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Thread: August Exodus - A Jaunt to Jaques

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    August Exodus - A Jaunt to Jaques

    Official Expedition Video :

    August Exodus - A Jaunt to Jaques

    The Google+ Exploration Community in association with the Galactic Mapping Team

    "A new life awaits you in the off world colony - a chance to begin again in a golden land of adventure and opportunity."

    The colony in question may only contain a single structure (for the time being), Jaques Station, but it is steadily becoming a hive of activity, with NPCs and players coming and going, mining operations underway, and even searches for Barnacle sites within the Colonia Nebula itself. Effectively a 'micro bubble' has opened up, complete with a fledgling economy thanks to players shipping commodities back and forth since Jaques' discovery.

    This is a real opportunity to show FD that dev time fleshing out this tiny speck of human endeavor is worth their while. If enough players come along on the adventure, and add to the early pioneer efforts, it could really help cement the positive vibes rumored of what FD may have planned for this part of the Galaxy - an incentive to create some tangible content out there for explorers to interact with and utilize for evermore - something a lot of us have campaigned for since the very early days of deep space exploration!

    A recent GalNet article gave a few hints that something may come of this... a CG maybe? or a series of CGs? Building Colonies using existing game mechanics? - A Proposal to FD.

    From GalNet news :

    Galactic News: Jaques Station on the Mend 07 JUL 3302

    Only a week after an independent mission was launched to bring aid to Jaques Station, personnel at the starport have reported that limited repairs have been completed. A member of the station's technical team confirmed that meta-alloys had been used to partially restore the starport's commodities market, and went on to say:

    "We're hugely grateful to all the pilots who have so selflessly made the long trek to Eol Prou RS-T d3-94. But we feel bad about not being able to reimburse those who schlepped out here, so we're trying to secure funds for a proper campaign to repair the starport. More details will follow soon."

    Meanwhile, reports have surfaced of an increasing number of independent pilots and civilian delegations departing for Eol Prou RS-T d3-94, indicating a strong impulse to establish permanent bases in the region.

    Imagine how many players will take an interest if there's a fully sanctioned set of CGs to build a fledgling colony around Jaques' location - be it a mining outpost, scientific array, or tourism destination. This could really capture the imagination of the playerbase as it could open up long distance trading opportunities, passenger missions, courier missions, even opportunities for scientific endeavor with the location being on the edge of the galactic core, a mere 12,000 light years from Sagittarius A*.

    Update : Since the inception of this idea (first mentioned here), two community goals have been launched by FD. The itinerary and goals of August Exodus have been amended slightly to take into account these CGs!

    Convoy 1 Fleet Roster :

    Pilots : 262

    Convoy #2 departs on July 24th.

