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Thread: Ceremonial Teabaggers

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    Ceremonial Teabaggers

    Ceremonial Teabaggers

    The Ceremonial Teabaggers are a group of altruistic Elite players. We are into cooperative gameplay, and especially like to push any rare trading Community Goals to the maximum. We like to have fun together, but also respect the needs of every single CMDR. Teabagging is never mandatory, there are no obligations, and the only rule is to have fun and respect the fun of others. We try to make the galaxy a better place for all CMDRs. We play mostly in Mobius, but some of us are also in Open. At the time of this post we are ~40 members strong, from many timezones, although peak activity is during 18:00-0:00 Galaxy Time.

    Our faction, the Teaka Elite Altruists Bagging Cooperative is based in Teaka. We are at the moment trying to secure our foothold in the system.

    History of Teabagging

    When the Cerberus plague of 3301 devastated dozens of systems throughout the galaxy, desperate research attempts were put in place to find a cure. Almost by sheer luck, Ceremonial tea from the Heike system was found to be the solution to the woes of countless worlds.
    Ceremonial tea was brought in by thousands of volunteers from the Pilots Federation to the Bast system.. and the evil blight was ended shortly afterwards.
    Though not before the plague had taken its toll - with the official records stating that over 100,000 people had lost their lives to the Cerberus plague.

    In 3302, the Cerberus plague appeared once again - this time in more suspicious circumstances. Wilkes Orbital in the Nespeleve system had recently been the subject of much attention as the centre of a campaign to remove the Blue Hand Gang from the Orulas system. Many escape pods were recovered during the original campaign. The inhabitants of which included the recently reported missing Professor Ishmael Palin and his research team. Several of these individuals (including the Professor himself) were then found to be afflicted with a new strain of the Cerberus plague. Ceremonial Tea was found to be immediately effective as a cure so more supplies of it from Heike were requested.

    The Pilots Federation responded well once again, with a particular group of pilots employing a collaborative technique which bordered on the edge of madness to the casual observer. These pilots were giving away tea to other pilots!

    This was a technique first found whilst collecting rare goods from Hutton Orbital. Pilots would collect their allocation of rare goods and pass them on to a transporting vehicle - maximizing the amount of rare items they could contribute as a collective whole. However, due to where Hutton Orbital is located, not many pilots were able to make it there. Or were possibly too sane to attempt the journey!

    During the Wilkes Orbital request for Ceremonial Tea, this technique was expanded upon and the amount of pilots involved made the event explode in a lot of fun moments and the beginning of some strong friendships between some very well-to-do people. A lot of rare goods were moved in a short time - and what was deemed to be a goal that would surely fail, was in-fact a great success.

    From this moment, Teabagging was born. It's only got bigger since.

    Why Teabagging?
    Glad you asked:

    Every rare has a maximum amount you can get. Leestian Evil Juice has a maximum allotment of 14t, so you will get a random amount (sometimes the amount is fixed for CGs) of Leestian Evil Juice, as long as you are below 14t (you will never get more than it would take you to get to 14). As long as you are not full, you will get a new allotment about once every 10 minutes.

    So if a roundtrip to your goal takes longer than 10 minutes, than it is more efficient to add all the juice to the load of a single ship, which then gets it to the target. Alternatively it is possible to bank juice, so you can get your cargo full. So just get out of the station, 10km straight ahead out of the no-fire-zone (to avoid fines), look/ask who is getting loaded, and drop your juice. Or just wait to get loaded, there is no real line, whoever asks can get loaded. If you just want a bank, just ask. Warning: never drop to much Juice at once, if there are more than 20 cannisters in space, the older onces will start exploding!

    No, seriously, why Teabagging?
    Ok, ok, you got me there, the real reason to teabag is to hang around in front of a station, chat with friends and strangers alike, fool around, do some bluenosing, be friendly, be stupid, AND at the same time help to push the Community Goal to higher tiers than otherwise possible.

    And why is it called Teabagging?
    Because it all started during the last outbreak of a strain of the Cerberus plague in Nespeleve (Cerberus was an extremly dangerous plague that has caused many quarantined stations in the past, nearly getting out of control. After a tremendous combined effort of the so called ~700 Bast-erds, a cure was finally found: Heike Ceremonial Tea). At the beginning the tiers required looked impossible. But by combining our rares we were able to blow through the tiers and prevent another outbreak.

    Do you even know what Teabagging means?
    Yes. It means exactly what you want it to mean. We are aware of the implication it has in other games, but this is Elite: Dangerous. We blaze our own trail. Also, we like some innuendo, jokes in chat or teamspeak, and so a few tongue in cheek comments are to be expected.

    Is there a catch?
    Ah, a clever one. There is always a catch. You will find new friends, have a lot of fun, and get more people in the galaxy drunk.

    I teabagged, where do I get my badge?
    The badges can be found here in different sizes, if you need another one, send me a PM:
    No, we won't police the use of the badge, it's a gentlemen's agreement to only wear one if you have taken part in a tea-party (Boston, Heike, Leesti, wherever ... not necessarily with tea either).

    Sounds great, where do I join?
    Just head over to our forums at and register. It is not required (remember, no obligations), but it helps us to keep track of our members and to organise.

    Remember, fly responsibly, don't drink and fly, or at least make sure you have insurance!

    Hutton Mugger, Bast-erd, Teabagger, '749er, Thunderbirds Rescue Team

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    Tea Bagger Extraordinaire
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    Originally Posted by Cajuncontroller View Post (Source)

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    More people always welcome join the teabaggers at teaka today!

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    Just to let you know the T.E.A. Baggers are expanding... Into Nisgayo, and a war is looming, anyone want to join in the fun, please feel free to pop by, we'll mostly be playing in Mobius

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    Sacra Oculus is always delighted to support the Tea Baggers (but not in Mobius - I mean guys / gals that is not good PR for you). The Tea Baggers are a good hauling trucking outfit and always ready to help with community goals. Their participating in freeing banned rare trade commodities is an act highly regarded by Sacra Oculus.
    CMDR Light Fingers

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    To put the record straight here, even in Mobius, in combat zones PVP IS allowed.....