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Thread: Icarus Cup: Information and Signup

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    Very interesting!

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    I like the look of this, but I would like clarification on performance thrusters as I can buy them via outfitting.

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    Really Nice!

    One engineers modification means i can have one modified weapons, for expample, with incendiary rounds (multicannon) or i can have 2 multicannon with the same modification? i think just one, but anyway need to confirm.

    And other thing, powerplay modules and weapons are allowed?

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    Hi Zac, could you please clarify on whether powerplay gear is kosher or not? Secondly, are there any plans for recording the bouts?
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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)
    Attachment 111340
    Rules & Terms

    Note: there are not final, they will be updated based on additional comments and questions and to add clarity to the games before they go live.

    • Each squad registers eight people

    How strict is this rule? Would it also be legit to register a squad of 6 commanders? Maybe also only 4 commanders?

    Since we can take part also in wings of 2 or 3 pilots it shouldn't be a big issue I hope.

    Go Icarus Cup go! This will be grand

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    Originally Posted by A_Honcho View Post (Source)
    [Enhanced drives ...] are classed as your engineer module
    Yo, Honcho! Out of interest, could it be enhanced drives with engineer mod, or do you think it would just be enhanced or modded drives?

    Originally Posted by Rinzler o7o7o7 View Post (Source)
    This particular points list was created by one VERY AWESOME focus group member in particular

    The clipper is classified as a large ship, which receives the large hull bonus to damage mitigation vs small and medium ships. Having a hulltank clipper skews the balance way off (and would be worth too many points to be considered as part of any team if it was actually in the list).
    Yo, Rinzler! Nice points list man. Putting together / debating this sort of thing is always fun ...

    A VERY AWESOME focus group member kindly asked me whether I was interested in joining but I wasn't. Now I wish I had - I'd have advocated including the Clipper with a points value on your list in the 7 to 9 range ... so, probably 8.

    The poor old Clipper ... near extinct from Open PvP, unused (even though allowed) in all of dozens of rounds of Oogie's League, both Seasons 1 and 2 [or almost all - did Kinmob use his? I forget] ... a Powerplant that takes damage every time the ship is hit ... and now banned as OP!

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    Sorry If I missed it Zac. But August is holiday season.
    And since the rules state that teams can't change, I'd like to know until when the fights will run.


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    Originally Posted by Arkadi View Post (Source)
    How strict is this rule? Would it also be legit to register a squad of 6 commanders? Maybe also only 4 commanders?
    This is also my question, can you register less than 8 people?

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    Great event!

    It is summer and vacation time, I hardly can bring players together at August. I'm the only one with this problem? Subscription to 3. August is very close. Could you schedule all things 4 weeks later?

    What about stealth ships - any limitations?

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    @ Baton
    @ Lex Humboldt

    if Icarus Cup really starts as soon as August maybe we can join forces to get a full roster?
    I am not shure how many of our wing-group are intereste yet. Nubers can vary from 2-4. Yes we are a small group of casual (tm) hardcore (c) elitists (also installed) and some are questing for the space-pony.

    Hope this cup will not pass me by...

    I also would be courious about gaming times. I'd recon it will be during GMT prime-time early evening during weekend - continuing over serveral weeks, right? Or will it be done in a condensed sereies on only one weekend packed with matches...?

    Hope its not on that weekend of the month when I have to work...

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    Dear Zac, there is only one question, when will that event happen, because i wish to be a part of it, but im limited by time, you know, work, family and soo on, can you be please more acurate and tell us exact date when it will happen, because i dont know if it have any point to make a registration... Thanks in advice.

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    What about the rebuy cost? I mean it's not a big deal but i would appreciate to have free rebuy for this cup.

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    Originally Posted by AytaL View Post (Source)
    What about the rebuy cost? I mean it's not a big deal but i would appreciate to have free rebuy for this cup.
    Pft.. Feds

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    Entry in

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