    Pilot Commander name Ship type Ship name Range Primary role Secondary role (optional)
    1 Henkka77 T9 White Taurus 22 Hauler Fuel rat
    2 Diocles T6 Flying Brick 26 Hauler Prospector
    3 Hated Nightfall Asp Explorer Wilderness of Tigers 32 Explorer Prospector
    4 Rojo Habe Anaconda Yodel 24 Hauler None
    5 goemon Anaconda MS Bloom 45 Trader None
    6 grnbrg Anaconda BAGGER 288 30.99 Hauler None
    7 Eryn Liamson Anaconda Phoenix 32 Maintenance Escort
    8 Uhtred Cromwell Anaconda WYRD 35 Explorer Prospector
    9 Alad Insane T6 Dilbert 38 Explorer Prospector
    10 aymerix Asp Explorer La source 31.4 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    11 xTrem_Sheep Python SpaceMoth 17 Hauler None
    12 Bananastorm Imperial Cutter Thecan 24.46 Hauler None
    13 Jon Flint Corvette Retribution 20 Hauler Escort
    14 Endras Prime Asp Explorer The Nightingale 27.4 Explorer Fuel rat
    15 Tazbert Python Parcel For Mr Gravitas 21 Explorer Fuel rat
    16 Aggie Ninepence Anaconda Light of Progress 34 Explorer Fuel rat
    17 ffdek Asp Explorer ASP Explorer 39.07 Explorer Escort
    18 Brother Sabathius Cobra MkIII Word Of The Void 24 Explorer Prospector
    19 BDelacroix Imperial Cutter The RIver of Stars 20.44 Explorer Prospector
    20 Hickszy Asp Explorer DISCOVERY II 34 Explorer Prospector
    21 Kethrax Asp Explorer RUMMAGER 30 Explorer Escort
    22 Iméraxes Asp Explorer Hypoforalcus 30 Explorer None
    23 Omegastagethr33 undecided Ulrik 45 Explorer Prospector
    24 Shaux Faux Anaconda Axiom 45 Explorer Prospector
    25 Kahou Anaconda Peruna 47.37 Hauler Fuel rat
    26 Shmendalf Anaconda Dora 35 Barnacle Hunter None
    27 kold_ Asp Explorer Constellation 32 Explorer None
    28 wolf9122 Asp Explorer Eagle's centuary 27 Barnacle Hunter None
    29 Pfz Lightning Imperial Clipper Aisling's Hairpin 30.7 Explorer None
    30 Steparkus Asp Explorer Rudy Judy 30 Explorer Escort
    31 Tanj Redshirt Cobra MkIII Aloha 33 Explorer None
    32 Voodou24 Python Steve 21 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    33 C-137 Asp Explorer Kobayashi Maru 28 Explorer None
    34 TwoFingers Imperial Courier Speed Demon 31 Barnacle Hunter Prospector, Escort
    35 Sivian Anaconda Trelos Beta 40 Explorer None
    36 Chris Rosenkreutz Anaconda Orr's Raft 2 25 Maintenance Escort
    37 Mosta Anaconda Foxen 30 Barnacle Hunter Fuel rat
    38 Darth Midian Asp Explorer Fury 28 Explorer Fuel rat
    39 Heat Shield Anaconda Wintermute 45 Miner None
    40 CMDR Kasrkin elitexv undecided Gray gloom 30 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    41 Barney_g Anaconda Blackthorn 35 Barnacle Hunter None
    42 Kel Solaar Anaconda FNS Naginata 49.8 Maintenance Escort
    43 Pluginpatch Asp Explorer Halcyon 40 Maintenance None
    44 Silence Leigh Python The Mystery of Fish 35 Explorer Fuel rat
    45 Goosefraba Asp Explorer Aurora 43 Explorer None
    46 M3rlin2 Asp Explorer Taliesin 28 Explorer None
    47 Dandak Asp Explorer Goose Green 32 Explorer None
    48 Upgrayeddedd Imperial Cutter Pimpmobile 22 Hauler Fuel rat
    49 Yuksarr Asp Explorer TORI 32 Explorer Prospector
    50 Squiggle Anaconda Damaged Goods 35 Miner Escort
    51 DrStone Anaconda Jörmungandr 23 Explorer Escort
    52 Deareim Anaconda Don Quichotte 16.61 Miner None
    53 B_radicle Asp Explorer The Mare Cartă 34 Explorer Prospector
    54 kuge Asp Explorer The prawn 32 Explorer None
    55 The Dewhacker Imperial Cutter E.A.S Valencia 15.01 Hauler None
    56 Jaton666 Asp Explorer The Crimson Wanderer 34 Barnacle Hunter None
    57 Kalise Martano Imperial Clipper Expecto 26 Explorer Prospector
    58 Ar'Vessah Anaconda II AR.AN.EL II 50 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    59 xignaceh Asp Explorer ASP Explorer 31 Explorer Escort
    60 Thunder Crotch Asp Explorer Whisky's Dream 30 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    61 Crimson3liteHD Anaconda Maria II 35 Explorer Prospector
    62 ANDREI117 Asp Explorer USS Constitution 31.27 Explorer Fuel rat
    63 Desupero undecided Pegasus 25 Explorer Escort
    64 CMDR Hotto Doggu Asp Explorer Emma 30 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    65 Kronek Asp Explorer Voyager 37 Explorer None
    66 Acela2163 Asp Explorer Unknown 32.68 Explorer None
    67 Quietaker Anaconda Shadow of intent 30 Explorer Fuel rat
    68 Jason Thorpe Asp Explorer WOJ-ALICE 29 Barnacle Hunter None
    69 UnD3Ad Sh4d0w Asp Explorer Arcadia 30.31 Explorer Prospector
    70 GEOVANNY Asp Explorer El Explorador 31 Barnacle Hunter None
    71 GCTH Anaconda Dead Reckoning 32 Maintenance Escort
    72 Jdude1 Anaconda The Green Boat 30 Hauler Fuel rat
    73 InfiniteMaximum Anaconda Icabus 40 Explorer Prospector
    74 Muricaball Anaconda 2nd Amendment 30 Hauler None
    75 insectorchid2 Anaconda blast from the past 40 Hauler Prospector
    76 Ruuj Rubellite Asp Explorer Yukiho's Dream - "Kosmos" 42.79 Explorer None
    77 Cmdr Lord Hayden Viper MkIV Homefyre 18 Explorer Prospector
    78 xel-fer Imperial Cutter IMS Revival 24 Miner Fuel rat
    79 Nightstalker87 Anaconda conda 22 Explorer Escort
    80 bLuEscLuEs Asp Explorer Djinn 34 Explorer None
    81 Kgunessee Asp Explorer ASP 30 Explorer None
    82 Oliver Dearlove Asp Explorer HMS Stephanie 32 Explorer Escort
    83 Stavax Anaconda Honey 50 Explorer None
    84 D4RK5T4R Asp Explorer The Rocinante 31.72 Barnacle Hunter None
    85 TortillaKreuz48 Asp Explorer Sobol 31.28 Barnacle Hunter None
    86 Aris Starborn Asp Explorer Starchaser I 46.33 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    87 Lady Arcstar Python AGS Crux 15.81 Explorer Escort
    88 romale05 undecided maybe a asp 20 Explorer None
    89 Garrusvakarian321 Asp Explorer Aurora 30 Miner Fuel rat
    90 Chang Patak Asp Explorer Wake Runner 33.87 Explorer Fuel rat
    91 Una Karoshi Asp Explorer The Sister Of Mercy 35 Explorer None
    92 Rainbro Imperial Clipper Long Range Basker 33.87 Miner None
    93 Graeme Seaman Asp Explorer Explorer 33.73 Explorer None
    94 Slackerbob Anaconda SBS Cochrane 31 Hauler None
    95 xarak Anaconda Intrepid 31 Explorer None
    96 Freebird Asp Explorer The Veil Runner 29 Miner None
    97 Wedran Anaconda snek 47.48 Explorer None
    98 Laffelrog Asp Explorer Aspianus 45 Explorer None
    99 Nuclearbadger DBE Pulsar penny 200 Miner None
    100 THEAK Adder The Altairian Javelin 25.25 Explorer None
    101 GLASTOMONGREL Asp Explorer GEV Alfred James Stewart 34.58 Explorer None
    102 MostlyAwol Python New Begining 33.8 Explorer None
    103 CMDR Moraes Asp Explorer Uss Cobra Explorer 30.62 Hauler Escort
    104 TheZestyBerry Asp Explorer Zesty 30.15 Explorer Escort
    105 Dlljs T6 MS Rockshot 25.76 Miner None
    106 Justago Asp Explorer Isla 35 Explorer Prospector
    107 Stern Winter Anaconda Hypothermia 23 Explorer Prospector, Fuel rat
    108 Tacit Ronin T9 Red Dragon 20 Miner Prospector
    109 Mono Batgut Keelback Thaumas II 25 Explorer None
    110 Putin Stronk Asp Explorer Gryphon 29.33 Explorer None
    111 RenK Asp Explorer Tachibana 32 Barnacle Hunter None
    112 Jackie Silver Imperial Clipper Let Venus Be The Victor 24 Explorer None
    113 crustay Anaconda dora 40 Explorer None
    114 CMDR Captain Guin Asp Explorer FNS Hailstorm 30 Explorer Escort
    115 Joseph Riera T6 Fatboy 20 Explorer Fuel rat
    116 F1rools22 Asp Explorer Geary's Flex 46 Explorer Fuel rat
    117 Tovey-Ansell Anaconda Aries 34 Explorer Fuel rat
    118 Comenius Anaconda Pork Chop Express 37 Explorer None
    119 Lister Of Smeg 83 Asp Explorer Lucky Its Made It This Far 33 Explorer Escort
    120 VoltAmp Anaconda Sulaco 25.7 Explorer None
    121 Aranck Machk Asp Explorer Blue Seagull Mk. III 32 Explorer None
    122 Shofur DBE NoisyCricket 33.25 Explorer Prospector
    123 IAmBob224 Anaconda The Aggregat 44.39 Explorer Escort
    124 Krebsy Asp Explorer Thief of Bad Gags II 35 Explorer Escort
    125 tibononoX Anaconda SS Pegasus 47 Explorer None
    126 Codex of Sol Asp Explorer Airman's Bane 31 Explorer None
    127 DGAS_6_7_ Anaconda Anaconda 37 Explorer None
