erected, at this point, your drabble may be DQ'd if other drabbles are available to take its place.
    7. Drabbles must be set in the Elite Dangerous universe (as loosely as you care to make it).
    8. It should try to meet the theme in some arguable way.
    9. If there is more than one theme you must match at least one, but can gain extra votes if you meet more.
    10. It's all for a bit of fun, so enjoy yourself... Enjoyment is mandatory!
    11. If you win, you get to submit next week's Drabble topic, so make sure you post it by 3pm GMT Monday. Or else chaos will ensue and who knows what will happen...
    12. You must big it up and get the Drabble Show over 100 viewers, that would be amazing.
    13. Every winner can be the owner of up to 1 abrakadrabble mug.
    14. No animals were harmed in the making of this series (Simoof is not an animal)
    15. If we get over 25 entries, the potato will host it nude.*
    16. The Title must also now be under 100 words (not including the title to the title)*
    17. Extra points for Kow-tipping.*
    18. Futuristic Kung Fu is not allowed to question the rules, change the rules or even know what the rules are.

    Sometimes it's difficult to know what constitutes exactly 100 words. Our arbiter is
    It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. Its count is the law.

    So submit your drabbles in reply to this thread, and the first 20 will be guaranteed entry into this weeks poll, and read out on our live Show Friday night.
    Entries close at Random O'clock on Thursday evening (or sometimes if we have 20 entries earlier). All Drabbles submitted up to Friday Afternoon will have a good chance of being read out on the live Drabble readiing show.

    New winners each week now wins a prize ...

    The Weekly Drabble show is available in different ways
    Live shows Friday's 19:00 GMT - 20:00 GMT (approximately)
    Http:// (VIDEO) (Audio Only) (Audio Only)

    Past Broadcasts are available to watch from
    OR Audio Versions available on

    *some rules might be fictional

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    Grinds My Beans

    It was always the same, no matter where he went in the galaxy there was always a Starcups coffee shop, with its overpriced brewed drinks, why there was almost ten a city.
    He’d heard rumours that ananaconda’s were 100 credits at Hutton Orbital, and he was determined to bag one, in spite of the .22ly journey. On arrival he spotted the huge apology poster, detailing how he had been tricked by one of the galaxy’s oldest rumours. It surprised him that this poster had clearly been there since the rumour started, yet it was still firmly attached.
    But No Starcups.

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    Ah! damn!

    You used the "Ten a city" pun

    I'll have to think of another one now <grin>

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    Splashdown : A tale of loose ends

    Simoof loved Tena-City, The most absorbent city in the galaxy.
    The city was lined with a special absorbent tarmac with flaps, that soaked up anything thrown at it.
    The weather, urine, even cups of Starcups coffee.
    Simoof usually found all this very handy.
    However his "experiences" over the last few weeks had left him a little looser, the chicken jalfrezi even more so.
    Checking for security, Simoof had no choice but to drop and squat.
    A jet of lumpy, smelly, clear liquid shot out, Simoof felt relief.
    The recycler however coughed, corroded, and ultimately failed, killing the entire city instantly...

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    Just Keep On, Hangin' On

    “You gotta admire this guy’s stubborn streak!” CMDR Renvela yelled over the thrum of his ship’s hull
    vibrating in reaction to a pirate’s frame shift interdictor and the clamorous clanging of the alarms.
    Ensign Ventolin’s fingernails dug into the armrests as the CMDR wheeled his tiny ship in a determined effort to break free.
    A sudden, loud BANG and the tumbling universe announced their re-entry into normal space.
    “OH, WE’RE IN FOR IT NOW!” the CMDR grinned wickedly as he threw his ship into a maneuver that would, hopefully bring their opponent into the firing arcs of his own weapons.

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    Rising to the Occasion

    Bruce gave Robert a nudge and pointed at the monitor. The two traffic controllers watched the novice approach their docking slot in his ship, the HMS Invincible XXXVIII. He splattered his ship on the side of the station.

