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Thread: 2.1.04 update incoming

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    А когда пофиксят баг миссий с 0ч 0м времени? До выхода 2.2 или после?

    When u gonna fix 0h 0m mission bug? Before 2.2 or after?

    Я забил на игру из-за Инженеров, жду когда залатают баги (тысячи их). Уже 2ой месяц пошел, а воз и ныне там.

    I already stopped playing because of 2.1

    ... still waiting for some fixes.. time goes, but fixes doesnt shows up.

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    Originally Posted by valbarr View Post (Source)
    you assume moderators of this forum have to show when they edit a post ? just because us plebs do ?
    Conspiracy theory inbound... oh my god they've hacked my laptop now and adding smileys whilst i'm typing......

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    Thanks. Was hoping for the bright Asp Explorer dashboard to be fixed (still hard to cargo scoop when you can't see the targetbox at times) but maybe next patch.

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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)
    It's back up. Turns out it was 3 minutes.
    Unlike finding Chemical Manipulators?

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    Originally Posted by valbarr View Post (Source)
    you assume moderators of this forum have to show when they edit a post ? just because us plebs do ?
    You should know, when you have a brainfart and miss something like with the original thread, you can just admit it and say something like, "Whoops, don't know how I managed to miss that they said they fixed the bug. Embarrassing." Things like that happen to everyone, people will understand and laugh, and move on. When you refuse to acknowledge your mistake and flail around like this, you're basically setting off a big loud klaxon with flashing lights that says, "Everyone, come put more heat on me!", and there will be no shortage of people willing to do just that.

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    For someone that does use the docking computer (I am a new player to ED), I would like to say thank you for fixing the bug associated with it.
    Also for the other bug fixes.
    Awesome work Devs

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    I don't use the docking computer because it's a waste of a slot but yeah nice. Fewer NPC stupideaths is always good.

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    Nice! Thank you guys

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    Excellent stuff. Many thanks

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    Didn't you read the "General Fixes" part? Pathetic.

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    Thanks. Always nice to see fixes.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Stan Marker View Post (Source)
    Prime time in russia to help EG Pilots. Thanks for server down.
    It's around 14:00 on a working day, what prime time are you talking about? Don't you have any work to do?

    Oh, wait...

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    Originally Posted by MoonWeb View Post (Source)
    I'd like to know if any progress has been made regarding cargo transfers though. I am stuck in one ship at the moment because I have engineer cargo I don't want to lose, and thus cannot get in another ship. Seems like a pretty basic mechanic to me and being a prisoner in a ship because I have cargo is ludicrous.
    Cargo transfers works, as long as the ship you switch to has enough cargo space. Limpets will not transfer though, but commodities will.

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    Thank you! Any fix is much appreciated.

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