    128 Chrystoph Imperial Clipper FGES Hippogryph 16.9 Hauler Prospector
    129 KT421 T9 Bessie 18.5 Hauler None
    130 CARLOSHS Python Pateta 20 Hauler None
    131 Charles Drake DBE JuJu Zombie 33 Explorer None
    132 Varamain Anaconda The Vagabond 25 Maintenance Escort
    133 TomH Anaconda Rockhopper 22 Hauler None
    134 Gazer__ Python Stand from Under 18.34 Explorer Prospector
    135 StarduckTF Asp Explorer Renatus 43.94 Explorer None
    136 Dpjon [WT] Anaconda Helmstone 24 Miner Escort
    137 The Mudfart Python Baskette 17.24 Explorer None
    138 cooly_hat Imperial Cutter Genesis 26 Hauler None
    139 airborne vet Anaconda uss valor 35 Hauler Escort
    140 Mengy Asp Explorer Amity II 46.7 Explorer Prospector
    141 JdoxRox Python The Defiant 26 Miner Escort
    142 Ruxconk Anaconda Sloop of Stone 22 Hauler Prospector
    143 TheTAB01 Asp Explorer Overlord 18 Hauler Fuel rat, Escort
    144 Ablative Anaconda Shippy McShipface 42 Explorer Fuel rat
    145 Infernal-Jawa T7 Rust bucket 24.41 Hauler Fuel rat
    146 Josh Barnes Anaconda Destiny 33.08 Explorer Escort
    147 Andrew Linton Asp Explorer Aspiration 30 Explorer Fuel rat
    148 Kieal Hauler T-6 27.76 Hauler None
    149 Vector Stark T9 Big Momma 17 Miner Prospector
    150 zz9pa Imperial Cutter The cutter. 19 Hauler None
    151 Horza-Gobuchul Anaconda Eight Rounds Rapid 41.12 Miner None
    152 Nexus Radical Asp Explorer ASP Explorer 24.5 Explorer Escort
    153 Zenturi Anaconda Light of Annetta 30 Explorer None
    154 tomparkes1993 Imperial Eagle Run 5 21.94 Explorer None
    155 Cmdr David Kerman Asp Explorer Laika & Ham 35 Explorer None
    156 The Tick Anaconda Tantalum Tabitha 30 Hauler None
    157 Faïlin T6 Fridger 30 Hauler Prospector
    158 Sodanar Anaconda Soda Stereo 42 Explorer None
    159 LUCIUS TARKIN T6 SANTA ISABELLA 23 Explorer None
    160 DaftFunk Anaconda Solar Sailer 30 Hauler Prospector
    161 Strogonovsky Anaconda Potemkin 18.88 Hauler Prospector
    162 2301 Anaconda Thunderchild 19 Hauler Escort
    163 Yugorta Asp Explorer Tenere 22 Explorer Escort
    164 Aether Taos T6 Tyx 27.61 Barnacle Hunter None
    165 Exyl DBE 42K 42 Explorer None
    166 Halcyone T9 Slow Boat To Nowhere 15 Hauler None
    167 Kaellito Anaconda Kurald Galain 25 Hauler None
    168 Kaktuszwerg19 Asp Explorer FFM 25.22 Barnacle Hunter None
    169 Control Asp Explorer Tora 31.4 Explorer None
    170 G.D. Runciter Asp Explorer Loreley 24.43 Explorer Prospector
    171 Harrison Fjord Asp Explorer Gary 30 Explorer Prospector
    172 I Nux I Anaconda Enterprise 25.81 Hauler Prospector
    173 Ralindron Anaconda Leviatan 25 Hauler Escort
    174 Andrea Dornan Anaconda Bullfango 17 Miner Prospector, Fuel rat
    175 SRVVR Anaconda Anaconda 31 Explorer None
    176 Staraptor Amatin Asp Explorer IES Star-Avia 40 Explorer None
    177 Chris Longknife T6 Akemi Maru 22.59 Barnacle Hunter None
    178 Tom.R Imperial Cutter Pegasus 22.42 Hauler None
    179 Storm Eyes Imperial Cutter Morning Glory 24 Hauler None
    180 nuclear-bird Python tito 15 Miner None
    181 Petroph Anaconda Enterprise 32 Explorer Prospector
    182 McCaffeteria T7 Hubris 17.56 Hauler None
    183 Magus of Magrathea Asp Explorer Epoch 26.4 Explorer None
    184 Dstud208 Anaconda Anaconda 28.47 Explorer Fuel rat, Escort
    185 ZX Specrum Imperial Clipper Arissas Revenge 29.92 Hauler Prospector
    186 Eldrich Stark Imperial Clipper S.S.Siren 25 Explorer Escort
    187 Ikaru Sulu Imperial Courier Quenn Emily 22 Hauler Prospector
    188 AdamAuden1092 DBE StarDiver 25.58 Explorer None
    189 CHUT Anaconda Infinity 48.5 Explorer Escort
    190 WiggyB Anaconda Death and Gravity 41 Barnacle Hunter None
    191 Hunting_Phoenix Imperial Clipper Pegasus 15 Hauler Escort
    192 Joe Hammond Anaconda H Y P E R I O N 38.57 Explorer None
    193 Nickelpede Anaconda Waorani Chief 35 Explorer None
    194 Jazzy "Pickle" Rose T9 Lady Jane 18 Miner Prospector, Fuel rat
    195 Stallan Corvette Earthquake 20 Explorer None
    196 Farallon Anaconda The Skytrain 47 Explorer None
    197 Sparfell_bzh Imperial Cutter Stellaxe 20 Hauler Prospector
    198 Arkanaught Anaconda BigNose 27.08 Hauler None
    199 Wierzbowski Asp Explorer Hringhorni 34 Hauler None
    200 Mr. Burns Anaconda Astro Know Me Domina 29 Explorer None
    201 Maiger Asp Explorer Are We There Yet 32 Explorer None
    202 The_Grox Anaconda Starchaser 51.37 Explorer None
    203 Crest d. Z. Asp Explorer Tora 29 Explorer None
    204 Henrik the Brav Keelback Henrik's Booty 18.67 Hauler Prospector
    205 Spriggan72 Asp Explorer Black Celica 34 Hauler None
    206 PanicButton Anaconda Anna 41 Hauler Prospector
    207 darkinnit T7 Starbug 25 Hauler None
    208 Nijiki undecided T6: Faran, AE: Algonquin 24 Explorer None
    209 Dovery Python Serendipity 17.13 Hauler None
    210 Brains McNutt Asp Explorer Superluminal Crow 50 Explorer None
    211 John Shibregro Anaconda ISS Does Your Mother Know 46.84 Hauler None
    212 HDMan Anaconda LongHaul 20.08 Hauler None
    213 NCC71201 Asp Explorer Melanie 39.12 Hauler None
    214 Vandemar Python The Orbital Line Crash Tester 16.29 Hauler None
    215 MSamurai Asp Explorer RSV Saguenay 27.45 Explorer None
    216 Dunnykin Anaconda Anaconda 33.3 Explorer None
    217 SpaceJunk Anaconda (none) 30 Explorer Prospector
    218 Lucien Trask Anaconda Umibozu 41.11 Explorer Prospector
    219 PerfectTommy Corvette FNS Hikita 13 Explorer Escort
    220 Kaickul Asp Explorer Quick Vision 30 Explorer None
    221 Ar-Pharazon Cobra MkIII Einherjar 24 Explorer None
    222 Araror Asp Explorer Vipera aspis 31.08 Explorer None
    223 Simon 'Booster' Woods Anaconda HMS Aquarius B 47.1 Hauler None
    224 ripoff123 undecided the might of bluberry 20 Hauler None
    225 Iskar Ultor Asp Explorer Perseverance 38 Miner Prospector
    226 Donkey Hote Asp Explorer Sancho Panza I 33 Explorer None
    227 24B Cobra MkIII The Crimson Cobra 25 Explorer None
    228 GERTYMOON Asp Explorer The White Star 32 Explorer Prospector
    229 DogsBody Asp Explorer Just For The Hell Of It 27 Explorer None
    230 A.Force Adder Bad 21 Explorer Prospector
    231 HAMMERINYOURFACE Imperial Clipper Exodius 24.14 Hauler Escort
    232 Jago Kain Python Hercules 20.07 Hauler None
    233 Gravitylens Imperial Cutter Brick in Space 16.45 Hauler None
    234 Stupid_hippy Imperial Cutter GCU Wait..wut? 24.74 Explorer Escort
    235 Coolguy6316 Asp Explorer Clementine 35.71 Explorer None
    236 saikoyama Asp Explorer VSC 01 26.76 Explorer None
    237 Gravedodger_Reboot Python Doris 16.7 Explorer Prospector
    238 Wolram Imperial Cutter Devastator 25.5 Hauler None
    239 Imperial Explorer Cobra MkIII Legend 20.2 Hauler None
    240 -Spica- Anaconda - 30 Hauler None
    241 Maximilian Reach Imperial Cutter Hauly 16.39 Hauler None
    242 DRAGON DARKO Anaconda Star-Killer 22.79 Miner None
    243 ZSCHMEEZ Asp Explorer Asp Explorer 32.47 Explorer None
    244 Arcamenal Asp Explorer Naglfar 30 Explorer Prospector
    245 Officialjake Asp Explorer kepler 35 Explorer Fuel rat
    246 SheolCenotaph DBE Spirit of Port Orchard 28 Hauler None
    247 astrix swayer Anaconda artemis II 31 Maintenance Prospector
    248 Pullock Anaconda Golden Rescue 30 Explorer None
    249 Primal Muffin Anaconda Bessie 46 Explorer Fuel rat
    250 Eid LeWeise Anaconda Waiting to unfold 16 Hauler Fuel rat
    251 dschafer Asp Explorer The Dan Straight 35.63 Explorer None
    252 CMDR Tranceravers Asp Explorer Sarah 32 Barnacle Hunter None
    253 xNurf Python Raven 1 19 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    254 Talon2277 Python Superluminal 25 Hauler Escort
    255 CMDR Hulo Asp Explorer Samsara 31.35 Explorer None
    256 Zaroca Anaconda Big Betty 48.39 Hauler Fuel rat
    257 Benzur T6 Red 6 20.53 Explorer Escort
    258 Wylzhard Asp Explorer Ariane 30 Explorer None
    259 GJGeraldy Anaconda The Sitting Duck 23.45 Hauler Escort
    260 Deebz__ Anaconda Discovery 31 Hauler None
    261 Ricrd Thor Rosa Anaconda Unknown 27 Hauler Prospector
    262 Erimus Anaconda Black Bullet 50 Hauler None