    Robert laughed and shouted over the klaxon "I guess we'll be seeing Invincible XXXIX next."

    "He sees a challenge and he's not going to give up. People like that will always rise to the challenge. He'll do it even if it takes him up to HMS Invincible MMMMCMLXVIII"

    "Aye, you're right Bruce . And he'll feel more of a sense of achievement too."

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    Dignatas - where all the best birthday parties are held!

    Ever since she had arrived it had been the same.
    The other commanders were embarrassed. For so long they had had it easy. Blundering along without care; crass and juvenile. Then she comes along with ferocious tenacity.
    No longer a game, this was a weekly slaughter, words cutting through the air like a swarm of angry bees with diplomas in English.
    One commander decided no more. He sat and thought hard.
    "Stick hard to the topic! Yes." He had won before.
    If he could just avoid references to fartbags and boobies. bums and willies. Poo.
    It was already too late.

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    Title:- How many tenna's has a city got

    There was trouble in Lave City.
    There was beggars all over the place
    One beggar said to a Civilian "Give us a tenna".
    "City police will be after you, off"
    Another one boasted of getting a tenna a city.
    Until he realised he spent 100 credits to get to each city.
    Well a group of musicians called the tennars played for a tenna a City.
    Well if you ad up all the cities in Lave and asked them what's the average bounty hand out.
    They all will reply a tenna. City what ever the question the answer is Ten-a-city.

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    The Interview

    “Tenacity? that’s what you think it takes?” the Duke smiled, “I suppose it’s one philosophy. Life as a day in, day out grind; working yourself to an early grave, sure in the knowledge that *your* determination, *your* will to power will set you head and shoulders above the Mediocrity.”

    She sat forward and looked me in the eye.

    “The Pilot’s Federation will reward that kind of stubborn effort, certainly. But you came looking for something different, didn’t you? I need a pilot who’s daring, talented and clever. Stealing those blueprints isn’t a job for the tenacious. This task requires… audacity.”

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    Cdmr Pseudonym - Blowing in the wind

    The piles of devastation surrounded cmdr skiprat, he was very angry.
    'kapow' he shouted as he kicked the bejeezus out of another slave
    'ARRGHHHH' he screamed making another large gloryhole
    he picked up a plate and flung it like a discus straight into the monitor smashing both into smithereens.
    his sausage had long gone cold and wrinkly, so he bashed it playfully against the wall before splitting it.
    if only he'd had known setting up his lucky sucky business in the suburbs of Dongkum was a bad idea
    he could have got a tenner more per suck in the city...

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    01 - cleonymus - Sometimes you should just give up.
    02 - psykokow - Grinds My Beans
    03 - Listeri69 - Splashdown : A tale of loose ends
    04 - JetsonRING - Just Keep On, Hangin' On
    05 - Frank - Rising to the Occasion
    06 - Simoof - Dignatas - where all the best birthday parties are held!
    07 - RoyalHankey - How many tenna's has a city got
    08 - Edith_The_Hutt - The Interview
    09 - Cdmr Pseudonym - Blowing in the wind

    I reckon Cdmr Pseudonym's just Listeri69's alter ego.

    Okay folks! You know the drill by now. Check over my summary of entries so far, call my a senile old coot if you spot any mistakes. Get yer entries in before 11:00. Make poor old Midden edit in any entries after that time.

    Any newcomers, just look a few posts up to where there's a banner showing this week's topic, "Tenacity", and read what it says there.

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    A matter of honour

    Andy sat back in stunned disbelief. There was no escape this time and he was tired of running. He'd lead the Inspector a merry dance, leaving the Empire and going to Sol then Alioth and even out to Hutton and Colonia. Every time he thought he'd managed to lose her, she would turn up within days. over the years he'd started to have a grudging admiration for his pursuer's tenacity but one thing puzzled him.
    'Inspector why you've followed me for so long?'
    Inspector Lestrade smiled thinly ' It's a matter of honour, sir. No one escapes the Imperial revenue Service'