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Thread: Dust Buster: the space dust removal mod

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    Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? I have non steam ED and i used mod i downloaded from front page. I removed ShaderFixes\5f5a888d3052e017-ps_replace.txt but particles still are missing from normal cruise. So no matter what i remove there are particles missing. In supercruise this is perfect but, in normal flight vector indicators are actually useful. I prefer normal indicator instead of starfield but better than none.
    No speedlines and no starfield? LOVING IT!

    Nevermind i messed up.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Crank Larson View Post (Source)
    I tried installing it the other day, and experienced this too. I am using a Rift. Did anyone work out how to avoid the crash?
    I would love to know if anyone has this working with their Rift now.

    I installed it the other day (with modified file to add more dust) since I fly FA off. I was playing 2d and it was great!!

    Tried my Rift last night and couldn't get past the preview window opening, instant crash at the Frontier logo.

    I would love for this to work in VR.

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