    Convoy 2 Fleet Roster :

    Pilots : 300

    Convoy #2 departs on August 15th.

    Pilot Commander name Ship type Ship name Range Primary role Secondary role (optional)
    1 Jonas Treesong Asp Explorer Abel Tasman 35 Expedition Organizer Explorer
    2 unrealization Cobra MkIII Elektra 24.51 Expedition Organizer Explorer
    3 Helms Deep Asp Explorer Bumble 36 Expedition Organizer Explorer
    4 Alex Ringess Anaconda Beagle II 30.3 Explorer None
    5 Micky Shades Anaconda Galactic Randonneur 38 Explorer None
    6 Frawd Digger Orca Lucifer's Palace 22 Hauler Prospector
    7 Baudelier Anaconda HMS- Carlin Trend 17 Hauler Prospector
    8 Jiddick Anaconda Jaques' Delight 24 Miner Prospector
    9 Blackixo Imperial Cutter Escort Alpha 20 Explorer Escort
    10 Echoes Asp Explorer Ere-bus 34 Explorer Prospector
    11 Dexter7 Anaconda Snowman 50 Barnacle Hunter None
    12 DARKLIGHTNING77 Asp Explorer Far One 35.25 Explorer Escort
    13 VOORHEEZ Asp Explorer DAMOCLES 46 Explorer None
    14 KA_Gamer Anaconda Smooth Squirrel 30 Explorer Fuel rat
    15 Paladinleeds Python Spyder 20.84 Explorer None
    16 Cometborne Imperial Cutter The Thrusted Whale 16 Maintenance None
    17 timewarp01 Anaconda Sword of Atagaris 54 Explorer Prospector
    18 Imperial explorer Anaconda Archer 20 Hauler Escort
    19 Inticus Asp Explorer Amelia 36 Explorer Prospector
    20 Chet Lawson Asp Explorer Hermes 22 Explorer Prospector
    21 CMDR LochTech Asp Explorer Livin' on the edge 34 Explorer None
    22 Mark Smith Asp Explorer Adastral 32 Explorer None
    23 Flash_Baggins Asp Explorer Ship With No Name MKII 33 Barnacle Hunter None
    24 fh_spitfire Imperial Clipper Heart of Gold 25 Explorer None
    25 Lucienn Anaconda Scholomance II 40 Explorer Prospector
    26 ExponentAcorn11 Asp Explorer Acorn Express 32 Explorer None
    27 StationToStation undecided (don't know yet) 999 Explorer None
    28 Maerlyn Asp Explorer EDS Cerberus 30 Explorer Prospector
    29 Firaphor Asp Explorer Oklahoma 35.13 Explorer Fuel rat
    30 Skoss93s Anaconda the explorer 46 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    31 A200DOLLARDONUT DBE Diamondback Explorer 12.45 Explorer Escort
    32 <-lightspeed-> Anaconda TBD 40 Miner None
    33 Wild Turkey Asp Explorer The Lady Alice 30 Explorer None
    34 Hansow Imperial Cutter Kelvin 30 Explorer Prospector
    35 Ereshkigal Asp Explorer Tavona 19 Explorer None
    36 Slimy Nipple Asp Explorer Slimy Nipple's Pet Black Guy 30 Explorer None
    37 Bam Asp Explorer HMS Farther Out Man 34 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    38 Cmdr Doug Heisennerch Anaconda Wendelstein-X 29 None Fuel rat
    39 Fylu Asp Explorer Asp Explorer 30 Explorer None
    40 whtedynamite Anaconda maya 41 Hauler Prospector
    41 *AKEN* Anaconda VOYAGER 35 Explorer Prospector
    42 alerok_147 Anaconda Formidable 32.72 Explorer Escort
    43 OutpostAntara9 Imperial Clipper Anubis 20.09 Explorer None
    44 Derage Asp Explorer The Sterna 30 Explorer None
    45 Targa Anaconda Agamemnon 40 Explorer None
    46 Cyrillus Kreek Anaconda Goldfinger 50 Hauler None
    47 Old Joe Imperial Clipper Great White 21 Explorer Prospector
    48 Nurph Asp Explorer Rolling Stone 32 Explorer Escort
    49 Ulysses Wolf Asp Explorer Solar Wind 29 Explorer Prospector
    50 Six String Samurai Asp Explorer Les Paul 22 Explorer Prospector
    51 Zsapi T7 Terra 30 Hauler None
    52 Julian Winter Asp Explorer Red Herring 40 Explorer None
    53 TrollmanSachs Asp Explorer Destiny X 30.75 Explorer Prospector
    54 Dorsey Anaconda Gretta's Redemption 21 Hauler None
    55 xignaceh Asp Explorer ASP Explorer 30 Explorer Escort
    56 MACPROFREAK Viper MkIV RED CANDY 22 Explorer Prospector
    57 Peacefrog007 Asp Scout Peace Flyer 21.44 Explorer None
    58 Reggie Perrin Asp Explorer Burt 28 Explorer None
    59 Brian Cohen Asp Explorer Messiah 34 Explorer None
    60 Hemsky Asp Explorer Jolly Jumper 33 Explorer None
    61 SteamSmith Asp Explorer In a Strange Land 35.96 Explorer Escort
    62 Chevelle Imperial Cutter Silence 27 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    63 AesFox Asp Explorer Urocyon 25 Hauler None
    64 Morat Anaconda Onion Terror 34 Hauler Escort
    65 Eye of Aphelion Anaconda Eye Of Aphelion 17.5 Hauler Escort
    66 The book 0f eli Anaconda Mix-a-lot 18 Hauler Escort
    67 Qwertyuiopas Anaconda Upon Reflection 31.43 Explorer None
    68 Zenotic undecided - 32 Explorer None
    69 Richard Anderson Anaconda Dark Stryder 2 23.21 Hauler None
    70 NACHO MAN T7 Ship for brains 20.82 Explorer Fuel rat
    71 Wintercobra Asp Explorer Prometheus 30 Explorer Prospector
    72 N4gual Imperial Clipper Trantor 18 Explorer None
    73 Titus Gray Anaconda Starseeker Omega 29.5 Explorer None
    74 Flimsey Anaconda Gungner 23 Hauler None
    75 Floober Imperial Clipper I dunno haven't thought of one 21 Miner Escort
    76 Tehed Imperial Courier undecided 25 Explorer Escort
    77 Kirack Anaconda Le Magnanime 34.67 Explorer None
    78 GFC PHOENIX Asp Explorer THE FLAME 32 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    79 bevkcan DBE Titanic 35 Explorer None
    80 Vikingtrack Asp Explorer Vanguard 22 Explorer None
    81 Bratus Asp Explorer Destiny X 30.99 Explorer Prospector
    82 QUUHOD Asp Explorer Hesperus 44.62 Miner Prospector
    83 SlayedOver Python USS Expedition 20 Miner Escort
    84 Knexfreak32 Anaconda Abby 26 Hauler None
    85 MaXrAgE115 Anaconda USS Defiance 32 Hauler None
    86 Dave H Schiff Python USS HuEHuEBR 20.91 Miner Prospector, Escort
    87 Natto Hito T6 Aluminum Mallard 24.27 Miner None
    88 Roby1Kenobi Asp Explorer HMS Picard 30.97 Explorer Prospector
    89 LittRar Asp Explorer Asp Explorer 32 Explorer None
    90 Cheetah Imperial Cutter Behemoth 15 Miner None
    91 BLADEZZKILLER99 Asp Explorer HMS Reluctant 34 Explorer Prospector
    92 Wuddel Anaconda Nautilus 30 Miner None
    93 odin0peter Anaconda Flux 18.5 Hauler None
    94 ManuOne Kenobi undecided Odyssée / Providence 60 Barnacle Hunter None
    95 Mattastan United Imperial Cutter HSV Honor 18.5 Hauler Escort
    96 Avenz DBE Firebug 20 Miner None
    97 CMDR Trathos Asp Explorer Golden Morning 33 Hauler Prospector
    98 Nuclearassasin1 Asp explorer SSV manswell SR2 25 Explorer None
