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Thread: Eduardo, your craft assistant tool

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    This time EDuardo was the fastest source for new recipes.

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    Hello all !

    EDuardo is updated with 2.3 blueprints.

    • Manifest/Killwarrant/Wake scanner
      • Long Range

      • Wide Angle

      • Fast Scan

    • Ship primary sensor
      • Long Range

      • Wide Angle

      • Light weight

    • Detailed Surface scanner
      • Long Range

      • Wide Angle

      • Fast Scan

    New blueprints added to:

    • Bill Turner
      • DSS to grade 1*, and sensor/scanner to grade 5

    * 1 in changelog, 1 to 5 in-game

    • Juri Ishmaak
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 4, and DSS to grade 2

    • Lei Chung
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 2, and DSS to grade 2

    • Lori Jameson
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 5, and DSS to grade 5

    • Tiana Fortune
      • DSS to grade 5, and sensor/scanner – 5

    As the player's journal now include inventory, importing (manualy) the data is planned

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    Has Long Range Plasma Accelerators been looked at? I was doing some upgrades with my PAs yesterday, and some of the ones I used to level up didn't match with Eduardo. I think it was G4 Long Range that I saw, but that's based on memory. Can check again later as I am still at Turner's place.

    Good job on the 2.3 blueprints, but it's a bit early for some of us

    Just checked in game, and there are three discrepancies with the Short Range Blaster PA Blueprints.
    G3 Short Range Blaster: Nickel, Modified Consumer Firmware, Elecrochemical Arrays (in game), vs Mechanical Equipment, Precipated Alloys, Specialised Legacy Firmware (Eduardo)

    G4 Short Range Blaster: Modified Consumer Firmware, Elecrochemical Arrays, Conductive Polymers (in game) vs Mechanical Components, Modified Consumer Firmware, Thermic Alloys (Eduardo)

    G5 Short Range Blaster: Cracked Industrial Firmware, Configurable Components, Biotech Conductors (in game) vs Configurable Components, Precipitated Alloys, Technetium (Eduardo).

    Image gallery from Imgur

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    Just adding this post if editing the above didn't show up as a "New post" in the thread.

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    I don't know why I've missed those ones since I use screenshots

    I guess with 812 bp, it's inevitable

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    Originally Posted by Schimz View Post (Source)
    No problem.

    With that many Blueprints, it's easy to slip one or two. If those are the only ones, you have done an awesome job

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    Hello all!

    You can now import a Commanders Log's entry for updating your inventory.

    Copy the JSON

    Paste it in the import box and click icon

    For your convenience, the Commanders Log's location is displayed below the box.

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    that's awesome <3
    so easy to have an "up to date" list

    thanks Schimz

    HFR is proud of you

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    Hi, nice tool. A typo - Tania Fortune should be Tiana.

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    Auto import / auto export ?!?

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    Effects ! \o/


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    Hello all,

    New version is avalaible.

    Components page :
    Some updates on component's location (like pharmaceutical isolators and high density composites).

    Engineers page :
    Added reveal, invitation and unlock informations.

    Blueprints page:
    Added blueprints effects.

    Enjoy o7

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    New feature : with a click on material row, you will display the blueprints associated with it.

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    Awesome tool. I have a request if it's possible, probably a big request. Could it be set up so we could specify what blueprints we want and how many we want, and the tool could show a page showing how many of each material we need to collect and how many we already have? With the standard [-] and [+] buttons so we can manually input as we collect them. Unless it already does this, but if it does I can't figure out how...

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