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Thread: Buckyball Racing Club present: Mid Week Madness - Musical Science (28th-30th June)

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    Buckyball Racing Club present: Mid Week Madness - Musical Science (28th-30th June)

    It's the annual Galactic Battle of the Bands festival held as ever at the Piano Ring in the Bang system.

    Organised by the inimitable character Boss Nova, he of ageing years, receding hair and healthy beard with an amazing ear for a party tune. To add to the usual attractions I was approached to give something a little different and after much discussion, in the fabled Pyramid bar, we decided that chartered flights around some musically inspirational stations fitted the bill. Now, when we said 'chartered flights' I did state that most BRC pilots are quite relaxed about such things as speed limits and approach vectors, Boss seemed comfortable with it. I even took him out for a spin, but i think he was mostly asleep!

    All the headline acts have signed up, so here's your chance to mingle with the stars. Simply drop into Piano Ring and pick up your band then whizz them on a round trip of the inspirational stations



    Rules & stuff

    Choose a race class
    Slick - no engineer mods (this includes Enhanced Thrusters), no fsd boosts. stock items only
    Dope - anything goes

    Start at Piano Ring - Bang

    Visit in any order
    Bass Terminal - Oitbi
    Hornblower City - Lamaku ***Outpost*** (don't take an Orca!, well maybe a screenie within 2km)
    Hoerner Dock - Maiden
    Glen's House of Lambada - Flesk

    Finish (safely) back at Piano Ring - Bang

    Race submissions:
    Screenshot @ each checkpoint or video showing station clock
    Screenshot of modules screen
    Your CMDR name
    Your forum name if not the same as your CMDR name
    Your ship type
    Your ship name
    Race Class (Slick or Dope)
    Game Mode (open/solo) - The official race is Open only. Times can be submitted in Private or Solo as a 'guest' time and will be marked accordingly.

    refer to Buckyball Racing Club site for details

    PM or email to lightspeed <at> buckyballracing <dot> org <dot> uk

    NB: you dont actually have to pick up any passengers, it's an imagination thing!

    Please state you intent to race in the thread below

    Your CMDR name
    Your ship type
    Your ship name
    Race Class (Slick or Dope)
    {optional} Band you are picking up

    I've tried to keep it simple, as given my recent race history of missed screenies, incorrect route plots and general ineptitude, I thought it best. Let me know if there's anything to clarify.

    Fly funky

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    Sounds good LS ...I CMDR Kliggish will be taking the classic techno folk band... 'Lesbian Goat' on tour in my Asp X the Golden Mullet. resprayed specially for the event. Doped up of course.

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    Intent to race:

    CMDR Stern Winter
    Ship details TBD
    Open/Slick (ain't got no dope)

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    Intent to race:

    CMDR Raiko
    Ship Class: Asp Explorer
    Ship Name: The Nomad

    Band: Love Fist (fictional Scottish rock band from the GTA games)

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    the first few CMDRs have arrived and are taking advantage of Boss Nova's legendary hospitality. The regular punters have faced lengthy queues to gain entry to the festival venue, but BRC racers have been granted special VIP access and should present themselves to Clik al'Rhumba who is our designated liaison officer.

    Let the good times roll

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    Looks good. I may not get a chance to race due to RL. But hopefully I'll find a few minutes to have a run.

    Will confirm class and ship later...

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    Intent to play along with the gig, with my completely new, perfectly ear-tuned DBX "Fender Star O'Crasher" (that's absolutely NOT the old Bucket Of Bolts with a bunch of new bolts and a cardboard nameplate taped on top of its painted one )

    Cmdr Aken B.
    Ship name: Fender Star O'Crasher
    Ship type: Diamondback Explorer

    Was playing some tracks from Percival minutes ago, I'll bring them along for the ride.

    Ready to play an open slick jam

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    Arrived at the bar with intent to race.
    Cmdr Polly
    Ship name: Ericius Volans
    Ship type: Diamondback Explorer
    Band: Skumdum (raw music for a raw ship)
    Will play it slick and will do so openly.

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    Intent To Race:

    CMDR: Inga Stevenson
    Ship Type: Hauler
    Ship Name: Haulier Than Thou
    Race Class: Open Slick
    Band: Doctor Sparkles' Family Fun Time Revue (Now Banned in 16 17 Systems!)

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    First run done, got caught up on the lighting rig at hornblower.. which was annoying.. you know when you clip the lights and they put out grappling hooks to hold you there ... it could well have been the bands rivals 'hotplay' those sell outs.. yeah anyone can play a gig on the surface of a star.. its just a gimmick.

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    The first official time is in. CMDR Kliggish now holds first place in the Dope class after swinging Golden Mullet around the course and giving Lesbian Goat the time of their lives!

    The pre race bar is certainly starting fill up with BRC racers and associated hangers on. We are starting to make quite a name for ourselves at the festival. Many queuing festival goers witnessed what has been described as "jaw dropping", "pad crunching" and "top shizzle" flight techniques. I'll leave the tales of bravado boosted daring do in the bar room for later, suffice to say CMDR Kliggish was last seen sitting atop a bar stool balanced on three Ceti rabbits wearing this 'crown'

    roll up racers, the party is here. come and impress the adoring hoards!

    fly noteworthy

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    I DO like hats, but I'm not sure I would wear that one at the Kowal City annual grand gala.*

    *Unless hideously drunk, of course.

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    Intent to race:
    CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
    ship name: Head in the Clouds
    ship type: Diamondback Scout
    race class: Open Slick
    guest band: After School Tea-Time (from the anime series K-On!)
    I thought about running my Cobra Mk3 or Adder but the name of my DBS was an ideal match for the band - and the girls didn't get parental permission to take part in a Doped run. If I can rig my Courier for 30LY+ jumps, another band might go on tour in Doped class, though...

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    Originally Posted by superflyguy View Post (Source)
    Hornblower City - Lamaku ***Outpost*** (don't take an Orca!, well maybe a screenie within 2km)
    Hmm. I'm away from home and this means a low-fps laptop, manual route planning and no HOTAS. Lemme take an Or... - noooo. Another race without an Orca card
    I guess I need to think about a different stylish (=slow) ship...

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    First run submitted:

    CMDR Stern Winter
    Hauler "Yellow Snow"
    Band: Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes

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