    99 MalvadoDiablo Imperial Cutter Sabrina 25 Hauler Escort
    100 woodZEEdragon Asp Explorer DragonXplorr 23.81 Explorer Prospector
    101 Maia Posidana Anaconda Gloria Coelis 29.37 Hauler None
    102 CMDR Esso Python Lazarus 20 Miner Prospector
    103 Es Andr Python Red Gooze 15 Miner None
    104 Darth Midian Asp Explorer Fury 30 Explorer Fuel rat
    105 Slug Bang Adder Bob 20 Explorer None
    106 KlaasYK Asp Explorer Isolde 32 Explorer Escort
    107 ArcanumRelevante Anaconda BagelRat 32 Explorer Fuel rat
    108 Muad'Dib [POZ] Imperial Clipper Black Pearl 18 Hauler Prospector
    109 Gazvo82 Imperial Cutter Cersei's Shame 28 Hauler Prospector
    110 Cathar Asp Explorer Red Zenith 28.43 Miner Escort
    111 Manolo(BR) Anaconda Century 31 Explorer None
    112 Rolf98 Imperial Eagle Graham's number 19 Explorer Escort
    113 La Sonny Anaconda Jaques Endeavour 25 Explorer None
    114 kjkb1980 Federal Dropship Cargo Vessel (CV) Daenerys 21.3 Hauler None
    115 Zephrow Imperial Clipper I.N.V. Kitouma 24 Miner Escort
    116 wrathofnaan Anaconda Dirk Diggler 34.64 Hauler Prospector
    117 Acharn Federal Assault Ship N/A 22.23 Explorer Escort
    118 Commander Raxo Asp Explorer The Trailblazer 28.5 Barnacle Hunter None
    119 D4RKS4V4NT Asp Explorer Resolution 37.59 Explorer Prospector
    120 M. Clavius Imperial Clipper DSS Oceanodroma tethys 19.56 Hauler Prospector
    121 Diocles Asterous Asp Explorer Resolution 32 Miner None
    122 HSkelvin Viper MkIII N/A 12.48 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    123 Raziel Cain Anaconda Butters 100 Miner Prospector
    124 D43DLU5 Federal Assault Ship Dolphin 19.1 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    125 Darvil Python Iridium Nightfire 16 Miner Prospector
    126 Martin Afonso Anaconda Kobayashi Maru 26 Hauler Prospector
    127 PtakUlicnik Imperial Clipper Celest 25 Miner None
    128 Riddled Python HMCS Athabaskan 20 Hauler Escort
    129 Carlo F. di Cossato T7 Piece of Cake 20 Miner None
    130 CMDR J CLUTARIO DBE PNS Czareenah 32.38 Explorer None
    131 Perigourdin Anaconda Normandy 31 Explorer Escort
    132 Jaredd T9 Behemoth 15 Hauler None
    133 CMDR Xizzlle Cobra MkIII Spitfire 24.58 Barnacle Hunter None
    134 Cosmo Arktos Asp Explorer St. Bernard 30.37 Explorer Fuel rat
    135 Cmdr Nos O'neill Asp Explorer Gutz 25 Explorer Escort
    136 CMDR Moonman Meso Anaconda Adrastos 37 Explorer Prospector
    137 BULDOZERISBMW Asp Explorer Kastruotojas 30 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    138 BAJORAS TUZAS Cobra MkIII Kobra 22 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    139 FduChun Anaconda Gold star 53.85 Hauler Escort
    140 Evelyn Mione T7 Cancadia 20 Hauler Fuel rat
    141 UnkeptFreerider Viper MkIV Sky 20.68 Explorer Prospector
    142 ~RADER~ Cobra MkIII WUBBA 21.36 Explorer Prospector
    143 ZZAP66 Anaconda NOSTROMO 22 Barnacle Hunter None
    144 Lance 'Spacecat' D. Anaconda Odyssey 28 Hauler None
    145 Dr.Bebop Anaconda FNS Tenhunter 37 Maintenance Prospector
    146 Wheelybob Asp Explorer Gaïa 35 Explorer None
    147 StillSober2014 Asp Explorer Jenny 23 Barnacle Hunter None
    148 DanAC Asp Explorer Phoenix 43.71 Explorer None
    149 waterlubber Anaconda Anaconda with FSD Mod #001 46.7 Explorer Fuel rat
    150 C2H6 Asp Explorer Space Boaty McBoatface 40 Explorer Prospector
    151 Clapton Anaconda Milian 33.5 Miner Prospector
    152 FlameYeti1988 Anaconda none 30 Explorer Escort
    153 Adidane Anaconda Sir Patrick Moore 25 Miner None
    154 ChrisQXR Cobra or Asp Explorer TBD once ship finalized 25 Explorer Prospector, Escort
    155 Yuksarr Asp Explorer Torii 40 Explorer None
    156 Umpelkarumpel Anaconda Dora the Explorer 35 Explorer None
    157 Psykokow Orca Kowpat 10.2 Hauler None
    158 MatDallTac Asp Explorer Le Curieux II 39 Explorer Fuel rat
    159 Artyom Scardovi Asp Explorer RSV Terran Winter 34.33 Barnacle Hunter Prospector
    160 SoulStah318 Anaconda Ark Royal 38.57 Miner Escort
    161 Yggiz Asp Explorer Asp Explorer 26.99 Hauler None
    162 Foucan Asp Explorer Blackdimond Explore 24.69 Explorer None
    163 Falco Ó Seighin Anaconda Great Falcon 24.93 Hauler None
    164 Skyler Jones Asp Explorer Asp Explorer 31 Explorer Fuel rat
    165 C. McKee Asp Explorer I.H.O.P. 32 Barnacle Hunter None
    166 .Stryker. Anaconda ISS Behemoth 49.95 Explorer Fuel rat
    167 Harumodoki Asp Explorer Nanda 32.1 Hauler Prospector
    168 L F Sternn Cobra MkIV Venturer 18.44 Explorer None
    169 DjinxHawaii Anaconda FNS Screw The Bubble 20.8 Hauler Fuel rat
    170 Baito Imperial Cutter The Valhalla 24.35 Hauler Prospector, Escort
    171 Coins2010 Anaconda Equinox 38.05 Explorer Escort
    172 TwoJumps Asp Explorer BOB 32 Explorer None
    173 Flopcee Asp Explorer Liberator 32 Explorer Prospector
    174 L.O.G.I.C DBE Helena 24 Explorer None
    175 Parade19 Imperial Cutter no name 25 Hauler Prospector
    176 RGSCOSS Anaconda Disturber 26.72 Explorer Escort
    177 ANAXAGORE Anaconda EAGLE 334 43 Explorer None
    178 Xed Imperial Cutter SS Suicidal Insanity 15 Hauler None
    179 Awetwookie Asp Explorer Space Cowboy 24 Explorer None
    180 ExtremeNinja135 Python USS INFINITY 20.29 Explorer Convoy 2
    181 CroKy184 undecided CDSV Hermes/ CDSV Perses 20 Hauler Escort
    182 VAN ASCH Python Purple Mist 19.76 Hauler Prospector
    183 Raiko T9 Baymax 20 Hauler Convoy 2
    184 FlipGo Python BRB 42 22.3 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    185 Bunny bear456 Andconda The glendive 20 Miner Escort
    186 Guy De Lombard Anaconda Neverland 54.4 Explorer None
    187 TheGrizzly Asp Explorer HMS L'Intrépide 47 Hauler None
    188 StillKeal Asp Explorer Martha 29 Explorer None
    189 CMDR TRUEPPP Asp Explorer Maple Leaf 36 Hauler None
    190 TheGreatArgon Anaconda Shining Portuguese 24.14 Explorer None
    191 Jack Haddock Imperial Cutter FISHY ARGUS 20 Miner None
    192 DarkFloyd Anaconda Lunar Eclipse 29 Explorer None
    193 Kortan Asp Explorer Bounty 32 Explorer None
    194 Guy De Lombard Anaconda Neverland 54.62 Explorer Prospector
    195 St3ve Anaconda Monty 22 Miner Prospector
    196 Lord Gwilym Anaconda The Bantam 28.07 Explorer Prospector
    197 TheNandez Diamondback Explorer S.S. Cricket 25.1 Explorer Escort
    198 CMDR WaterKant Asp Explorer Frida 45 Explorer None
    199 L1am335 T7 Icarus 21.5 Miner Prospector
    200 Auffin Anaconda Maybe Later 44 Explorer None
    201 Goopv35gtr Anaconda USCSS Nostromo 39 Hauler None
    202 recskabajnok Anaconda jános 30 Explorer None
    203 Holmezorz Asp Explorer The Dirty Sock 29 Explorer None
    204 Nyxi Imperial Courier Imperial Courier 22 Explorer None
    205 JADMURDOCH Anaconda BlackBeast 22 Explorer Prospector
    206 Vanes Anaconda Ragnar 30 Explorer Escort
    207 i3i alex i3i Asp Explorer Bengouz 33 Explorer Prospector
    208 Vegassimus Asp Explorer Deep Universe 1 45.74 Explorer None
    209 CMDR Kaibura Asp Explorer The Aurora 30.51 Barnacle Hunter None
    210 Zenika Asp Explorer Ajax 32 Miner None
    211 CMDR ZSCHMEEZ Asp Explorer The Road Less Traveled 32.99 Explorer None
    212 Captain Guin Asp Explorer FNS Hailstorm 30 Explorer None
    213 Porq Asp Explorer E.M.S O'Hara 22 Miner Fuel rat
    214 Bruski Imperial Cutter Byzantium Rising 25.37 Hauler Prospector
    215 Döden Asp Explorer Tanngrisnir 44.17 Barnacle Hunter None
    216 Souvarine Anaconda SSF Lord of Kobol 33 Hauler None
    217 Shoryuken Anaconda Defiant 40 Barnacle Hunter Escort
    218 AnubizRa Asp Explorer Redshift 46.28 Explorer None
    219 Stupiedzombie77 Asp Explorer Groot 27.61 Explorer Escort
    220 Omen Asp Explorer Not Before Lunchtime 30 Explorer Escort
    221 Cypher Kadel Anaconda Going Merry 30 Explorer Prospector
    222 Taskchair DBE N-241BJ 30 Explorer None
    223 isokix ASP Explorer captain chaos 51.2 Explorer None
    224 Tincup Anaconda Maikeru 47 Explorer Prospector
    225 Ar'Vessah Anaconda II AR.AN.EL II 53 Explorer Prospector
    226 Pirin Asp Explorer Cinderella 48.88 Explorer Prospector
    227 Andrea Dornan Anaconda Bullfangos 16 Miner None
    228 Ray Mobula Asp Explorer Thunderhorse 31 Explorer None
    229 SnackPak Asp Explorer Asp Again Later 35 Explorer Prospector
    230 Honshiriuru Asp Explorer Masamune 20 Explorer None
    231 JaviLM Imperial Cutter JMIC01 23 Miner None
    232 Mattham Asp Explorer Anna 33 Miner None
    233 Ragnar Starquester Anaconda Agricola 40 Explorer Prospector
    234 melsh Anaconda Blue Cheese Express 60.07 Miner None
    235 Kurz Asp Explorer von Humboldt 29 Explorer None
    236 CMDR Jronz Anaconda Dragon Tooth 31.25 Explorer None
    237 Mack Winston Python Isambard Kingdom Brunel 22 Miner Prospector
    238 Cresbot Anaconda Alacarde 50 Explorer None
    239 DragonsLake Cobra MkIII Starfury 20 Explorer None
    240 Ged582 Asp Explorer redfox 30 Explorer Prospector
    241 WBHokie13 Imperial Cutter INV Prosim 33.96 Maintenance Prospector, Fuel rat
    242 Kestril Anaconda Earthbound Misfit 33 Miner Fuel rat
    243 Joghiarus Python AURYN 37.4 Hauler None
    244 Twigg92 Imperial Cutter Known 25 Hauler Prospector
    245 iallexe Anaconda ECM Wezlouv 44.66 Explorer None
    246 Masterploxis Asp Explorer Kunibert II 25 Hauler Escort
    247 Heisenberg6626 Asp Explorer Polaris 43 Explorer Fuel rat
    248 xCrescentMagex Asp Explorer Emerald Angel 25 Explorer None
    249 Crimshadow Anaconda Nightfall 50 Miner Prospector
    250 Zusagid Python Ziost Shadow 29.86 Miner None
    251 CMDR Tucsa Asp Explorer Krtek 32 Explorer None
    252 cmdr psyzed Asp Explorer The pioneer 45 Explorer Prospector
    253 Myamoto Asp Explorer Bucefalo 30 Explorer None
    254 Zophrrak Asp Explorer Volt 32 Miner None
    255 Lone_Wolf Asp Explorer Endeavour 38 Explorer Prospector
    256 Asayanami Dei Anaconda Katsuragi II 49.99 Explorer Prospector
    257 Jet Horizon T9 Jet's Moving Castle 26 Explorer None
    258 Squiggle undecided Damaged Goods 54 Explorer Escort
    259 Flyinspaghetti Anaconda None 51 Explorer None
    260 Nighttiger95 Viper MkIV Galaxy Trekker 18 Explorer Prospector
    261 Niar T7 Higanbana 22 Explorer None
    262 Cmdr Junk Monkey DBE Capricorn 1 30.3 Explorer None
    263 IINachoIII Corvette Silverna 11.51 Explorer Fuel rat, Escort
    264 DarkShadow50271 Asp Explorer Inanis Rimor 31.24 Explorer None
    265 Vastra Imperial Cutter Oreo 20 Miner Prospector, Fuel rat, Escort
    266 N'ADAR Anaconda The Astrologer's Javaline 30 Explorer Prospector
    267 Haydn Shaw Anaconda HS No Compromise 45 Explorer None
    268 Cry0 Cobra MkIII Cobra MKIII 21.87 Explorer None
    269 Kassandra Anaconda Jessica's Love 45 Maintenance Fuel rat
    270 PwnLuc Jicard DBE "Bmb1be" 47.06 Explorer Prospector
    271 theNerdGoddess Asp Explorer Cleopatra 43.7 Explorer Prospector
    272 Slackerbob Anaconda SBS Cochrane 49 Hauler None
    273 Just Jammin Anaconda Galactica 38 Miner Prospector
    274 MEXICAN_JACK Asp Explorer ASP Explorer 20 Miner None
    275 Hasmodai Anaconda Snow Blind 45.19 Explorer Prospector, Fuel rat
    276 Mandragoran Asp Explorer Mandarb 19.3 Explorer None
    277 CMDR DEATHTRIPPER Anaconda BREAKDOWN 31 Barnacle Hunter Fuel rat
    278 Raxo Asp Explorer The Trailblazer 38 Barnacle Hunter None
    279 Gombari Noah DBE The Naiad 22 Explorer None
    280 S0ban Anaconda Francine III 32.4 Explorer None
    281 T.Prime Type-6 Transporter Primer VI 26 Explorer None
    282 Commander Messineo. ASP Explorer USS Say my name 27 Explorer Prospector
    283 CMDR Jesekoifan Lakon explorer ASP 27 Miner Prospector
    284 Nik Fury Asp Explorer Argo 32.5 Miner None
    285 Spartan B99 Imperial Cutter Legatus 26 Miner None
    286 Chrystoph Imperial Clipper FGES Hippogryph 16.9 Hauler Prospector
    287 cwtheking Adder Adder Bomb 11.43 Explorer None
    288 captainHUWMAN Asp Explorer Lillith 20 Explorer None
    289 CMDR LavenderSH Diamondback Explorer Ship 48 Explorer None
    290 Tantrum Anaconda Novum Exordium 30 Miner None
    291 CMDR Dave Justice Type-6 RN Agamemnon 24 Explorer None
    292 strike2beta Asp Explorer Defiance 30 Explorer None
    293 squid509 Asp Explorer calmar 32 Explorer Prospector
    294 fusioncore231 Asp Explorer Dx12-3 15 Explorer None
    295 Jesekoifan Exploration ASP Explorer 30 Miner Prospector
    296 Fractal Shard Asp Explorer FGES Avalon 20 Explorer Prospector, Escort
    297 L1ghtn1ng Explorer Asp Explorer 24 Explorer Prospector
    298 Jagyr Cobra Mk.III Osprey 22.86 Explorer Escort
    299 REXLACERTA ASP Explorer Regina 26.78 Explorer Escort
    300 Cerialkillir Asp Sulaco 30.81 Explorer Prospector

    The Expedition :

    A Jaunt to Jaques...

    Expedition Leaders : Sham Gaz & members of the Google+ Exploration Community.
    Route Maps & Itinerary : Courtesy of The Galactic Mapping Team.
    Expedition Logo : Qohen Leth.

    August Exodus - A Jaunt to Jaques is an expedition that has been planned since Jaques' discovery, and now that the Dangerous Games are over, the time for its launch is here. It's an adventure set up by the Google+ Elite Community in association with the Galactic Mapping Team (who provided the route & itinerary). The expedition out to the Colonia Nebula is ideal for all those interested in Jacques' story and who want to put their weight behind a venture that could lead to actual permanent content far beyond the bubble. A 22,000 LY trip out to the western edges of the galactic core, complete with interesting scientific and visual POIs along the way, and even basecamp rendezvous points for those social gatherings that made the DWE so much fun. All of which make this the most interesting "shipping lane" to date!

    The outward bound journey consists of 6 major POIs - including one unique one! Michell's Legacy (more details below). The route also includes 3 optional basecamps that can act as welcome rest stops and social gathering points for those heading out there.

    The return leg consists of 5 major waypoints, including a further 3 basecamps - one of which (Mors Pit) makes Drake's Ridge of DWE infamy look like the garden of Eden! Its one of the most eerie places you can visit, a location in perpetual twilight and shrouded in an ominous thick green mist, and surrounded by mysterious noises. Don't go exploring the Pit alone!

    The Departure Point :

    System: OCSHOOIT
    Planet: B1
    Gravity: 0.11G
    Location: -53.09 / 179.33

    You can find the landing guide here.

    The journey is scheduled to bring players to Jaques by early-August and late-August respectively. Upon arrival those wanting to stick around and help with mining operations (bring mining lasers!), or help with the barnacle hunt are encouraged to do so, and those wanting to make a return to the bubble and get back home in time for September's Galactic Nebula Expedition should have plenty of time too.

    For ideas of what ship builds to consider for this trip, check out Henkka77's thread : Here.

    For those making the return journey, you'll notice the final waypoint passes through the Dumbbell Nebula. This is an opportunity for explorers to help CMDR Elementical's great pioneering effort to completely sector map the Dumbbell Sector - details of which can be found : Here.

    For those interested in Jaques' backstory and how its effected current events, you can read up on it here : Jaques the Cyborg

    The Route :

    Waypoint #1
    Thor's Eye

    A Black Hole system situated approx. 250 LYs 'south' of the Lagoon Nebula. Thor's Eye is situated within the middle of an open cluster named NGC 6530. The cluster is composed mainly by B-class stars and few A-class too.

    There's an A white-blue supergiant (HD 164865) and many B-class stars that have neutron companions or black holes within the system.

    This waypoint not only has the spectacular visual effects of Thor's Eye itself to enjoy, but can also be a lucrative place to bring back scan data from.

    Waypoint #2
    The Lagoon Nebula

    A distinctive green and orange nebula situated on the near rim of the Norma arm, approx. 4,500 LYs from Sol.

    The Lagoon offers one of the most visually stunning backdrops currently discovered. It was one of the highlight waypoint locations visited during the Distant Worlds Expedition of 3302.

    Waypoint #3
    The Omega Nebula
    Basecamp rendezvous point : Camp Baatuta

    A small nebula situated within the Sagittarius arm, close to the much more visually stunning Lagoon Nebula, approx. 5,500 LYs from Sol.

    Home to Camp Baatuta - the 3rd basecamp used during Distant Worlds 3302.

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #1) :
    Wed 27th Jul
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #2) :
    Thu 18th Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Convoy #2 Pilots wanting to take part in the Mining CG are recommended to skip the following waypoints and head straight to Jaques after the Omega meetup (the mining CG ends August 25th).

    Waypoint #4
    The Eagle Nebula

    Small-medium sized nebula situated within the Sagittarius arm, approx. 7,000 LYs from Sol.

    The Eagle Nebula contains scores of tightly packed young F5 class stars, making it a hotbed of scientific research and well within reach for short-range exploration vessels.

    Waypoint #5
    The Skaudai Nebula
    Basecamp rendezvous point : Vespera Vision

    Medium sized pink and red nebula situated within the central Norma Arm, approx. 11,700 LYs from Sol.

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #1) :
    Sun 31st Jul
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (19:00 Gametime Other)

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #2) :
    Mon 22nd Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Waypoint #6
    Michell's Legacy
    Basecamp rendezvous point : Camp Cly

    A system containing 6 black holes. One of the highest concentrations of system-specific black holes currently discovered, it is named in honour of John Michell who first postulated the existence of black holes back in the 18th century.

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #1) :
    Wed 3rd Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #2) :
    Thu 25th Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Waypoint #7
    The Colonia Nebula (Jaques Station)
    Rendezvous point : Jaques Bar!

    The Colonia Nebula was an unremarkable medium-sized nebula situated on the western edge of the galactic core - and on the outer edged of the more prominent Festival Grounds. That was until June 3302 when the nebula became a hotbed of exploration after the missing starport, Jaques Station, was discovered within its outer regions.

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #1) :
    Sun 7th Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (19:00 Gametime Other)

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #2) :
    Mon 29th Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Waypoint #8
    The Wind Chime Nebula

    Hanging below the Galactic Plane and about 1,100 LYs from the nearest member of the local nebulae group that make up the Festival Grounds Cluster, this nebula rewards those who visit it with a stunning view of pink and blue colours.

    Waypoint #9
    The Kes-75 Magnetar
    Basecamp rendezvous point : Caligo Canyon

    This double neutron star system (a magnetar in real life) sits on the very western tip of the Norma Expanse.

    The magnetar - a type of neutron star with a magnetic field so strong it could rip the iron out of your blood from many thousands of kilometers away, was first discovered by CMDR 59thLefy in March 3301.

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #1) :
    Wed 10th Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #2) :
    Wed 31st Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Waypoint #10
    The Flyiedgai Nebula
    Basecamp rendezvous point : Mors Pit

    A medium sized pink and red nebula situated within the central Norma Arm, approx. 11,200 LYs from Sol.

    This nebula is home to the 'Mors Pit' basecamp (pictured) - one of the most eerie places one can land at due to its surface conditions and perpetual twilight.

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #1) :

    Sun 14th Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (19:00 Gametime Other)

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #2) :

    Sun 4th Sep
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (19:00 Gametime Other)

    Waypoint #11
    NGC 6751
    Basecamp rendezvous point : Olympus Plateau

    NGC 6751 is a planetary nebula in the constellation Aquila. The nebula is estimated to be around 0.8 light-years in diameter and is simply a gem of the galaxy to behold.

    It is centered on a Wolf-Rayet star, contains five ringed gas giants, whose 18 moons are all 100% metal and landable.

    The planetary nebula is home to the Olympus Plateau - one of the final Carina-Sagittarius Mission basecamps.

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #1) :
    Wed 17th Aug
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Rendezvous Time (Convoy #2) :
    Wed 7th Sep
    (19:00 Gametime Euro)
    (or six hours later @ 01:00 Gametime Other)

    Waypoint #12
    The Dumbbell Nebula

    The Dumbbell Nebula (also known as Apple Core Nebula, Messier 27, M 27, or NGC 6853) is a planetary nebula in the constellation Vulpecula, at a distance of about 1,360 light-years from Sol.

    The final waypoint of the return journey.

    The Basecamps :

    Sol to The Omega Nebula : 5,500 LYs

    The Omega Nebula
    Camp Baatuta
    Omega Sector EL-Y D60
    Planet 2 A
    18.121 / -139.020

    Landing Guide -

    The Omega Nebula to The Skaudai Nebula : 6,600 LYs

    The Skaudai Nebula
    Vespera Vision
    Prua Phoe TS-B D126
    Planet A 5
    -0.862 / -163.793

    Landing Guide -

    The Skaudai Nebula to Michell's Legacy : 5,200 LYs

    Michell's Legacy
    Camp Cly (2.65 LYs from Michell's Legacy)
    Boewnst UR-C C142
    Planet A 2 A
    -10.281 / -165.165

    Landing Guide -

    Michell's Legacy to The Colonia Nebula : 5,800 LYs

    The Colonia Nebula to The Kes-75 Magnetar : 4,400 LYs

    The Kes-75 Magnetar
    Caligo Canyon
    PSR J1846-0258
    Planet/Moon A 6 A
    -27.934 / 19.672

    Landing Guide -

    The Kes-75 Magnetar to The Flyiedgai Nebula : 7,000 LYs

    The Flyiedgai Nebula
    Mors Pit
    Flyiedgai MX-E C26-10
    Planet/Moon A 1 A
    -6.394 / 18.421

    Landing Guide -

    The Flyiedgai Nebula to The NGC 6751 Planetary Nebula : 4,700 LYs

    The NGC 6751 Planetary Nebula
    Olympus Plateau
    Planet/Moon 3 A
    -31.034 / 21.015

    Landing Guide -

    The NGC 6751 Planetary Nebula to The Dumbbell Nebula : 5,500 LYs

    Outward Bound Route-Plot Guide :

    POI Distance
    Ocshooit Launch Site -
    M7 Sector GI-R c5-14
    997.84 ly
    Bleae Thua OC-M b21-1
    983.40 ly
    NGC 6546 Sector BF-W a3-0
    996.36 ly
    M21 Sector DB-S a19-1
    999.01 ly
    Thor's Eye Waypoint 1 270.98 ly
    Herschel 36 Waypoint 2 270.99 ly
    Bleia Dryiae QR-n a102-2
    999.25 ly
    Omega Sector EL-Y d60 Waypoint 3 – Camp Baatuta Basecamp 269.07 ly
    Byeia Eurk ZP-C b40-10
    995.12 ly
    Eagle Sector EL-Y d203 Waypoint 4 526.86 ly
    Lysoosms CO-S c17-28
    977.28 ly
    Flyiedgiae MW-P b11-1
    983.76 ly
    Flyiedge CJ-C b45-10
    986.90 ly
    Skaude HF-E b16-7
    978.12 ly
    Skaudai UA-I c25-9
    992.82 ly
    Prua Phoe TS-B d126 Waypoint 5 – Vespera Vision Basecamp 295.51 ly
    Prua Phoe SN-V b47-16
    998.78 ly
    Clooku CL-B c15-196
    928.59 ly
    Nuekuae JB-T c5-30
    887.90 ly
    Nuekuae LM-G b55-27
    950.89 ly
    Blaa Phoe FX-P c20-144
    988.81 ly
    Boewnst UR-C C142 Waypoint 6 - Camp Cly Basecamp 425.36 ly
    Boewnst BX-R b34-20
    989.98 ly
    Eord Flyuae YM-Q b7-6
    996.02 ly
    Eord Flyuae MB-R c19-132
    991.70 ly
    Dryio Flyuae AU-D b14-1
    975.66 ly
    Dryio Flyuae BA-K c23-69
    984.44 ly
    Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 Waypoint 7 – Jaques Station 862.16 ly

    - courtesy of CMDR Unrealization

    Expedition Theme Tune :

  2. #2
    August Exodus - Jaunt to Jaques

    Convoy I and II Sign Up

    Sign up for this expedition is now closed.

    Although entirely optional, we suggest you sign up with EDSM to support the community mapping of our galaxy while flying this expedition. EDSM provides many great features in addition to the in-game star map.

    We've set up a Discord server for communications with your fellow expedition members during the trip. Our in-house bot Jeeves will assist you where possible with your route planning.

    All further announcements regarding this expedition will be done through the #announcements channel on the Discord server so make sure you check in there.

    In-game group
    The official group to join is the one used for the Distant Worlds. Apply in-game to the group KAMZEL once you've signed up.

    Event streaming
    CMDR DJ Truthsayer will be streaming the launch of convoy 1 live from his Twitch account:
    CMDR Paladinleeds will be streaming from his Hitbox account (launch of convoy 2, exploration and fuel ratting) and from his YouTube account (waypoint meetups).
    CMDR Stryker will be streaming the happenings around convoy 2.
    CMDR Rolf98 will also stream the happenings around convoy 2.

    We're all looking forward to a great trip to Jaques. For now, fly safe commanders!

    CMDR Jonas Treesong (Sham Gaz)
    CMDR unrealization
    CMDR Helms Deep

    The expedition is now published on EDSM, so you can sign up there and help out with the galactic mapping project. Joining EDSM and the expedition there is of course entirely optional.

    Due to the announced Community Goal for Jaques, we have pulled the departure date for convoy 1 forward to Sunday, July 24th at 19:00 GT. There's an update post on page 11 of this thread with more details.

    The competetion to name the route the Jaques is now closed. The question has been removed from the form. Thank you all for your suggestions and keep an eye out for the follow up final selection.

    Signup for convoy 1 will stop on Sunday, 24th of July at 15:00 GT.

    For XBox players, please request access to private group TortillaKreuz48

    [27-07] The departure location for convoy 2 has been changed. See the update on page 22 of this thread.

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    What's so special about Jaques' location, and why build a colony there?

    Looking at the above map, Jaques is perfectly placed. He is situated in a region of distinctive nebulae - ideal for tourism and scientific research. He is also in reasonable commute range to 3 permit locked systems; Hyponia, Froadik, and the Bleia Zone beyond the galactic core. Sagittarius A* is only 12,000 LYs from the Colonia Nebula too.

    If a colony was to be built here it could act as the perfect trading outpost once those mysteries permit zones are opened up (and provided they're home to friendly civilizations!).

    Convoy 1 Community Goal : Haulage

    Locating the Commodities :

    Just type in your current system and see where the closest ones are :

    Links :-

    Power Generators
    Structural Regulators
    Energy Grid Assembly

    - CMDR Henkka77

    Convoy 2 Community Goal : Mining

    The build a base CG has now been launched by FD.

    Pilots are tasked to mine and deliver Osmium to Jaques.

    Convoy 1 stragglers and Convoy 2 pilots are encouraged to take mining equipment.

    A competition! - Name the Celestial Silk Road :

    We would like someone from the community to name this travel route. Its name will be marked on the maps so the name should fit in with the spirit of the game, so sensible suggestions only please

    More details : Here

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    Signed. Finally a good excuse to take my T-9 to Jaques.

  5. #5

    Signing up for convoy-1

    I'll bring booze and cigs !

    - - - - - Additional Content Posted / Auto Merge - - - - -

    Suggested name for the competition --- Jaques Highway

  6. #6
    I suppose that we should also include a discussion on security for the expedition.

    I am given to think that our days of roaming free are curtailed.

    Route name suggestion: Colonia Corridor

  7. #7
    All my support from the New Outer Arm Rift!

    Bring the party into the Galaxy! \m/

  8. #8
    Signed under an alt account name of Commander Hated Nightfall (as Felix Macedonica is still driving across Beagle Point 2).

    Suggested route name: The Quinentian Way . . .

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    Unless I do something really silly and wreck my ship, I'm not turning round from the Borderlands venture. It has taken too long to get this far!

    ----Pink brick road?

    The road to brotherly love (remember: Frère Jacques)

  10. #10
    signed up. great idea for prolonged summernights. I'll see that i catch some hypergiants on the way, and will search for the pistol star :-)

  11. #11

    Another one?

    Oh for love of God. Oh. okay go on then.

    I wonder if I can rank up to Rear Admiral in time.....

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    Hi Cmdr's, signed up, for the 15th Aug departure date, I may be being a tad optimistic with this though, being as i'm still bouncing around the Beagle point area, and i'm away on hols from 20th Jul till 7th Aug

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    I'm taking a wandering, winding route back from the CNE, and going to be on the GNE, but the way I'm coming back might well mean I hit the Lagoon Nebula around the same time as the Jacques I won't be coming along but I could end up rendezvousing with you

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    Originally Posted by Sham Gaz View Post (Source)

    We've set up a Discord server for communications with your fellow expedition members during the trip. Our in-house bot Jeeves will assist you where possible with your route planning.
    Do we need yet another Discord server? Maybe pick one of FleetComm (My entirely biased preference) or EDEX?

    CMDR grnbrg.

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    Ok, I should be able to make it back for the second convoy!!! I hope...

    Edit: signed up for the 15 August departure...have no idea what my ship is going to be.


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